Filing a Disability Claim

In most cases, you need to gather quite a bit of information before you file a disability claim. And, it is important to include everything they ask for to decrease the chances of your claim being denied. When you apply for a claim you will need to fill out an application for Social Security benefits in addition to the disability report. These two forms should be returned with the required documentation.

As a result, you will need to have a social security number in order to file a disability claim. You will also need proof of the validity of that the number in the form of a social security card that was issued by the Social Security Administration. To further ensure that you are who you claim to be, it is also important to have a birth certificate. A baptismal certificate is also sufficient if you do not have a birth certificate though. Additional information about you includes copies of your W-2 forms and your federal tax return for the past tax year.

When you file a disability claim you will also need to provide information about the disability you are trying to get a claim for as well as evidence that the disability exists. For some disabilities, it may seem obvious that you are, in fact, disabled. However, even if you have lost your legs to amputation, the government still requires that confirmation from a doctor that you have, indeed, lost your legs.

This means your doctor will need to complete several forms too. The Social Security Administration will want phone numbers of your doctors, the hospitals you might have stayed in, and any case worker contact information. In fact, any time something happens to you while you are on the job that is disabling, it would be wise to write down the name and contact information of every person you come in contact with for your medical needs. You will also have to provide all test results, medical records, proof of medication you are required to take and more.

The Social Security Administration wants to evaluate your condition and how it really will affect your ability to hold down a job. If you are unable to do so, as illustrated by the required documentation, you will be approved for your disability claim.

In other cases, you may instead be provided with free education, training, and/or rehabilitation to give you the skills needed to re-enter the workforce and continue as a productive member of society.

The process for filing a disability claim can be time consuming and tedious because you must gather a lot of information and paperwork together, but the process guards against people who would abuse the system and proper documentation can help you get the compensation you need.

Disability Insurance Advocates can help normal people like yourself navigate the complicated process of filing a disability claim. We know how to present your information in an organized and convincing manner. The author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.


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