Lawyer Web Marketing in these economic times

Lawyer Web Marketing in these economic times


As every other industry across the country and globally, the practice of law is affected by the severe downturn in the economy. There are less real estate transactions, mortgages, deed and title work, real estate settlements, estate planning, and general business and consumer transactions.

So what is a lawyer or law firm to do in these challenging times to continue to market when market dollars are being squeezed? Here is a checklist of what a lawyer should continue to do to market his or her firm on the internet:

1. Take a fresh look at your firm’s website content. Is it relevant for today’s economic reality? Is the tone of the content in alignment with your target audience’s mood? For instance an estate planning attorney may want to add some content which says something like “We understand the current economic reality, but now is the absolute best time to reavaluate your estate planning strategy” This will have some resonance with your potential client that A. you recognize and sympathize with his or her current mood and B. Give them a reason to come see you for a consultation when your potential client may not have otherwise.

2. Realize that all consumers including your potential clients are hesitant to make big decisions and are doing even more online research. These potential clients want information to help them in their decision making process. This means your site will need more legal related information to allow your potential client to “dip their toe in the water” and see if you are an expert in there desired issue. Customers are going to go online to find information, are they coming to your website or someone elses?

3. Create a lawyer blog giving your opinions or current economic news on a regular basis. The good news is that blogs do not have to be as formal as a typical law firm website. You do have to be consistent in writing a post on a regular basis.

4. Scour the internet for free lawyer directories and submit your website.

5. Submit you law articles to legal related article websites.

6. Look for legal question and answer websites and answer questions that are in your area of practice. You will establish yourself as an expert, allow you to get a potential client, and create a weblink back to your website.