The Secret of Search Engine Optimizationi (Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone)

If you are like most lawyers, you are constantly being barraged by offers from SEO “experts” who know the secrets of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here is the biggest secret about SEO that I am going to share with you….

There is no secret. Despite what all the experts say, Google, Yahoo, MSN and every other search engine out there do not want a website to show better in their search results because of superior SEO. These search engines make their living by bringing back relevant websites to a particular query. If these results are skewed and not relevant, then the searcher will look elsewhere and not continue to use the search engine.
This creates a cat and mouse game between the SEO Experts (mostly Spammers) and the search engines. I would suggest you do not get caught up with all this.

Remember from my last post, above all, Content is King. If you are adding relevant content, have a Google Site Map (table of contents for Google), and are listed in a few good web directories then your lawyer website or blawg will do just fine. Stay away from trying to guess “keyword density” and other SEO methods. These strategies come and go. Trying to keep up with them will be frustrating, complicated, and in the end, not beneficial to your overall web traffic.

If your hobby is to SEO your law firm website on a frequent basis and the art of SEO interests you, then go ahead. Otherwise, put your head down, and refresh your relevant content. If you build it, they will come.

7 Responses

  1. It’s true!!!

  2. Not true. There are allot of no spammer SEO experts out there. I’m on of the white hat SEO companies. Yes there are allot of bad SEO so called experts. Search algorithms change constantly and it takes more than just content. If your statement was true the Wiki platform would rule all.

    SEO companies need to stay on top of changes, new search trends, and then some. There is no such thing as a Google magic wand. To make another statement, would you recommend a person to represent themselves in the court of law, NO. You know why because good lawyers have spent allot of time researching all the laws and guidelines and legal loop holes. This goes for the same with good SEO companies. I can get into deep detail, but there is no need.

    I guess you must have had a bad experience with an SEO company or just are sick of the calls. I do not blame you. We get our business from our clients and search engines. It is a golden rule that if a SEO company calls you or e-mails you without your authorization.

  3. I also concur with the above statement by lyleses. Infact, I have built a website and have been getting ranked in the SERPS( search engines results page) for bankruptcy terms in the state. I will in turn make the website available for sale or for advertising to any attorney interested.

  4. I bet 10 US dollars that wikipedia will take over the known universe in ten years, some kind of Apple style terminator scenario. BTW I need to sell some derivatives contracts to hedge against the possibility that the afore mentioned bet will pay off in yuan. Who wants to buy some!

  5. I have developed websites for many companies over the last 5 years. My number one rule is search engine optimization. The writer of this article has a valid point. The engines change their rules all the time. Some SEO experts will tell you to can the keywords while others may say use them. For me, keywords are valuable just to be on the safe side.

    The writer is correct in saying content is king. If there is one thing we all can agree on outside of inbound links, is that content is the number one thing google and the rest of the search engines are interested in. That being said your site must be set-up so google can find your content, ie. sitemaps etc.

    Inbound links are helpful especially when they are targeted. If you have a legal site link into other legal sites and so on. If you have a legal site and you are trying to get links from porn sites or other non related sites, chances are the link won’t be worth much and sometimes you could get penalized.

    So back to the content, good content will produce visitors. Content is king and will always be king.

  6. Seo’s not that hard. I did my legal own site myself and didn’t need to hire consultants. That being said being aware of the few simple rules is important and of great effect.

  7. SEO is the way on how you analyze the site, how to generate genuine keywords, and how you develop strategies and implement methodologies to increase traffic to the site.

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