Frequently Asked Questions

What is legalcatch.wordpress.com?
legalcatch.wordpress.com is a legal blog of information pertaining to law.

What type of legal topics can I expect to find on this blog?
The legal topics range from family law to business law and everything in between. Any legal topic can be blogged on this site.

How do I use the blog?
You can use our category pages for general information or our search tool for more targeted searches. Visit our Search Help page for more information.

How credible is the information on this blog?
The information on this blog is coming mainly from attorney’s or legal experts that are familiar with the law. So we feel that our information is very credible. Who better to get legal information from than from a lawyer or legal expert? It is advised to always consult an attorney prior to making any type of legal decision on your own. Please visit our disclaimer for more information.

How do I contact a lawyer?
We recommend searching on our legal blog for a related article/articles and making an informed decision based upon the information you read. If you are looking for a referral please search our categories or search tool for information regarding your legal need. We have also provided a lawyer search section which we have set-up links from each state to practice areas to TargetLaw, which is one of the largest lawyer search engines on the internet.

How do I link to your site?
It is required that you post a message/blog in order to link to our blog. For more information regarding linking visit our Linking page.

How do I blog on your site?
You must be an attorney/lawyer, write for a law firm or be a legal expert to blog on our site. To learn more about blogging visit our Lawyers Blog page.




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