Law Q&A

Just the other day we posted a few questions that I received from several people looking for legal advice. We had several people respond to the questions and I’m not even sure whether the information that was provided is correct but you did respond and I will keep it up on the blog. As most of us know, this blog is really only a legal information blog and I don’t think I feel like housing legal questions on this blog because of several reasons. First, keeping up with the articles is almost like a full time job for me. Second, as you can see I don’t make dollar one from this blog. With that being said, I just don’t have the time to keep up with all the legal questions from our readers. So I went out and posted a message on this blog about a week ago stating that I would at least send these questions somewhere for others to post. Well I received an email almost immediately from a site called AskingLaw. This is a legal blog for Q&A. I decided to include them on my blogroll because its actually a pretty cool concept. The way it works is you email them the question, they take a look at the question, and if its a legitimate question they will post it for you and send you back an incoming link to your post. Than either they answer the questions or maybe some other people answer them, I’m really not too sure. So my point is if you have legal questions head over to their site and email them your questions. From the looks of some of these questions I think the only requirement is explaining the case in detail. In any event you can still send me your questions, but I’m probably not posting them on this site. I will email all questions to them. Over the past week I think I sent close to 15 questions to them. I’m not really sure whether they posted the questions, but for those people that emailed me questions, look at their site, perhaps they have your question/questions posted.

If anyone else has a cool blog, site or product, I’m all ears. Send me your link and I will at least check out your site. If I think its a decent product and adds value to this blog, I will post a comment on this blog.


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Wilmington Delaware Personal Injury

My husband was involved in a slip and fall accident inside a grocery over the weekend. His knee swelled up and he is having a hard time supporting himself. We ended up going to the emergency room the same day and he didn’t break the leg but instead it was a serious sprain. Because he involved in construction he isn’t going to be able to go to work for the next week or so. Unfortunately if he doesn’t work we don’t get paid. My question is, can we somehow get compensated for both the hospital bill and for him losing time away from work, loss wages? I know we can probably get money for the hospital visit but I’m not too sure for him being out of work. How much will it cost and is it even worth us filing a lawsuit against the store? If there is an affordable lawyer or law firm in Wilmington DE can someone please let me know? I was considering contacting an attorney and a referral would be great. Any suggestions please!!!


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Divorce Attorney in Pembroke Maine

I reside in Pembroke Maine and I’m looking for a lawyer referral for a good divorce lawyer. I caught my husband of 20 years cheating on me. He apparently was having a relationship behind my back for almost 2 years. We have 2 kids both of which are still in high school, we own a house and have other assets in which I would like to protect. What I need is a Lawyer located in or around the Pembroke area which will aggressively represent me for child custody, divorce and to ultimately get me whats rightfully mine.


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Salisbury Maryland DWI Lawyer

I am a student at Salisbury University and was pulled over last week for a Driving under the influence of alcohol. I am looking for a lawyer that represents students who have been pulled over for a DWI or DUI in the Salisbury Maryland area. I was tested on a Breathalyzer and I blew a .08 which apparently over the legal limit. My parents are unaware of this and I intend to keep it this way. I am looking for the right attorney that will keep my case confidential from my parents. The other problem is that I’m am under the drinking age which makes it a little worse. Can you please refer me to a good lawyer that can help me out with my case. I don’t have a ton of money because I’m a student but because of the circumstance at hand, I’m willing to beg and borrow for the right lawyer.

Again I am looking for a lawyer in Salisbury MD to help me out with my DWI case. Thank you!


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Lawyer Questions

I have been receiving a ton of emails of late regarding hiring the right attorney as well as general legal questions. I have linked a lawyer directory to help you locate attorneys which I spent a few hours doing and it was not easy. BTW- Thank you everyone for the positive feedback on that little mini project. I too think its very cool. I will only post a handful to this blog. I have been thinking of ways to refer you our readers to services that allow you to ask legal questions etc. My intentions are to keep this blog full of legal information and not a Q&A type of blog. I have thought about starting this sort of blog but I just don’t have the time to get involved in this sort of project. If someone out there is considering to do such a service please contact me, or if there is a service already set-up I would be interested in hearing about it. I have been getting an average of about 10-15 questions a day and for those that never get a response I apologize. I’m just not comfortable giving out legal advice. I will post a few of these questions though just for kicks to see if any of you lawyers are willing to answer these questions.

Legal Blog Searching

The other day we all discussed a lawyer search engine called TargetLaw, which I truly believe is the easiest way to find an attorney online. It is so good I decided to scrap the whole directory project for our Lawyer Search as we will begin linking to their search engine for targeted lawyer searches (hence TargetLaw). Did I tell you they have some 50,000 lawyer websites in this engine. You can pretty much search for any type of lawyer throughout the U.S. and you will get a website of an attorney. After several comments, I soon began receiving emails regarding a new Lawyer Blog Search (Blawg Search Engine), called Justia. Talk about an awesome product! I have looked at this product in the past and let me tell you, it is pretty cool. There are about 1000 legal blogs that cover about every aspect of law. I did some searches on this product and its very cool. They even have a place for most recently searched terms along with most popular blogs for the week, month and all time. No we didn’t make the list but that’s fine.

If you are looking for more legal information I would recommend taking a gander. A side note, we will begin linking to TargetLaw tonight and we will stop posting articles for the time being. I hope to have this squared away within the next few days. If you are submitting articles please be aware that your posts probably won’t show for a few days.

Feel free to make comments as you see fit.

Lawyer Search

* I typically only allow lawyer posts but once I started searching this site I had to post this to my blog. I can’t believe how many lawyer sites are in this engine. This must of taken months upon months. I will open up your comments below. I’m curious of your opinion..Blog below…

It was just a few short years ago when most attorneys counted on advertising their firm in the yellow pages in order to get new customers for their practice. While many people still use yellow pages and other sorts of paper advertising to hire legal counsel, there has been a huge swing on how individuals look for legal counsel. Studies have shown over 70% of people will now use the internet in order to do a lawyer search. Furthermore, these are the prospects that have deeper pockets and willing to spend more money hiring the right lawyer. Because of the trend, it has forced lawyers all over the country to begin considering website marketing.

The importance of having a suitable website can mean the difference of getting new clients or not. Many attorneys now have lists of different practice areas on their websites to relay a message to those consumers who are looking for legal counsel. The message is we practice the type of law you are requiring and we are experienced in handling such sort of cases. When a consumer does a lawyer search on the internet they are primarily looking for information first and foremost. If the information on a lawyer website is geared towards that practice area, there is a good chance the prospect will contact that attorney for more information.

The facts are people are generally more educated and they will first research a lawyer prior to contacting them. If you are an attorney it is mission critical that you have some sort of web presence for both new and existing clients. is one of the largest lawyer search engines on the internet. If you are currently evaluating lawyers via the internet visit our site. Chances are you will find the right attorney, in the right location by the right practice area for every single search.