The Quintessential Guide to HSMP Visas

The United Kingdom is in the midst of deciding how to manage its Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, which allows foreigners to work in the United Kingdom, especially on highly talented jobs. The country’s Home Office had amended the HSMP visa rules in 2006 to make it more difficult for new foreign workers to get a visa and current visa holders to keep one. In response to the changes, the HSMP Forum actively sought to pressure the company to repeal the rules. In April, a High Court decided that the more stringent HSMP rules could be applied retroactively and anyone who had been forced out of the country could reapply for a visa. But they could not return immediately.

When the Home Office decided to revise the rules in 2006, it suspended the entire program for nearly a month, from Nov. 7, 2006, to Dec. 5, 2006. After the stricter rules for HSMP visas went into effect, they encountered resistance from groups that represent migrant workers, such as the HSMP Forum. Following the High Court decision in April, the Home Office revised the HSMP rules in July, and they will take effect in November. U.K. employers have a couple of weeks to learn the new rules for hiring skilled workers from other countries. If an employer wants to hire a skilled migrant worker, it must first file an application with the Border Agency and pay a fee, which can range from 330 pounds to 1,000 pounds.

In addition to paying the Border Agency’s fee, employers must comply with the agency’s investigations, which could include on-site visits. The Border Agency wants to ensure that employers are fully complying with the new requirements, including recordkeeping. If the Border Agency finds faults with an employer’s ability to satisfy the rules for HSMP visas, it can give the company a B rating. A B rating means that the employer cannot meet the rules because it has not established the needed systems or processes to comply.

After an employer can hire a worker with an HSMP visa, the foreign worker is clear to enter the United Kingdom for five years before reapplying for a visa. And foreign migrant workers can bring their families to the United Kingdom, too. As long as the foreign families remain stable and can provide for themselves, they will satisfy the HSMP visa requirements. By remaining employed, the HSMP visa holder will be more likely to receive a visa extension.

There are many companies available on he internet who are experts on the nuisances of many countries’ immigration systems and can help over seas visitor to have a long and productive stay in foreign country by helping them to obtain the correct visa for their needs. These companies usually guide the overseas visitor through this process from the beginning through to its conclusion providing a friendly face and advice in the overseas visitor’s native language. It is essential to shop around to find the best company for your needs.
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