Protecting Houston Workers by Enforcing Federal Law

If you have ever been employed by another individual, you are aware of the relationship that exists between an employer and his or her employees. On one hand, an employer relies on employees to run the business and do good work, but on the other hand the employee relies on their boss because there wouldn’t even be work to do and a salary to earn if it wasn’t for the employer. Consequently, even though they depend on each other, the employer is naturally the stronger of the two parties; especially since they have the right to hire and fire individuals. And, whenever power is unevenly distributed, it is easy for the stronger power to take advantage of the weaker one.

This is why labor laws exist. They protect workers from discrimination and abuse. For example, employers are not supposed to set employee wages lower than the legal “minimum wage” or work their employees longer than the legal limit without paying them overtime. Discrimination based on gender, age, marital status, nation of origin, skin color, religion, and political affiliation are also illegal because of the Civil Service Reform Act. This means that everyone must be given equal opportunities for employment and advancement.

The industrial revolution, with its poor working conditions, child labor and lengthy work days, prompted many of the first labor laws. Unfortunately, even though conditions have improved and hours and abuse have decreased, there are still plenty of cases where employers take advantage of their employees. This is especially true in cases where the employees are illegal immigrants because they are more afraid of going to the law for protection than they are about being paid less than minimal wage.

Even though labor abuse and discrimination is morally wrong and officially illegal, it can be very difficult to prove when discrimination is taking place. After all, there are other factors that influence advancements and employment opportunities that an employer can cite as a reason for the decisions he or she makes. For example, an employer is entitled to hire the best person for the job based on their skills, personality and previous experience.

If you truly believe that discrimination is taking place though, one of the best ways to take recourse is to contact a Houston labor lawyer. They can tell you, based on their experience with several other cases, whether or not you have sufficient grounds for taking action in court. If your case isn’t strong enough, you definitely shouldn’t pursue. Sometimes a letter from an attorney will be enough encouragement for the employer to provide adequate compensation. Compensation will probably be a monetary sum since your relationship at that point would not facilitate a pleasant working environment in the future.

If you are looking for an experienced Houston labor lawyer, give the Rosenberg Law Offices ( a call. The lawyers in this firm have successfully defended several of their clients and won them the rights they have by law. The author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.