TargetLaw Updates Attorney Directory / Search Engine

I have been telling attorneys for years to submit their website over to TargetLaw. TargetLaw was a free lawyer search engine that consisted of over 50K+ attorneys. Recently they turned the search engine into a free attorney directory/search engine. I believe I posted an article several months ago discussing the changes to the site. I was again contacted by TargetLaw last week regarding some additional changes to the site. If you are an attorney I would highly recommend submitting your profile to this site.

New changes include:

  • Attorney now able to submit profiles via an online form
  • Attorneys get an outbound link in their profile
  • Attorney can now submit articles to the site- When submitting an article you can get an outbound title link ie. (Texas personal injury lawyer) to any page within your website. This is apparently really good for the search engines. The link is also a follow link unlike other article submission sites. In other words it will really help your search engine optimization efforts.
  • If you create a profile you can upload an RSS feed of your blog or website. The RSS Feed provides you with the latest 5 posts to your site.
  • You can now create a feed from Twitter. This means every time you post a twit you it will show up on your profile
  • They are currently working on a Face Book widget as well

The best part of this directory is their ability to somehow get many of these profiles and articles listed on the first page of google. If you are planning on driving more traffic to your website or firm I would highly recommend getting listed in TargetLaw! Its free so it certain can’t hurt.

There website is

5 Responses

  1. I just checked out Targetlaw. The new Attorney Twitter feed and Blogg/RSS feed look outstanding on the lawyer’s profile. I’ll be interested to see what the facebook integration looks like. I think it is still free for firms to create a listing with Targetlaw.

  2. Targetlaw is a 1st class site.

  3. Thanks for the info, I checked it out and signed up my law firm. They have some really nice features and won’t disapoint. Now I just need to get some articles ready, thanks for the update.

  4. Give me a reason to believe this. Need to know for certian you are right.

  5. can you review my blog ? this is my blog

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