Lawyer Submission

Throughout the last couple of weeks I have received emails regarding the best places to submit your website. Before I give you a few names of sites I have used, we first need to understand why linking and submissions are important. When you create a website the first thing to consider is creating a vast amount of exposure in public directories, legal directories and search engines. Linking your website from certain directories will be advantageous for you.

When you link your website from different directory’s you do 2 things:

You get the incoming link to your website which will help boost your rankings

You get a link within the directory in the event someone is using the directory to locate an attorney

Before you begin linking in every imaginable directory on the internet consider the following:

  • Do not link into spamming sites
  • Link your website in the right area – lawyer section

Provide a good anchor tag – When linking use a keyword term, ie New York criminal lawyers. This term should link directly to your site.

Linking from different websites and blogs that are legal specific. This means if you can get into a good link exchange program with other attorneys around the country it will help you in the SERP’s.

Stay away from link farms. A link farm or link cloud is a way to spam the search engines. Search engines are now penalizing those links that are part of link farms. It will only hurt your rankings.

I have provided a list below of some of the better places to have your website listed. I have included both free listings and paid listings.

There are other ways of finding the right directory or places to link your website. If you are looking for other places do a search (google) for a specific keyword that relates to a term you are trying to capture. When you look at the result you may see one or two of your competitors on the first page. Take the first part of the url ( and put that site into the search engine box and submit. Exclude http://www. just put in the name of the site followed by the .com.

Once you have done so you will be provided a full lists of sites linking into the website. Those are probably some of the sites you need a link from.

In closing if you decide to start linking you will get better exposure on the internet. Most people that sell search engine optimization believe that linking is the most important part in getting top exposure on the search engines. I think its very important and I suggest you do so immediately.

As always your comments are much appreciated. Both the good and the bad!