Notifying Possible Defendants

When you have been injured in an accident you need to notify anyone whom you feel is at fault in the event that you are going to file a claim.  You don’t have to know for sure who is at fault, but you must think about who might be.  You do not have to give information out in the beginning regarding your situation or injuries that were obtained.  You just need to let the possible defendants know that you were hurt and are going to file a claim.  This can be something that an attorney personalizing in Florida personal injury law can help you with.

You want to notify anyone who you feel might be responsible.  Decide exactly whom you are going to notify.  This will often depend on the circumstances of the accident.  You will need to notify all drivers involved.  This may also include the owner of the vehicles, employer if the accident involved a company car, and your insurance company.  There may be other depending in your accident situation.  Notify anyone that you feel could be a future defendant.  The possible guilty parties must know in advance for you claim against them to be valid.

Once you have had time to think about who is at fault, you will want to write them letters.  These letters should tell them about the accident and that you were injured.  You may need to send to different types of people.  If your accident was a slip and fall, you will need to write to the business where you fell and the property owner.

Make sure to write a letter regardless of the fact that people have assured you they will notify their insurance companies.  Your notification should be simple.  Give basic information and ask for a response.  Never discuss fault or responsibility in your letters, your injuries.  This will be dealt with later on, with your Florida personal injury law attorney.

Never delay giving notice.  Even if you have a certain amount of time, it is best to start notifying and begin your claim early.  Just because you send a notice, it does not obligate you to file a claim against them. It is just part of what will be your claims process.  It is a form of protection on your end.  If you do file a claim against any of the people they can’t say that it was unfair because they were never notified.

Make sure to let an experience attorney in Florida personal injury law help you out.  You never have to be in your personal injury process alone.  An attorney can make everything a lot more clear to you and do many things on your behalf that you would have to do without an attorney.  Remember that you deserve compensation.  It is ok to think of people that may be at fault and file a claim based on what you deserve.  It is just very important that you notify anyone who is a possibility in any way.  This will protect you when it comes time to file your claim.

This is not legal advice.

Additional Source: Personal Injury Attorney Christian D. Searcy. Serving Clients in the Tallahassee area and throughout the nation.

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