SUBMIT AN ARTICLE is an informational blog pertaining to all aspects of law. Our mission is to accomplish an easy way to pull information regarding the legal needs of consumers.

Why Blog?

Our blog will potentially reach millions of people looking for guidance regarding their legal needs. When you post information on this site, the major search engines will pick up the blog and disseminate the information to people looking for legal advice. Typically consumers search for information first and foremost before making an educated decision on which attorney they should hire or which service to use.

By having your information on the blog, it will help you increase exposure to your site. Furthermore, when submitting blogs we ask you to provide your website address so we can link the blog back to your website. As most companies already know, incoming links to their website help increase the chances of the major search engines picking up their website for legal related searches. If your company does not have a website you can include your contact information.

*For those who want to stay anonyms, please submit information and the firm or company you represent.

Here’s How It Works!

You can submit a blog to We will post your blog/article to our site with an incoming link to your website. It’s that easy. You can post as many blogs/articles regarding a legal issue as you would like.


  • Tell us what practice area(s)/category(s) in which the blog should appear. (Our categories are listed on the right side of all pages.)
  • Include a title for the blog
  • Include the blog
  • Include your website address for linking
  • If you don’t have a website you can include your contact information

**** When sending me over an email with your article(s) be sure to use “LegalCatch Submission” in the email title. From the feedback I’m receiving, I’m assuming many of the articles are landing in my spam folder and I’m deleting them. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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