Defective Cell Phones May Cause Serious Injury

Cell phones continue to grow in popularity, as Americans increasingly rely on their cellular phone for personal and business calls. Although cell phone designs have seen advancements in past decade, some cell phones are still facing recalls for safety issues. The most common cause of cell phone injuries occur when cell phones explode or catch fire. The industry is not quick to take the blame for these defects, claiming that counterfeit batteries are the cause of cell phone explosions or fires. Others say that the problem is a result of trying to put too much power in such a small electronic device. Studies do show, however, that counterfeit batteries are less capable of preventing overheating in cell phones. This overheating leads to malfunctions and possible injury should the phone explode or catch fire.

In the incidences reported to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), injuries occurred on the neck, face, hip and legs of most victims. The CPSC is working to create higher cell phone battery standards so that these types of injuries can be decreased in the years to come. The agency is also pushing manufacturers to issue a warning to consumers that purchasing cheap counterfeit batteries may result in injury if the phone overheats. The battery of the phone may not be at fault. Many argue that the design of the phone may be causing the problem, not allowing proper ventilation of the battery. When overheating occurs, batteries may reach temperatures near 600 degrees. In many reports of cell phone explosions or fires, victims claim that their cell phone began to make strange ticking, or “ping” noise, just before it exploded into flames. In the event that your cell phone begins to make unusual noises, do not go near it. Use another phone to call the technical support number for your phone and follow all of their instructions in order to prevent injury.

In some cases, cell phones have exploded without the owner ever having changed the battery or altered the phone in any way. If a phone is kept in a place that does not allow for ventilation, an explosion may occur. Do not keep phones in tight cases or pockets since both of these may cause the phone to become overheated. Also, avoid allowing your cell phone to come in contact with other metals such as keys or coins. Some speculate that these metals may cause the phone to short circuit and explode. If you are injured by a defective cell phone or cell phone battery, you are eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. Contacting an experienced product liability lawyer is the first step in filing a lawsuit for your injuries.

Defective and Dangerous Products-know your Rights as a Consumer

If you received a personal injury that has caused you any pain, suffering, or lingering injuries, from a product that carried no warning label for potential injury, you do have an option for action. You have full and complete right to compensation.

Do Not Become Further Victim to the Big Companies

All too often, when people are hurt using a company’s harmful products, the company decides that it is not their fault but rather the fault of the consumer for getting hurt. Don’t let the big companies push you around. A personal injury lawyer is there to look out for your concerns only. Get one, and avoid letting the big companies fool you. A licensed attorney will understand the law — and your rights — much better than you do, and they will fight to protect both your rights and you.

Sometimes big companies that are attempting to sidestep a personal injury lawsuit will offer you a small gift certificate or money. Be aware that if you accept such offers, you give up your right to file a lawsuit against the company. Should you receive a small “gift” from a large company in an attempt at compensation, decline it and have your lawyer note these facts.

The majority of people just don’t know how to handle this situation, and that accepting such a gift from the offending company can really hurt their case.

Know the Facts About Laws

Realize that there are laws in place to protect consumers like you from buying hazardous or harmful products. Product-liability laws are some of the most effective laws in use — they help keep dangerous and defective products off the market and the buying public safe. If you are injured from any product, make sure to file a complaint and follow up with a lawsuit if necessary. You want to see similar products pulled from shelves so they don’t harm anyone else.

Control Those Emotions

It is important to keep control of your emotions so you can make effective decisions. Don’t listen to people who say that your personal injury lawsuit is frivolous. The best way to determine if you have a legitimate claim is to discuss the circumstances with a personal injury layer. If the attorney deems the claim to be valid, the lawyer may decide to represent your interests and assist you in winning the lawsuit.

If a specific type or brand of product caused you personal injury do not be afraid to get a lawyer and tell them the facts. The best way to ensure you get what you are entitled to in terms of cash or other compensation is to obtain the services of a personal injury attorney.

In cases where there was no warning label on the harmful product, most lawyers will take on your case with no retainer, due to the probability of a win. This benefits you, because you only owe legal fees if you win your case. In most cases they will be paid out of the settlement you win, or even paid by the opposition.

Don’t let big companies push you around, try to intimidate you, or try to buy you off. Fight for just compensation for your own personal injury and help protect other consumers from potentially harmful products.

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