Law Q&A

Just the other day we posted a few questions that I received from several people looking for legal advice. We had several people respond to the questions and I’m not even sure whether the information that was provided is correct but you did respond and I will keep it up on the blog. As most of us know, this blog is really only a legal information blog and I don’t think I feel like housing legal questions on this blog because of several reasons. First, keeping up with the articles is almost like a full time job for me. Second, as you can see I don’t make dollar one from this blog. With that being said, I just don’t have the time to keep up with all the legal questions from our readers. So I went out and posted a message on this blog about a week ago stating that I would at least send these questions somewhere for others to post. Well I received an email almost immediately from a site called AskingLaw. This is a legal blog for Q&A. I decided to include them on my blogroll because its actually a pretty cool concept. The way it works is you email them the question, they take a look at the question, and if its a legitimate question they will post it for you and send you back an incoming link to your post. Than either they answer the questions or maybe some other people answer them, I’m really not too sure. So my point is if you have legal questions head over to their site and email them your questions. From the looks of some of these questions I think the only requirement is explaining the case in detail. In any event you can still send me your questions, but I’m probably not posting them on this site. I will email all questions to them. Over the past week I think I sent close to 15 questions to them. I’m not really sure whether they posted the questions, but for those people that emailed me questions, look at their site, perhaps they have your question/questions posted.

If anyone else has a cool blog, site or product, I’m all ears. Send me your link and I will at least check out your site. If I think its a decent product and adds value to this blog, I will post a comment on this blog.


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