Birth Injuries

There is nothing quite like the joy of giving birth. Unfortunately for some women and their partners things can go horribly wrong. Dealing with any birth injury is typically traumatic and it can often take parents a long time to come to a realization that it was not their fault. 27 out of every 1,000 live births result in some kind of serious birth injury. That may not sound like many but if it happens to you it can be devastating with often life-long implications. When the beautiful birth you expected goes wrong be sure to get all the medical, emotional and legal help you can.

Some of the more common birth injuries include:

  • Shoulder dystocia can cause damage of varying severity to the nerves. Sometimes a baby can get stuck behind the pelvis during delivery. This often occurs in breach babies or large babies. Sometimes the doctor, midwife or whoever is in charge of the delivery does not see what is happening and will try to forcibly pull the baby out. This can result in trauma to the baby’s shoulder and cause major nerve damage. (brachial plexus) The collar bone can also be broken.
  • Broken bones. Newborn babies bones are very fragile and it doesn’t take a lot of pressure to damage them. Shoulder systocia is one instance where bones can be broken.  Babies that need to be delivered with forceps are often at risk of suffering fractures when too much pressure is applied. Often these are skull fractures but any bones can be damaged.

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