Commercial Litigation Financing

The article below is provided by LawLeaf. LawLeaf is a lawsuit funding company that provides commercial litigation financing to plaintiffs throughout the United States.

Commercial litigation financing is a lawsuit cash advance against a pending or already settled claim. Commercial litigation financing is much harder today to obtain than past years. There are only several hedge funds that will provide this type of financing due to the amount of time it takes to settle or win a verdict. There are companies that advertise these types of cases however very few will actually provide the funding.

These types of cases generally take years to settle because so much is at stake. In some cases even when a case reaches a settlement or verdict, the plaintiff could be waiting months before they see the first dollar. It is also very likely the case will be appealed prolonging the inevitable.

When a person or company acts in a negligent or unlawful manner which negatively effects another person they can be held liable for damages. Unlike a personal injury where the damages are almost always injuries, commercial cases oftentimes come in the form of financial damages.

Some of the common commercial litigation claims include:

  • Breach of Contract or Contract Disputes
  • Copyright or Patent Infringement
  • Discrimination Cases
  • Environmental Litigation
  • Securities Fraud
  • Franchise Litigation
  • Oil & Gas Litigation
  • Antitrust
  • Financial Malpractice
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Wrongful Termination

Commercial litigation financing can be used for several purposes:

If a person has filed a lawsuit they may need the money to pay for loss of wages, living expenses, a purchase of a new home or car, help pay for insurance or for a new business venture.

If a company is applying for commercial litigation financing oftentimes the money is used to help meet payroll expenses, rent costs, insurance expenses, marketing and advertising, adding additional employees or reinvesting in the company.

Due to the increased difficulties of finding a company that provides commercial litigation financing, some people will immediately take the first offer presented to them. While there are not as many companies offering commercial litigation financing within the lawsuit funding industry, it certainly makes sense to find the company that offers you the best rates on the lawsuit loan. If you are currently searching for commercial litigation financing only work with those companies that offer money on a non recourse basis. This means if you lose your claim, you owe the company nothing.

For additional information on lawsuit funding or commercial litigation financing, contact LawLeaf today.


2 Responses

  1. I would like to provide an endorsement to Law Leaf. I am currently at the tail end of a commercial lawsuit (2 months to trial). We have been offered a significant settlement (7 figure) but it was a small fraction of what my lawsuit is worth. I contacted Law Leaf because I’m having trouble making payroll and without the financing I would run the risk of laying off a fair share of my employees.

    They explained to me that the process of obtaining a 7 figure advance wouldn’t happen overnight. The full application process to packaging took about 2-3 days. I’m sure they could have turned it within a day but it took a little time on my end getting some of the information from my attorney.

    Once they received the information from me Law Leaf contacted my attorney. After Law Leaf sent the package out and had conversations with the fund, a fund manager contacted my attorney. After submitting additional documentation and further conversations with my attorney, I was pre approved by the fund upon board approval.

    The time from pre approval to board approval took about 2 weeks. My representative was extremely helpful throughout the process and certainly had the expertise in presenting my case in a way that I’m not sure any company could.

    There is no question that Law Leaf has the resources to getting the largest advances (7 figure advances). I must have contacted a dozen of other companies before I was referred by another funding company to contact Law Leaf.

    I hope this comment in some way serves this company well.

  2. We are two and 1/2 years into our lawsuit and have already paid 200k. Looking for additional monthly assistance as we move towards trial. We are the plaintiffs and have won fully three motions to dismiss and a summary judgment.

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