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If you are searching for legal representation where do you turn? How do you know if the lawyer is qualified to handle your case? The simple answer to these questions is simply by looking at their website and finding out if they are qualified to handle your case.

People today rely on the internet for all sort of products and services. Seeking legal representation is no different. On average a consumer will investigate an attorney prior to hiring him or her. People tend to look at the content of a website and make an informed and educated decision on whether to hire the lawyer or not. This is why so many attorneys are focusing more of their marketing dollars into their websites now than ever. The decision process starts with the consumer looking for information regarding their legal need. Once they found the information they are looking for, many will search for a lawyer that handles their case.

It was not long ago that the only way to find an attorney was either through the local bar association, yellow page ads and possibly a referral from a friend. The internet has made it much easier for those people searching for legal representation. Still though, it may be a daunting process locating a qualified attorney in your area. TargetLaw is a lawyer search engine consisting of lawyers and attorneys located around the United States. Currently the search engine has close to 50,000 lawyer websites from attorneys located around the US. The search engine consists of only attorney websites which allows the end-user to easily locate an attorney by practice area and by location every single search. If you are a consumer looking for an attorney a great place to start is TargetLaw!

If you are an attorney and have not yet submitted your lawyer website into TargetLaw’s Lawyer Search Engine, do so immediately.


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