Wilmington Delaware Personal Injury

My husband was involved in a slip and fall accident inside a grocery over the weekend. His knee swelled up and he is having a hard time supporting himself. We ended up going to the emergency room the same day and he didn’t break the leg but instead it was a serious sprain. Because he involved in construction he isn’t going to be able to go to work for the next week or so. Unfortunately if he doesn’t work we don’t get paid. My question is, can we somehow get compensated for both the hospital bill and for him losing time away from work, loss wages? I know we can probably get money for the hospital visit but I’m not too sure for him being out of work. How much will it cost and is it even worth us filing a lawsuit against the store? If there is an affordable lawyer or law firm in Wilmington DE can someone please let me know? I was considering contacting an attorney and a referral would be great. Any suggestions please!!!


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