TargetLaw Updates Attorney Directory / Search Engine

I have been telling attorneys for years to submit their website over to TargetLaw. TargetLaw was a free lawyer search engine that consisted of over 50K+ attorneys. Recently they turned the search engine into a free attorney directory/search engine. I believe I posted an article several months ago discussing the changes to the site. I was again contacted by TargetLaw last week regarding some additional changes to the site. If you are an attorney I would highly recommend submitting your profile to this site.

New changes include:

  • Attorney now able to submit profiles via an online form
  • Attorneys get an outbound link in their profile
  • Attorney can now submit articles to the site- When submitting an article you can get an outbound title link ie. (Texas personal injury lawyer) to any page within your website. This is apparently really good for the search engines. The link is also a follow link unlike other article submission sites. In other words it will really help your search engine optimization efforts.
  • If you create a profile you can upload an RSS feed of your blog or website. The RSS Feed provides you with the latest 5 posts to your site.
  • You can now create a feed from Twitter. This means every time you post a twit you it will show up on your profile
  • They are currently working on a Face Book widget as well

The best part of this directory is their ability to somehow get many of these profiles and articles listed on the first page of google. If you are planning on driving more traffic to your website or firm I would highly recommend getting listed in TargetLaw! Its free so it certain can’t hurt.

There website is

Law Blogroll – Lawyer Submit

After several inquires I have decided to open up my blogroll to lawyers. Please understand the following: I am not an attorney, I don’t make money off this blog, nor do I promote anyone who submits articles to this blog. I am a huge advocate of our legal system because it works, at least most of the time. I do understand that advertisement for lawyers costs a ton of money and attorney are always looking for ways to get free advertisement and exposure via the internet. I have used this blog primarily as a project and nothing more. I dedicate several hours a week thumbing through articles and submitting them to this blog along with my views. This blog has received close to 30K hits in about 8 months which I believe is spectacular. I have received emails from attorneys thanking me for leading clients to their practice and individuals thanking me for leading them to the right attorney. This is very gratifying to me and I like the idea that I’m helping people find the right attorneys, and help attorneys find the right clients through blogging.

My policy for submitting your website or blog:

Your site must be an attorney blog

I will only except 4 sites per practice area

You must offer a reciprocal link to my site on the first page of your blog

I will not accept a site that is loaded with advertisements

If you are interested please email me at If you are not an attorney but have a site that is appealing and would fit well with this blog, you can email me over your link and I will consider putting you in the blogroll.

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