TargetLaw Goes Beta

If you are an attorney interested in new client acquisition, you should probably read on.

I got an email last week from a company called TargetLaw. In the past we’ve used the TargetLaw search engine on this site as it is one of the best ways to locate an attorney on the Internet. Several years ago the company developed a search engine using google custom search. They now have over 50,000 attorneys listed in their custom engine.

TargetLaw just released a beta site built in WordPress that now allows attorney’s to submit profiles and articles directly to the site. As with most Worpress sites, Targetlaw is very search engine friendly (ie the ability to be found on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc..). This translates to the ability for an attorney to be found when doing a search by location and practice area. If you are an attorney I would  recommend submitting to this site often.

It looks like this site has a good page rank and better yet their profiles and articles are near the top for many searches. I am also told they will give you links back to your site in hopes to increase your website visibility on the Internet. I have no idea how this happens but it does.

For example: go to google and put in the following term; Maryland felony lawyers – Yes you will find one of the attorney’s listed at the top of the search. They emailed me a list of about 300 different searches in which their lawyer profiles or articles were at the top of the engines. I don’t have the time to post them all.

I am no scholar when it comes to SEO but I do know there are some companies that have a real knack in getting to the top of the search engines. For attorneys, I believe this could be your answer. Best of all its free to join and free to submit. If you are a large firm you can become an administrator and submit as many attorney profiles and articles as you like.

Also listed in the email is a new concept they are about to release. I would suggest you keeping an eye on this new functionality which could leverage your firm to the top of the engines faily quickly.

If you are a vendor and have a cool product, please email us so we can list your company on this site.

3 Responses

  1. Rich, thanks for the great post. Just signed up…

  2. Ditto- Was this the site that was just search ? I’m not sure if I ever got business from the site when it was search because my website is so poorly placed in the google search engines. I understand the concept but lack the knowledge of the whole seo business. Maybe I’ll finally get something from the Internet. Any other directories you can recommend?

  3. Great article!! I will have to check this out. Thanks for sharing!

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