Independent Immigration

Immigration laws are those rules and regulations which govern the practices related to immigration in a country. The practice of immigration usually varies from country to country in accordance with the immigration laws of a particular country.

The main purpose of immigration laws is to facilitate immigration easily and effectively. Also, the idea behind immigration laws is to stop illegal entry into the country. In recent time, several terrorism acts have also increased the need of separate laws to control immigration. In most countries, immigration laws are taken very seriously and kept under strict vigilance.

Independent immigration Usually, immigration has different criterions and permissions can be taken on different grounds such as visiting as a tourist, for educational purposes, for employment and others. Seeking the visa as an independent immigrant is something different and a person needs to fulfill certain criterion for this.

To get an entry as an independent immigrant, a person must be able to obtain points on the basis of his or her personal skills, education and characteristics listed on the immigration list issued by the country. Proposed independent immigrant must have adequate work experience in specified fields of employment.

In case, if your skills or occupation is not listed under the list, you need to check with the business immigration page of that country.

However, there are some general criterions that need to be fulfilled by an applicant:

Age: A person must be under 45 at the time of applying.
English language: A person must have sufficient command in the English language to work inside the country.

Qualifications: A person must possess post-secondary qualifications and your skills must be assessed by the relevant assessing authority to justify his nominated occupation.
Nominated occupation: The nominated occupation chosen by an applicant must be found on the Skilled Occupations List of the country, where the application has been filed in.
Recent work experience: The period of work experience need to be certified with adequate documents.

Qualification exemption: In case, a person has finished his education recently, he needs not to reveal his work experience documents.
Skills assessment: A person must get assessed his skills by the assessing authority designated to assess his or her nominated occupation.

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