Plaintiff Funding

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You may have heard the term plaintiff funding in the past. It’s most commonly referred to as legal funding or lawsuit cash advance. The term describes a form of borrowing and lending that is contingent upon a lawsuit. Plaintiff funding comes in varies forms. A person if qualified, may borrow against a lawsuit that has not yet settled. This is most commonly referred to as pre settlement funding. If a person is qualified to borrow money against a case that has already settled, it is most commonly referred to as post settlement funding.

Preliminary Qualifications:

First and foremost the only way you can borrow money against a lawsuit is to be the plaintiff in the case. This means you are the one that is seeking compensation from a personal injury or a commercial litigation suit. A plaintiff must also be represented by a licensed attorney. If you are not the defendant in the suit or representing yourself (pro se), a lender will not allow you to borrow money against your case.

Approving an applicant:

The approval process may be different for each company. A company that lends money against pending or settled claims employ or hire underwriters to evaluate each case. The evaluation process begins with an application. Once a company receives an application they will request documentation from your lawyer. The documentation is key in the underwriting process because it allows the representative to fully evaluate the validity and the strength of the case. If during the evaluation process the lender believes you will win your case, they will advance a sum of money that is determined based upon the size and the strength of your case.

Who provides plaintiff funding?

There are a variety of different sources that provide plaintiff funding. The different sources that originate this type of lending include, hedge funds, private investors, investment firms, institutional funds, and in some cases banks. Usually banks are the source of cash for such groups.

How long does it take?

The amount it takes to receive an approval is case by case. Personal injury lawsuits tend to take less time. These cases are easier to underwrite. Personal injury cases are also the most popular type of plaintiff funding available. Commercial litigation claims tend to take longer because the request amounts tend to be larger. There are also very few companies that will underwrite commercial litigation cases. The average amount of time is between 1-3 days from the time the applicant applies for plaintiff funding to the time an applicant receives a check.

Is plaintiff funding right for me?

Plaintiff funding should always be used as a last resort. Because of the risk factor, rates tend to be higher than a normal bank loan. If a plaintiff has no other options and can’t afford to wait the case out, plaintiff funding may be right for you.

Settlement Funding

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Settlement funding has become very popular over the last several years due to a diminishing economy & a rising unemployment rate. To begin understanding lawsuit settlement funding we first need to understand how it works. Lawsuit settlement funding is a cash advance against a pending or already settled lawsuit. This means you can receive a lawsuit cash advance against a case that is going through the litigation process or has already been settled or awarded by a jury or judge.

Settlement funding should never be confused as a loan. While we may refer to settlement funding as a lawsuit loan it’s not exactly a loan. Lawsuit funding is provided as a non recourse advance / loan. This means if you happen to lose a case you will not have to repay the company that provided the advance. If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and received settlement funding, you will only be obligated to pay back the advance if you win compensation. If you end up losing the case, you owe nothing.

Settlement funding is used by plaintiffs and attorneys. We often refer to it as litigation financing when money is provided to the attorney. Settlement funding is provided through various funding sources. The most common funding source is usually a hedge fund. A hedge fund for litigation financing is created by the fund manager and set-up to loan money on a non recourse basis to attorneys and plaintiffs; typically for personal injury and commercial litigation claims. A fund will typically specialize in an area of law which their underwriters are most comfortable underwriting. It is very common that a fund will provide only one or the other.

The money typically comes from investors and approvals typically come from the underwriter of the file. An underwriter will review the claim and determine whether its fundable through the documents presented by the attorney. If the case is good a funder may be willing to loan a percentage of the expected proceeds.

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Commercial Litigation Financing

The article below is provided by LawLeaf. LawLeaf is a lawsuit funding company that provides commercial litigation financing to plaintiffs throughout the United States.

Commercial litigation financing is a lawsuit cash advance against a pending or already settled claim. Commercial litigation financing is much harder today to obtain than past years. There are only several hedge funds that will provide this type of financing due to the amount of time it takes to settle or win a verdict. There are companies that advertise these types of cases however very few will actually provide the funding.

These types of cases generally take years to settle because so much is at stake. In some cases even when a case reaches a settlement or verdict, the plaintiff could be waiting months before they see the first dollar. It is also very likely the case will be appealed prolonging the inevitable.

When a person or company acts in a negligent or unlawful manner which negatively effects another person they can be held liable for damages. Unlike a personal injury where the damages are almost always injuries, commercial cases oftentimes come in the form of financial damages.

Some of the common commercial litigation claims include:

  • Breach of Contract or Contract Disputes
  • Copyright or Patent Infringement
  • Discrimination Cases
  • Environmental Litigation
  • Securities Fraud
  • Franchise Litigation
  • Oil & Gas Litigation
  • Antitrust
  • Financial Malpractice
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Wrongful Termination

Commercial litigation financing can be used for several purposes:

If a person has filed a lawsuit they may need the money to pay for loss of wages, living expenses, a purchase of a new home or car, help pay for insurance or for a new business venture.

If a company is applying for commercial litigation financing oftentimes the money is used to help meet payroll expenses, rent costs, insurance expenses, marketing and advertising, adding additional employees or reinvesting in the company.

Due to the increased difficulties of finding a company that provides commercial litigation financing, some people will immediately take the first offer presented to them. While there are not as many companies offering commercial litigation financing within the lawsuit funding industry, it certainly makes sense to find the company that offers you the best rates on the lawsuit loan. If you are currently searching for commercial litigation financing only work with those companies that offer money on a non recourse basis. This means if you lose your claim, you owe the company nothing.

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Bike Accident Lawsuit Cash Advance

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LawLeaf is an on-line lawsuit funding service that provides pre settlement and post settlement funding to plaintiffs in bike accidents. The information provided below is not intended to be legal information. You should always contact an attorney with questions regarding your legal needs.

If you have been involved in a bike accident you may be seeking a lawsuit cash advance against a pending or already settled claim. There are thousands of bicycle accidents that occur each year in the United States. While most bike accidents result in soft tissue injury, many are catastrophic and sometimes can be fatal. If you have been involved in a bicycle accident due to the negligence of another, you may be entitled to personal injury compensation to pay for your injuries.

Bike accidents often occur when a cyclist is hit by a moving vehicle. This can be devastating because a cyclist’s only protection is a helmet. As a result the injuries can be significant and often will result in paralysis or death. According to statistics there are close to 50,000 reported bicycle accidents each year. In 2002 alone there were more than 600 people killed as a result of a bike accident.

Like any other type of personal injury the legal process can take time. If a person was riding their bike and struck by a vehicle due to the negligence of a motorist they will need to file a personal injury claim. The legal process can take months or even years before a settlement is reached or a verdict is handed down. Oftentimes this can mean months of medical bills and being out of work. While the insurance industry is trying to settle for less money, your attorney is fighting for more. It is only right that you, the victim, is compensated fairly.

A bike accident lawsuit cash advance is often used by those plaintiffs that are not ready to settle for less. Lawsuit funding is used as a financial stop gap between early settlement and full compensation. When someone is going through the litigation process they will quickly understand the importance of full compensation. During the litigation the victim may be seeking ongoing medical treatments and physical therapy. These costs can add up. If you decide you can no longer wait for closure you may be forced into a smaller settlement. For some people with little to no income, a premature settlement may be the only way out.

By applying for a lawsuit cash advance against a bicycle accident it could help you pay off those ongoing medical expenses and supplement a loss of income. It could provide you with the money needed in order to hold out for a larger settlement.

A lawsuit cash advance, also referred to as a settlement loan is a non recourse lawsuit loan. This means if you do not win your case, you do not have to pay back the company. It is similar to hiring an attorney on a contingency fee basis. It is important if you decide to apply for lawsuit funding against a bike accident lawsuit, you only apply with those companies that offer non recourse funding.

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Lawsuit Funding Becomes an Option

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Lawsuit funding in recent years has become much more popular for plaintiffs looking to extend their cases in hopes for larger payouts. Due to the downturn in the economy and recent job loss, litigation financing companies are becoming increasingly popular within the legal industry. People that tend to use lawsuit funding as an option are those people who are strapped for cash and need money to help pay for bills while their case is reaching a settlement.

Just over the last few years the amount of clients that are seeking pre settlement funding have almost trippled. Many people believe this is directly related to hard times and as the economy worsens these numbers are likely to increase. While this type of funding is often frowned upon, plaintiffs and many attorneys see it as a way to help extend a case. Due to the deep pockets of large companies and corporations, litigation can extend out for years before a settlement is reached. These companies oftentimes have tenacious defense attorneys with deep pockets willing to hold up a verdict at all costs. Most companies believe the longer you hold up a case in court, the likelihood increases that the plaintiff will settle for less money.

When a company provides funding for a legal case the money is not loaned. Lawsuit funding is a financial arrangement between the lender and the plaintiff. A loan is money that is borrowed by a consumer with the understanding the money borrowed will be paid back within a certain time period. Lawsuit funding is non recourse. This means money borrowed by the plaintiff with the understanding if the plaintiff wins the case, they will repay the funding company along with a percentage agreed upon prior. If the plaintiff loses the case the money will never be repaid. This is a risk that an investment company takes when offering lawsuit funding.If

When a person decides to hire a personal injury lawyer to help fight for their compensation they have an arrangement to pay the attorney a contingent fee. This fee is typically a percentage of the winnings. If the plaintiff wins the case, the attorney will be the first person to receive compensation. The attorney will take a percentage of the earnings agreed upon prior to representing a client and the client will receive the rest of the money. The monies can be paid in one lump sum or through a structured settlement (payment plan). If a plaintiff decides to use lawsuit funding as an alternative the attorney will receive their portion of the proceeds before a litigation finance company will receive their payment.

If a plaintiff is successful in winning their case however the amount of money won by the plaintiff is less than what was borrowed, the finance company will receive the remaining amount of money, only after the attorney is paid his fee. The remainder balance is not paid back to the litigation finance company.

There are typically four types of funding a litigation financing company will offer however not all companies offer each of these types:

  • Pre settlement funding
  • Structured settlement funding
  • Commercial litigation financing
  • Law Firm loans

While alternative methods are preferred by some lawsuit funding has become a viable option for many.

If you are currently searching for additional information on lawsuit funding visit LawLeaf today. LawLeaf is an online lawsuit funding company providing services throughout the United States and Canada.

Canada Lawsuit Funding

I had an opportunity today to speak with our friends over at LawLeaf. For those folks unfamiliar with LawLeaf they are an on-line lawsuit funding service that provides lawsuit cash advances for a variety of different legal areas. Some of these areas include pre settlement for personal injury cases, structured settlements, commercial litigation cases and attorney funding. We first found out about LawLeaf when they contacted us earlier this year.  They offered to write several articles for our site outlining different areas of personal injury law and how it pertains to lawsuit funding. We ended up creating a little mini portal that has yet to be completed (hurry up and start writing LawLeaf!). In any event we appreciate their effort and we are sure it will be completed sometime in the next year! We are particularly intrigued by their company and the way they do business. They are a matching service that gives their clients more options when it comes to lawsuit funding.

During our conversation they told us they’ve been working on expanding their services throughout North America. They are launching a new website that will encompass a full portal of legal information pertaining to lawsuit funding along with an area for clients throughout Canada. They announced today they will start taking on clients in Canada. Apparently this is something that not all lawsuit funding companies will do.

This is a list of areas they will be providing funding for initially:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nova Scotia
  • Nunavut
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon Territory

As most of you know we don’t promote any legal company or law firm. We are a website that provides legal information. While we can’t come out and promote LawLeaf, its certainly a company you may want to consider when searching for a lawsuit cash advance.

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On another note: We have been receiving a steady stream of emails regarding online lawyer marketing. We teamed up with a gentleman that was providing online marketing tips for lawyers over the past year. I will begin reaching back out to him in the next month or so. I have been extremely busy with my real job and have not kept in touch with several of the contributors of our site. I had several inquires about different marketing tips. I have a list of questions I will be sending him over the next few weeks that have come directly from you. If you have other questions please email me at I will put together this list and send it out to him. At that time perhaps his next article will be regarding your questions.

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Bus Accident Lawsuit Funding

Bus accidents cause catastrophic injury and sometimes death to passengers each year. Bus accidents often time cause injury to passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists. A bus is considered a common carrier, which means that the driver has the responsibly to protect passengers while transporting them to and from. When a bus accident occurs there are various things authorities will investigate to determine the reason for the bus accident. They oftentimes consider the following:

  • Negligence
  • Reckless driving
  • Weather conditions
  • Driver operating the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alchol
  • Inadequate safety measures
  • Driver license & qualification
  • Product & defective product liability

Throughout the United Sates there are thousands of bus accidents that occur each year. Many accidents do result in serious injury and sometimes death. A bus accident is certainly nothing a person plans for but when do happen it can be devastating. Victims involved in bus accidents oftentimes seek legal counsel in hopes of getting compensation paid for their injuries and expenses. When a plaintiff meets with their attorney they are sometimes bewildered of the amount of time it can take to receive compensation for the accident. This is about the same time one may consider bus accident lawsuit funding. Lawsuit funding for a bus accident is a pre settlement cash advance prior to a case reaching a settlement.

A person that receives a lawsuit cash advance prior to reaching a settlement oftentimes will use the money to help pay for living expenses while there case is being litigated. Because of the amount of time it takes to get reach a settlement, lawsuit funding can also play an important role in giving an attorney the amount of time it takes to reach a fair settlement.

When someone has been involved in a bus accident and have been injured, they have the legal right to seek fair compensation for their injuries. The most common injuries include:

  • Neck injury – Whip lash
  • Scars & bruises
  • Head injuries
  • Back injury
  • Broken legs & arms

A personal injury case involves a plaintiff (the victim) and the defendant (person or company whom was negligent). Bus accident cases can be very complex because these cases typically involve numerous victims and sometimes more than one defendant. The law that governs these types of accidents can be very complicated and overwhelming and many people will hire an attorney to help fight for compensation.  Because of the complexity of these types of cases the amount of time it may take to receive compensation may range from several months to years. For those people that are living paycheck to paycheck and have bills piling up, this may be financially devastating.

While lawsuit funding for a bus accident may not be for everyone it has been used as a way to maintain some sort of financial stability while a case is tried. If you have been injured as the result of a bus accident and you’ve hired legal counsel you may qualify for a lawsuit loan.

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Lawsuit funding for a car accident

Lawsuit funding for a car accident can be imperative to those individuals with financial constraints. A car accident in amongst the most common personal injury for several reasons. The number of people turning driving age is on the rise over the past few years. With the increasing number of cars on our roads the chances of a car crash increases. The invent of cell phones and text messaging have become common reasons for accidents. Because of the increase of vehicles on our highways maintenance on our roads and highways will change traffic patterns. It is a known fact that changes of traffic patterns negatively affect the way we drive.

When someone has been victim of a car accident they have certain legal rights. These rights include hiring the representation of a lawyer or dealing directly with the insurance company. While many accidents are handled between the victim and insurance company, many people opt to hire legal counsel to help recoup expenses related to the accident. The victim also has the right to seek car accident lawsuit funding. When someone is injured as a result of a car accident they may seek a cash advance to help pay for ongoing medical expenses and out of pocket expenses for food, shelter and car payments. The amount of money one may receive for pre settlement funding will be dependent upon how much money your case is worth and the strength of the overall case.

When a company decides to provide a settlement loan for a car accident they typically take the risk that the case will settle. Most companies that provide lawsuit funding will advance money on a contingent bases meaning they only receive payment for the lawsuit loan if the attorney is successful at winning their case. Because car accidents are the most common of all personal injury claims they are also one of the most common lawsuit funding types within the industry.

It is always important prior to searching for lawsuit funding for a car accident to fully evaluate your options. These options may include companies who provide non recourse funding, comparing rates and searching for the right amount of money needed while waiting for your case to settle.

In closing if you are searching for a lawsuit advance for a car accident fully evaluate your financial position prior to accepting any loan.

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Premises Liability Lawsuit Funding

The law of premises liability was created to make the owner or manager of a piece of property accountable for injures and damages that may  occur on a piece of property. The most common premises liability cases are those people who are living or working on the premises at the time of the accident. If you have been injured on another person’s premises you have the right to seek compensation for all damages and injuries that may have occurred. In a premises liability case the plaintiff or victim holds the burden of proving the owner or manager was negligence. This means that the owner or manager of the property should be held responsible and should pay compensation for such injuries. The plaintiff or victim also has the right to seek lawsuit funding for a premises liability only if they have the representation from a lawyer.

It is important if you’ve been injured or harmed on another persons property you seek immediate medical attention prior to speaking with an attorney. The attorney that handles these sorts of cases are called personal injury lawyers. Personal injury lawyers handle a variety of different types of premises liabilities but the most common is that of a slip and fall. Most personal injury attorney handle claims on a contingent basis meaning you only pay the attorney if you are successful in winning your claim.

When someone applies for a lawsuit cash advance for a premises liability they are applying for pre settlement funding which means an advance prior to a case reaching a fair settlement.  Very similar to a personal injury attorney a lawsuit funding company will provide cash advances on a contingency fee basis as well. The term most often used throughout the industry is called non recourse meaning you only pay back the lawsuit loan if you receive compensation for your claim.

There are several factors that cause premises liability cases:

  • slick & icy surfaces
  • uneven pavement or roadways
  • standing water
  • broken handrails & stairs
  • faulty equipment
  • faulty elevators & escalators
  • poor lighting
  • lack of security on the premises

Cases involving simple injury falls under personal injury law. For instance if you were to be injured due to the negligence of a property owner you would claim compensation for all injuries and damages related to the accident. The type of lawsuit funding you would receive would be pre settlement funding and typically is a percentage of the case. Than there are cases in which an individual falls victim to a wrongful death suit. Wrongful death lawsuit funding has the same percentages attached to a case however these cases oftentimes are much larger.

A case involving premises liability can be drawn out and take time. These types of cases may involve an attorney that has the experience in dealing with the legality of such cases. There are certain laws sometimes state by state when dealing with personal injury cases like premises liability. There are other instances when the victim may have been injured on State and Government property. In order for you to prove that the State or Government should be held responsible for your injuries may also require the expertise and experience from a personal injury lawyer.

The amount of money you may seek will be dependent upon several factors. As a victim of a premises liability lawsuit you may consider the following:

  • Loss of wages or loss of job
  • Hospital bills & ongoing medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Cost of physical therapy
  • Cost of special aides

While its important to win your case it may be equally important to maintain your financial position without settling a case to early. When someone is seeking a settlement advance for a premises liability case they oftentimes use the funding to help pay for associated expenses directly related to the accident. They also will use the funding as leverage. This typically is used by a victim to buy extra time. By allowing your lawyer extra time to litigate or negotiate your settlement you will sometimes have a better chance of getting more compensation for your injuries. It is always recommended never to settle your case too early without fully understanding your loses.

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Train Accident Lawsuit Funding

The first common carrier railroad in the United States, was chartered in Baltimore and presumed the name B&O. That same year railroad workers begin the construction of what becomes one of the most popular railroad in the world. While the laws have drastically changed, injuries are still common place for those people that work and travel on our railroads. If you have been injured due to a train accident and are seeking a lawsuit cash advance, you may qualify depending upon the strength of your case.

There are millions of people who travel on trains each day. The number of passengers has recently increased due to high gas prices and populated roadways. The Federal Highway Administration (FHA) reports that a train accident occurs almost every 2 hours.

The most common accidents occur due to:

  • derailment of the train,
  • collisions with motor vehicles & other trains
  • mechanical problems
  • lack of security
  • slip & falls
  • conductor negligence

Although never expected, when a train accident occurs the results are often catastrophic and oftentimes passengers and workers are killed. The Federal Railroad Administration reports 1000 people lose their lives as a result of a railroad & train accident. The laws surrounding a train accident are very complicated and oftentimes can take years before settlements are reached.

Worker related Accidents –
Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA)

If you are a worker on the railroad you may have been injured due the negligence of your employer or another worker. As a worker your employer must adhere to certain rules and regulations that are put in place to assure safe conditions. While many railroad & train companies comply with these regulations, there are cases in which a company acts in a negligent manner. Many of the injuries happen because of:

  • poor working conditions
  • safety hazardous & defective equipment
  • exposure to asbestos (older railroad stations)
  • exposure to diesel fuel & toxic materials
  • lack of safety equipment
  • lack of adequate training on the job

If you have been injured on a job you should immediately seek medical attention. You may also want to report your injury to your company. It is always a good idea to document the incident, gather names of witnesses and take pictures. By doing so, it gives you a better chance of getting fair compensation for your injury.

When someone is seeking lawsuit funding for a railroad injury or train accident they typically don’t have the time to wait for there case to settle. Lawsuit funding for a train accident is typically a pre settlement loan issued by a lender. The lawsuit loan should come as non recourse meaning you don’t pay back the loan if you’re not successful in winning compensation for your case. Settlement advances for train accidents are common for those families that need help paying medical expenses and living costs.

If you currently have legal representation from an attorney you may qualify for lawsuit funding.

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