Soft Tissue Personal Injury

Soft tissue injuries are possibly one of the hardest personal injury situations to successfully make a claim for. Insurance companies are particularly loath to pay out for soft tissue injury damage. The main reason for this is that they are often difficult to diagnose. Many soft tissue injuries heal quickly and life returns to normal, some though can develop into chronic, painful conditions that are life altering.

The main causes of soft tissue injuries are car accidents, sporting events and slip and fall accidents. Backs, necks, ankles, knees and sometimes hips are the usual areas affected and sometimes carpal tunnel can develop through bracing the arms against a steering wheel before impact.

There are three main kinds of soft tissue injury.

  1. Contusion. Contusions occur from blunt force on the body. Our common name for a contusion is a bruise. Banging your head after a fall, or bruising your knee when you slip and fall are examples of contusions. Most contusions are not serious and heal within a week. Sever contusions to the head though can cause brain damage and a large number of contusions as you might get in falling down a flight of stairs can cause more long term injury too.
  2. Strain. Strains damage muscles and tendons and can result in tears that may require surgery. Strains are usually caused by hyperextension, overuse and overextending or stretching. Lunging out to grab a stair railing as you fall would be likely to cause a strain for example.
  3. Sprain. Sprains occur from twisting or rolling pressure. Many sprain soft tissue injuries occur to knees in both car accidents and slip and fall accidents. Ankles and wrists are another area of the body that is often affected, especially in slip and fall injuries. Car accidents are of course the most common cause of whiplash which typically occurs in rear-end accidents when the head is forced suddenly forwards then back.

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