Medical Receivable Factoring Companies

Medical factoring is a financing tool that provides doctors, physicians and other medical professionals’ instant cash against their accounts receivables. These companies will buyout invoices and liens for a percentage of the total amount of the receivable. Medical receivable factoring companies advertise they will purchase billings at a discount of the face value of the receivable and by doing so they hold the lien on the claim.

There are several aspects to medical factoring. A company may purchase receivables from a medical professional that treats individuals. There are companies that purchase receivables from medical supply companies; and other companies that provide financing and factoring options to those companies that provide medical staffing services. Whatever the scenario, there are invoices and receivables that need to be collected, and when a company needs an infusion of cash and can’t wait for an invoice to be paid, they can elect to factor their invoices. The fact is if you can’t wait up to 90 days to get your receivables paid, these companies may help.

Medical Accounts Receivable Financing

  • Acupuncturists
  • Diagnostic centers
  • Doctors
  • Drug counselors
  • Medical equipment suppliers
  • General practitioners
  • Hospitals
  • Medical centers
  • Medical clinics
  • Medical staffing companies
  • MRI centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Psychologists
  • Surgeons

While medical receivable factoring may be attractive to some professionals it comes with a cost. While the costs may vary depending upon the A/R company the rates are generally much higher than a standard bank loan. Over the last several years we have seen an influx in these types of companies. During tough times, some people are forced into making decisions that they would otherwise avoid. Other companies like payday loans, structured settlement factoring and legal financing are under the microscope of law makers throughout the United States. The idea that a company can profit on a person or company that is having a financial meltdown, is legal yet frowned upon.

There are no current laws that make this form of financing illegal and there is no over site that specifically oversees the medical factoring industry. While this form of financing may be under the radar, it’s likely it won’t be for long.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Unfortunately, medical malpractice happens everyday somewhere in the world. Everybody has the right to get the medical treatment that they need. No matter what your problem is, you should be able to walk into your local doctor’s office, find the answers to your health concerns and receive the treatment that you require. You should be treated with respect and dignity and everything that you tell any medical professional should be kept confidential. However this is not always the case.

Sometimes medical professionals do not provide the appropriate treatment or they do not provide the sympathy that their patients deserve. Medical malpractice law states that all patients should be treated with respect and the appropriate treatment should be given as and when is needed. When things do not go as planned, that is when medical malpractice lawsuits are filed.

Understanding Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

If you have been unfairly treated or if your doctor has overlooked a simple problem, you can file medical malpractice lawsuits against them. Doctors train for years to be able to help people and members of the public rely upon them to do their job properly. A misdiagnoses can really affect a person’s life and in some cases it can even be fatal. That is why medical malpractice law exists. It is there to protect members of the public and to ensure that they receive the right treatment as and when it is needed. I

f you have suffered from a misdiagnoses then you will need to find a medical malpractice lawyer. There are many lawyers who specialize in medical malpractice law and finding one should not be a problem. However, finding a good one may take some time.

Ideally when you look for medical malpractice attorneys, you will need to look into their qualifications. You want somebody who is passionate about what they do and who will help you to get the compensation that you deserve. In some cases no amount of money can help you to get over the poor judgment made by medical professionals; however by filing medical malpractice lawsuits, you can help to ensure that a wrong diagnosis is not given to other people in the future.

Try and make an appointment with a medical malpractice attorney wherever possible. This initial appointment gives you a chance to ask various questions in order to see if they are the best person to help you. Test their knowledge on medical malpractice law. Perhaps do a little research yourself beforehand so that you know whether they are telling you the truth. Of course you should book an appointment with more than one medical malpractice attorney if you are to get the best advice.

Overall the right medical malpractice lawyer will be able to help you to get justice for any wrongdoing you have been subjected to by a medical practitioner. Medical malpractice law is set up to protect you and there are hundreds of medical malpractice lawyers who are wiling to get you the help and the compensation that you deserve.

To learn more about more information about this topic, check out our Medical Malpractice lawsuits Web Site.

Failure to Diagnose Cervical Cancer

Diagnosis with cervical cancer is frightening under any circumstances. Possibly facing a hysterectomy, chemotherapy, and even death is devastating to any woman, but that pain is deepened by unique anger and disbelief for women who have undergone regular gynecological exams in order to prevent just such a tragedy.

Cervical cancer is nearly always preventable. When caught early, the treatment is minimally invasive, and highly successful. A Pap smear, obtained during routine pelvic exams, detects pre-cancerous changes, called dysplasia, in the cervix. This is the primary reason for undergoing the simple, yet very unpleasant procedure.

Unfortunately, Pap smear error is not uncommon, leaving the impending cancer undetected and allowing it to grow. Undiagnosed cancer can progress to the point that aggressive and invasive treatments are required. Sometimes it is just too late for successful treatment and the misdiagnoses ends in untimely death.

Dysplasia occurs before cancerous cells form in the cervix. Once the cancer forms it can grow and spread to the surrounding reproductive organs, including the uterus and ovaries, making a hysterectomy the only life-saving option. Women who survive failure to diagnose cervical cancer are often needlessly robbed of their ability to bear children.

When pre-cancerous cells are detected early, they can be removed effectively through a simple, minimally invasive procedure called a cone biopsy, avoiding a hysterectomy and other aggressive cancer treatments.

Cancer that has grown and spread to the point that it cannot be fully treated by biopsy or even hysterectomy requires aggressive and harmful treatments. Chemotherapy and radiation ravage the body and can cause permanent health problems. Radiation treatments alone can result in problems including:
• Radiation-induced gastrointestinal reflux disease
• Radiation proctitis
• Radiation cystitis
• Death

Why cervical cancer is misdiagnosed
Although the test is performed in your doctor’s office, a Pap smear is usually read in the laboratory by technicians called cytotechnologists. Cytotechnologists are trained professionals, but they are not doctors.

When the test is actually read correctly, many doctors fail to follow up with patients regarding abnormal results, leading to delayed notification and delayed treatment.

In addition to filing to detect dysplasia and failing to follow up with patients, some doctors overlook the symptoms and warning signs of cervical cancer including:
• Abnormal vaginal bleeding
• Unusual vaginal discharge (with or without blood)
• Vaginal odor
• Pelvic pain
• Pain during sex
• Bowel symptoms
• Blood in stool
• Bladder symptoms
• Blood in urine

Delayed diagnosis of cervical cancer can change your life forever, and often ends in tragedy. It is avoidable medical negligence. Cervical cancer misdiagnosis can lead to:
• More aggressive treatments
• More expensive treatment
• Pain
• Loss of reproductive organs
• Loss of enjoyment of life
• Permanent disability
• Depression
• Death

New Jersey medical malpractice lawyer Michael L. Weiss, Esq. is currently litigating several cases on behalf of women with improperly delayed diagnosis of cervical cancer, and recently settled a claim stemming from an improperly delayed diagnosis of a cervical cancer for 1.8 million dollars.

Trouble Finding A California Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

If you or a loved one has been misdiagnosed or have been a victim of medical malpractice in the State of California and would like to take the doctor or hospital to court, you my find it very difficult to get a lawyer to represent you. There’s a reason California personal injury lawyers cringe at medical malpractice lawsuits – in this state, we have a $250,000 cap on medical malpractice awards and a cap on attorney’s fees. These two factors combine to make the pursuit of a medical malpractice not worth the costs and risks for wronged patients and their attorneys.

This cap on medical malpractice awards has been in existence for more than 30 years now in California. In 1975, the state enacted legislation capping malpractice awards and lowering attorneys’ fees (only for the patients’ attorneys) after doctors and insurers in California protested saying oversized awards and ever-increasing insurance rates were driving physicians out of the state.

What this law known as Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) essentially did was limit the amount of money for “pain and suffering” – which is the physical and emotional distress caused by an injury – to $250,000. There is no limit on what patients can collect for loss of future wages and other expenses. So if a non-wage earner dies because of medical malpractice the maximum jury award would be $250,000 no matter what.

But the big question that lingers all these years is: Has there really been a benefit to the public in terms of insurance premiums lower health care cost because of this cap? Victim advocates and experts who oppose the cap say: No. This law, they say, is increasingly preventing victims and their families from getting their day in court. This is especially true of the most vulnerable population such as low-income families, children and seniors. Opponents of the caps also argue that this limit on pain and suffering has never been raised or affected by inflation over the last three decades.

As for attorneys, it is not a cheap proposition. They bear the out of pocket costs of putting on these trials. Those costs easily exceed $75,000 and they have been skyrocketing over the years. Ad a discount fee structure and it makes no economic sense for attorneys to represent malpractice victims, they are much better off working for the medical providers and their insurance companies.

The malpractice caps are being reconsidered in many states because of the manner in which they have been hurting poorer patients. But California has never reconsidered these caps. A recent Los Angeles Times investigation (,1,5087969,full.story) revealed that the cap is in fact preventing many California families from getting their day in court.

Here are some of the findings listed in the Times article:

  • Court malpractice filings have fallen in eight out of the 10 most heavily populated counties. In Los Angeles county there was a 48 percent drop in filings since 2001 and a 29 percent drop in Orange County,
  • At Kaiser Permanente, where arbitration is the way rather than court, claims have fallen by 20 percent since 2001.
  • The number of payments to victims and their families across California had also dropped by 24 percent since 1991. The Times looked at a federal database of half a million claims to make that determination
  • Insurance companies have made record profits in California compared to other states. The Times article states that California insurers have only paid 39 cents of every premium dollar since 1991 while the national average was 63 cents.

In spite of these facts, proponents of MICRA paint a dire picture of a world without caps or increased caps saying that it would lead to significantly higher healthcare costs and limit patients’ access to doctors.

But several studies done on the subject especially one by The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (, say the malpractice caps have not helped doctors either. The study says that other state policymakers should learn from California’s experience.

The state with its cap tried to set tort limits and voters through the passage of Prop 103 in 1988 set the stage for insurance reform. The study concludes that while the stringent continued regulation of malpractice insurance rates lowered premiums for doctors, malpractice caps and other restrictions on the tort system failed to provide doctors the relief they sought. This study found that malpractice rates rose six-fold between 1975 and 1988, until Proposition 103 was passed, after which those rates have held steady.

One of the largest studies done on the topic was by Dartmouth College researchers, which is also cited in the Los Angeles Times article. This study concluded that malpractice payments have risen along with medical care costs, while doctors’ insurance premiums grew way quickly – by double-digit percentages annually for some specialties.

The caps, above all, violate victims’ constitutional rights to due process and equal protection by limiting what they can receive for their pain and suffering. How it is equal protection if you suffer a particular injury because of a doctor’s negligence as opposed to a traffic accident and the doctor is not held fully accountable, but the negligent driver is made to pay?

A recent decision in Cooke County, Illinois, where a judge struck down a two –year-old state law that capped compensation to victims, gives new hope. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune (,0,6319134.story), Cooke County Circuit Court Judge Diane Larsen decided that caps on malpractice awards violated the Illinois Constitution’s “separation of powers” clause.

She ruled that the legislature cannot interfere with the right of judges and juries to determine fair damages. Her ruling reportedly falls in line with a 1997 Illinois Supreme Court decision, which overturned a 1995 law setting caps on personal injury lawsuits.

Many California personal injury attorneys are looking for the “right case” to appeal to our state’s highest court with similar arguments to overturn these caps that are neither equitable nor beneficial to doctors or patients. We hope this law changes soon so patients can actually get fair compensation for their injuries or at least the opportunity to have their day in court.

What is the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA)?

The law enacted in 1975 basically did the following:

  • Placed a $250,000 cap on the amount of compensation

paid to malpractice victims for their “non-economic”


  • Eliminated the “collateral source rule” that forces

those found liable for malpractice to pay all the

expenses incurred by the victim.

  • Permitted those found liable for malpractice to pay

the compensation they owe victims on an installment

plan basis.

  • Imposed a short “statute of limitations” on

malpractice victims (generally one year).

  • Established a lowered sliding scale for attorneys’ fees that

discourages lawyers from accepting malpractice cases.

Source: How Insurance Reform Lowered Doctors’ Medical Malpractice Rates In California, The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights


Bisnar Chase, LLP.


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Medical Negligence Claims Explained

Making a claim for medical negligence is the kind of thing that everyone imagines will be complicated. Day time TV adverts may well offer ‘no win, no fee,’ but few seem to mention ‘no fuss.’ But the process is not as horrific as you may envisage. Claims solicitors are very experienced at dealing with clients who have little idea of the practicalities of making a claim.

Following an initial consultation, it is often necessary to meet with your solicitor only occasionally. Most queries can be dealt with over the phone, or by post, allowing you to sit back and get on with your recovery. Appearances in court may seem intimidating but your solicitor will help to put you at ease. In any case, many claims do not actually make it to court because insurance companies agree to a settlement beforehand.

Many people who are victims of medical negligence need extra care, or suffer a loss of earnings from time missed at work. These costs mount up, and it is important that they are recovered. Do not miss out on compensation that can help your recovery because you are uninformed, or nervous about the system.

So what do you need to prove to be able to make a claim of medical negligence? There are three basic requirements for the claimant in all compensation claims.

Firstly, you need to have someone to claim from. This will not always be the doctor who treated you, but often the trust they were working for or another organization responsible for them. Your solicitor will be able to advise you of the most appropriate body. Health care providers have liability insurance, and in many instances the end result of a medical negligence claim is a settlement with the insurance company.

Secondly, you need to have medical documentation of your injuries. Obviously, in the cases of clinical injuries this is usually more straight-forward to obtain. Compensation is awarded according to the degree of injury and the treatment required. It is not a punishment for the person at fault but reparation for the costs you have incurred. So, serious injuries that require extensive treatment and recovery time receive the most compensation.

Thirdly, you need evidence that the injury actually occurred. This is hardly ever an issue with medical negligence claims where official reports are submitted at the time of the incident. But it is far easier to investigate claims when evidence is still fresh, so try to consult a solicitor as soon as possible.

In the case of medical negligence claims it is also necessary to prove that the standard of care fell below what would be expected, and that it was this negligence that caused the injuries. This is usually done by assessing the natural development of the illness, and the expected results if the correct treatment had been given. This is then compared to your situation to determine the extent of your suffering.

Making a medical negligence claim is a simple as ticking the four boxes above, and solicitors will help to make the process as straight-forward as possible. Many practices offer free consultations, and is well worth talking to somebody if your medical care has fallen below the standards you expected.

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What To Do If You Think You Are A Victim Of Medical Malpractices?

As a patient whenever you get admitted in a hospital you naturally place a lot of expectations on the health care professional on your guard. You trust the doctors, surgeons, pharmacists and nurses, for their conduct seem the most ethical. We believe that they are properly trained and reliable.

Yet, despite the years of experience of these medical professionals they do tend to make mistakes. It can be due to over work or work stress, poor judgment, under assistance, or even due to a mere negligence. Yes, there is a steep rise of medical malpractices these days and so is the case with medical malpractice advice.

It may be shocking for you, but I am talking the fact. With the growing numbers of such medical malpractice cases, it is important for the patients to be aware about them. In fact it is vital for all of us to get the apt medical malpractice advice and be aware. As you will be alert enough on what is happening with you in the course of treatment, you can largely cut down the chances of any such cases of medical malpractice.

The power of the victim of medical malpractice lies in the fact that if they are sure that medical professional has made an error which resulted in serious injury/harm to them, they can surely sue the negligent medical professional(s). The victim patient can sue the medical professional for the monetary compensation for the injury that has happened to them.

But if you are already the victim of medical malpractice and are not sure what you can do next, you are rightly on this page. I have a genuine set of information for you for all that, that needs to be done when anyone is a victim of medical malpractice.

How to Pursue Your Case of Medical Malpractice?

Be prepared with all your medical records

In order to claim your medical malpractice compensation, the patient is required to prove the medical negligence rendered to them by the medical health care provider. The victim is indeed needed to be clear with the whole treatment procedure to state �in what circumstances the medical professional was negligent�. It has to be proved as to how the medical practitioner has failed to give all the expected professional care that the patient deserved.

As per the medical malpractice advice, it is very important for you to obtain all the copies of medical records. The patient has the right to evaluate their medical information and charts. Although, it should be done attentively as the defendant can try to avert the victim from doing it. The records are your power that can help the personal injury attorney of your side to make a strong case.

The health care professional is judged after the case is filed. The judgment is made in appropriate comparison with other equally qualified and trained professionals of the same field of medical specialization.

Consult a personal injury attorney

You should then contact one of the experienced and trustworthy personal injury attorney based in your area. Even if you are doubtful regarding the strength of your case, it is better to take it to the attorney who can look for your potential betterment.

The medical malpractice advice says that you should not get delayed if you believe you are the victim of medical malpractice. File the claim as soon as you can, to do the justice with yourself.

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Medical Malpractice Compensation Claim

Are you suffering from an illness or medical condition that hasn’t been diagnosed and missed by your doctor’s and the hospital, have you suffered from pain and no one would take any notice, have the doctor’s missed all your symptoms and you’ve gone home feel worse for wear thinking why doesn’t no one believe me or have been into surgery and something’s gone wrong you may even have died from all of the above. If any of these sound like something that’s happened to you, you have a legal and civil right to claim compensation.

Medical negligence needs to have more nationwide and worldwide coverage on the radio and television. In America over 80,000 people die each year from a variety of medical negligence illnesses and this is only the cases the hospitals reveal so this may be a lot higher. If medical negligence was a disease everyone would be panicking and doctors, consultants and researchers would be doing all they can to stop the disease from spreading so why are they letting thousands of people die each year from silly mistakes and missed diagnoses’.

Around 35 to 40% of the 80,000 people dying each year are from missed diagnosis, this is so simple to rectify all doctors, consultants should listen to every patient whatever they may think wrong and if nothing can be found wrong more tests need to be done until a problem is found. These statistics don’t even show the illness’s and even deaths of people who are in clinics, non hospital facilities, dental practises and private doctor’s offices.

There are very little compensation claims for injured and the death of a person from medical negligence as little as only 2%. So you may be thinking why, well death is a very private and personal family thing to come to terms with, many families just want to forget and remember the good times and forget about the illness and what caused the death of their family member.

Before I wrote this article I never realised the large extent of missed and wrong medical diagnosis and how many people die each year in only one country from medical malpractice. The media doesn’t pick up on how many people die from this due to people dying on a ‘one at a time basis’. Everyone needs to know the extent of this problem its not a small problem it’s a huge problem and it’s not going to go away until everyone realises the problem and the hospitals, NHS, private doctor and dental practises and other non-hospital facilities take great care in looking after every patient that comes through their door.

If you’ve been involved in any of the above don’t sit back and think it’s your fault, if you or any member of your family have been injured from medical negligence or you’re partner, husband/wife, daughter/son, sister/brother have unfortunately died, don’t sit back and let the hospital or whoever get away with it, you can claim on behalf of your family member to get the compensation they deserve. Not only the compensation but you may even help raise awareness of medical malpractice and this can only help reduce the large amount of medical malpractice injuries and deaths.

Jene Pedder is the Webmaster of Accident Consult who specialise in Medical Malpractice Compensation Claims.