Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injuries are injuries that require a large amount of medical care.  These injuries will almost always have long term permanent effects on the person’s life.  Some people are lucky enough to make a good to excellent recovery with the right medical care.  Many people will experience suffering, disability, and a shortened lifespan.  These people need compensation more than many people.  There situations are so extremely severe, that many times they are rendered totally helpless.

With catastrophic injury cases, you should seek services from an experienced personal injury law attorney.  Sepcifically, this attorney should have experience with catastrophic injury. A catastrophic injury can lead to a lifetime of medical care, or multiple surgeries. The right attorney will understand the healing process and what the victim has in their future. If an attorney understands the long-term effects of an injury, the attorney will be better able to argue for the compensation that is needed for the victim.  A solid case is of the utmost importance to get a victim exactly what they deserve.

When a person suffers a spinal cord injury, they often face lifelong injury and dependence on other people. An active person can suddenly become completely disabled, with injuries that cannot be treated.   While there is always hope of a future medical advance that will help to cure a spinal cord injury, a person still needs compensation for what they will be going through in the present and the future.  At this point, there is no guarantee that a person will ever improve after a spinal cord injury has occurred.

One of the true tragedies is that many people are catastrophically injured, but cannot recover what they need for their injury. Legislatures throughout the country have imposed caps on “non-economic” damages.  This causes compensation to be very low.  Jury verdicts are shown to be rare.  This leads to further under compensation.   Insurance companies have a tendency to misrepresent, so people don’t get the damage recovery that they need.  Any victim and family of a catastrophic injury case needs to get an attorney that is willing to fight very hard for  the rights and compensation that the victims and their families not only deserve, but need as well.

Statistically speaking, many of the worst drivers have the lowest insurance coverage or none at all. The amount of suffering that results from living a lifetime of severe injuries, is inconceivable.  The laws need to do more in order to make sure that people who suffer catastrophic injuries do not effectively lose their right to as normal of a life as possible.  They are injured by no fault of their own.  The laws need to work for the victims.

If you or a loved one faces recovery from a catastrophic injury, seek assistance from an attorney who has experience catastrophic injury and personal injury law.  The ideal attorney will know how to find every possible way to get the compensation that you deserve. Even if you don’t have a legal cause of action, an attorney can help you obtain government benefits.

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Personal Injury Catastrophic Injury Los Angeles

In any organization across the world, there is one golden rule: “rewards are paid commensurate with risk”. Many industries across the globe deal in activities which may be hazardous to human life and functioning. With the advent of science, these hazards have been minimized but not totally eliminated. However, not every industry protects its workers from hazardous processes because every organization exists only to make profits. It is the workers who face the heat of this apathy towards the need of workers’ compensation mechanism.

So, does your organization provide hazard protection mechanisms to its workers? Are wrongful acts caught in your organization? Is the organization fair to its workers? Is there a culture of abiding by the rules of conduct and labor laws in the organization?

It is not rare that organizations, purely for their profit motive, shy away from fulfilling their duty towards their workers. It exposes workers to undue risks, does not guarantee them sufficient rewards for hazardous activities and provides no redressal forum to put across a grievance. Injured workers are not compensated with allowance, no danger prevention activities are carried out, allowances are denied after receiving the output, jobs are terminated wrongfully and without any notice and many such issues are parts of a worker’s daily life. It is extremely difficult for workers to deliver in an environment like this.

Above all, there is extremely poor awareness amongst workers about the possible compensation for wrongful acts and lesser awareness about the medium to get this compensation. This gives the organizations more latitude for violating laws and hiding them under the carpet.

In situations like these, we provide a voice to the workers faced by the problem of compensation. We make sure your grievance is completely resolved and you get a satisfactory benefit for your loss. You can count on us for any sort of advice, guidance, support and remedy for the workers’ compensation issues. We have motivated and dedicated set of lawyers who are committed at giving the clients, the best possible settlements in the least possible efforts. We deal in workers compensation issues like unfair death during work, breach of labor laws, catastrophic injury at work, sexual harassment, labor disagreement, insurance bad faith, wage disputes, unnecessary exposure to hazardous materials and its likes. With our lawyers by your side, you can be assured of a fitting settlement for you.

We are focused towards building a rightful work culture and a healthy work environment.

Ramin R. Younessi has been working diligently and successfully in Southern California to obtain the highest settlements for his clients.

Jack Knife Accidents Can Be Catastrophic

A jack-knife truck accident is when a truck has accidentally folded so that it resembles the acute angle of a folding pocketknife. It occurs when a vehicle skids while towing a trailer, which causes the trailer to push it from behind until it spins around and faces backwards. Some common causes for this occurrence are failure of equipment, braking improperly, or dangerous road conditions such as a wet road surface. It is not that common amongst tractor-trailer accidents, and will usually only happen to an empty vehicle. Most truck drivers are skilled enough to come out of a skid before it turns into a jackknife.

Jackknifed truck accidents can be a complete mess when they do occur. These types of accidents will usually cause traffic to be at a standstill, sometimes for several hours depending on the severity of the accident itself. A jackknifed truck will sometimes take up several lanes of a highway due to the positioning of the truck after the accident. This could force police to completely close the lanes of which the truck is occupying. An accident could be even more catastrophic if the trailer was carrying hazardous materials that are now spilled all over the road. The cleaning process could last for hours and may sometimes take a crew all night to clean up the mess.

In jackknife truck accidents, it is usually the smaller vehicles that were traveling next to the truck that suffers the most. Drivers and passengers that are involved with these types of accidents first hand, usually incur serious injuries and sometimes result in fatalities. If you have had the misfortune of getting injured due to a jackknifed truck accident, you should talk to a truck accident lawyer. They have experience in handling cases like this. A truck accident lawyer represents the legal rights and financial needs of its clients.

Retaining an experienced truck accident lawyer will help you to recover the actual expenses associated with property damages and medical costs. Litigation involving truck accidents can be extremely complicated. In order to protect evidence, and preserve your lawsuit, it is critical that you talk to a truck accident attorney right away. It is important to document the important information in your case soon after your accident. You should not delay in contacting a truck accident lawyer; they can begin investigating your case immediately.

After an accident, you should never try to negotiate with a trucking company without speaking with a truck accident attorney first. If you have been injured in an accident that involved a tractor-trailer, you should talk to a truck accident lawyer right away. A truck accident attorney can begin investigating your case immediately.

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