What Defines a Vehicle under DUI Law

Do not fooled into thinking you can only be arrested for a DUI if you are operating a car, truck or motorcycle. Although those are the most common types of vehicles that people tend to operate while drinking, the definition is more clearly defined in many states. You have to be aware of the law in not only the state where you live but also in any state where you may be operating a vehicle that may fall out of the scope of what is an ordinary vehicle.

Some states place more broad use on the term vehicle and extend it to include mopeds, snowmobiles and in some states even boats, planes, and streetcars. Many states have a broad definition that simply says “vehicles,” and that defines anything including boats, planes, mopeds and anything else that has the ability to transport a person from one destination to another. The penalties are the same as for driving under the influence provided the Blood Alcohol Content is high enough to be indicative that there is a possibility of disrupting the ability of the driver or operator.

Before you think of operating any vehicle while you are drinking, you need to make sure you know the laws in the state where you are living or visiting. The increase in boating accidents over the past few years have lead many states to extend their laws to include boats within the “vehicle” category. Since people drinking and operating boats can cause as much damage as someone operating a motor vehicle, it’s important to include boats under the DUI laws.

DUI laws in many states also extend to aircraft as well. Although the FAA controls commercial aircraft, private aircraft also fall under the jurisdiction of the state in which they are operated. Pilots are not permitted to drink and fly and if they are caught, they can be charged under the DUI regulations of the state where they are licensed. This is true also of boat operators especially those who carry passengers on board. Many marinas do not permit boat owners to drink even on their own boats because of the potential they will attempt to operate the boat while drinking.

DUI laws are different in some states, and if you are going to drink, you have to make certain you know how much is allowed by law and where to draw the line. The best course of action is to not drink at all when you are operating any vehicle in order to avoid any possibility of becoming impaired. It is far more dangerous to suffer impairment because of alcohol when you are operating a boat or plane because you are not on solid ground. Most importantly, do not have anyone in the boat or aircraft if you are going to drink—putting yourself in danger is one thing, but you don’t want to risk the lives of anyone else. Making good choices will prevent you from losing your license because of a DUI.

This article has been provided by Driver Law Firm.

Disclaimer: This article provided by the law office of Michael Driver of Raleigh, NC

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