Common Truck Accident Causes

Trucks cause many accidents, injuries, and even deaths. Legislation has tried to prevent accidents by putting more strict regulations on the trucking industry as a whole. Many consistent accidents occur between trucks and other vehicle passengers.

These common causes can assist you and your attorney when it comes to discussing your case. One of the number one causes of trucking accidents is driver fatigue. Driver’s are supposed to follow regulations when it comes to the hours that they drive in a given day and week. Hours must be split between driving time, on-duty time, and off-duty time. When a trucker is not driving during off-duty time, it is to be no less than 10 hours. There should be no more than 11 hours of straight driving time. Overall on-duty time is not to be more than 14 hours after a shift has started. Trucking companies are supposed to keep track of overall on-duty time. A driver is not to spend more than 60 hours on duty in a seven-day period, or 70 in an 8-day period. Although these rules are designed to keep drivers free of fatigue, these regulations are often not followed or enforced to the fullest extent. If an employer does not follow these rules, they can be held responsible if an accident does occur due to driver fatigue. All drivers are supposed to keep a log of their rest time and driving time.

These logbooks will often go under review when a truck accident attorney is putting a case together. It takes a tremendous amount of focus to drive a large truck and remain safe on the road. It is unfortunate that many drivers turn to stimulants and other drugs to stay awake while driving. All truckers are supposed to be given drug tests during the hiring process. These drug tests are to continue throughout the employment of a driver.

Drugs found in a driver’s system after an accident would add to their fault and negligence on the road. Speeding is a very large problem among truckers due to unrealistic delivery times. Trucks are very dangerous to their weight. The faster they go the harder it is for them to stop. Police investigate all aspect of a driver’s actions.

All of this evidence will then be used in court. Maintenance is another issue that causes many accidents. There are regulations that legally bind employers and drivers to prevent hazards through inspection. All maintenance should be routine. All truck drivers should inspect their vehicle for potential hazards at every stop.

Every company and their employee should know the inspection process. Trailers that are poorly loaded pose a big risk to others on the road. Poor loading practices can lead to liability when it comes to accidents. If products are not loaded properly, it can be harder to keep the truck under control.  Everything that is loaded into a truck is considered when it comes to truck accident law.

This is not legal advice.

Additional Legal Information: Truck Accident Law Firm of Gordon & Elias. Serving clients nationwide including Massachusetts.


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