Personal Injury Catastrophic Injury Los Angeles

In any organization across the world, there is one golden rule: “rewards are paid commensurate with risk”. Many industries across the globe deal in activities which may be hazardous to human life and functioning. With the advent of science, these hazards have been minimized but not totally eliminated. However, not every industry protects its workers from hazardous processes because every organization exists only to make profits. It is the workers who face the heat of this apathy towards the need of workers’ compensation mechanism.

So, does your organization provide hazard protection mechanisms to its workers? Are wrongful acts caught in your organization? Is the organization fair to its workers? Is there a culture of abiding by the rules of conduct and labor laws in the organization?

It is not rare that organizations, purely for their profit motive, shy away from fulfilling their duty towards their workers. It exposes workers to undue risks, does not guarantee them sufficient rewards for hazardous activities and provides no redressal forum to put across a grievance. Injured workers are not compensated with allowance, no danger prevention activities are carried out, allowances are denied after receiving the output, jobs are terminated wrongfully and without any notice and many such issues are parts of a worker’s daily life. It is extremely difficult for workers to deliver in an environment like this.

Above all, there is extremely poor awareness amongst workers about the possible compensation for wrongful acts and lesser awareness about the medium to get this compensation. This gives the organizations more latitude for violating laws and hiding them under the carpet.

In situations like these, we provide a voice to the workers faced by the problem of compensation. We make sure your grievance is completely resolved and you get a satisfactory benefit for your loss. You can count on us for any sort of advice, guidance, support and remedy for the workers’ compensation issues. We have motivated and dedicated set of lawyers who are committed at giving the clients, the best possible settlements in the least possible efforts. We deal in workers compensation issues like unfair death during work, breach of labor laws, catastrophic injury at work, sexual harassment, labor disagreement, insurance bad faith, wage disputes, unnecessary exposure to hazardous materials and its likes. With our lawyers by your side, you can be assured of a fitting settlement for you.

We are focused towards building a rightful work culture and a healthy work environment.

Ramin R. Younessi has been working diligently and successfully in Southern California to obtain the highest settlements for his clients.


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  1. Check out movie — Zeitgeist: Addendum, it is all about our governments, social institutes

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