Premises Liability Lawsuit Funding

The law of premises liability was created to make the owner or manager of a piece of property accountable for injures and damages that may  occur on a piece of property. The most common premises liability cases are those people who are living or working on the premises at the time of the accident. If you have been injured on another person’s premises you have the right to seek compensation for all damages and injuries that may have occurred. In a premises liability case the plaintiff or victim holds the burden of proving the owner or manager was negligence. This means that the owner or manager of the property should be held responsible and should pay compensation for such injuries. The plaintiff or victim also has the right to seek lawsuit funding for a premises liability only if they have the representation from a lawyer.

It is important if you’ve been injured or harmed on another persons property you seek immediate medical attention prior to speaking with an attorney. The attorney that handles these sorts of cases are called personal injury lawyers. Personal injury lawyers handle a variety of different types of premises liabilities but the most common is that of a slip and fall. Most personal injury attorney handle claims on a contingent basis meaning you only pay the attorney if you are successful in winning your claim.

When someone applies for a lawsuit cash advance for a premises liability they are applying for pre settlement funding which means an advance prior to a case reaching a fair settlement.  Very similar to a personal injury attorney a lawsuit funding company will provide cash advances on a contingency fee basis as well. The term most often used throughout the industry is called non recourse meaning you only pay back the lawsuit loan if you receive compensation for your claim.

There are several factors that cause premises liability cases:

  • slick & icy surfaces
  • uneven pavement or roadways
  • standing water
  • broken handrails & stairs
  • faulty equipment
  • faulty elevators & escalators
  • poor lighting
  • lack of security on the premises

Cases involving simple injury falls under personal injury law. For instance if you were to be injured due to the negligence of a property owner you would claim compensation for all injuries and damages related to the accident. The type of lawsuit funding you would receive would be pre settlement funding and typically is a percentage of the case. Than there are cases in which an individual falls victim to a wrongful death suit. Wrongful death lawsuit funding has the same percentages attached to a case however these cases oftentimes are much larger.

A case involving premises liability can be drawn out and take time. These types of cases may involve an attorney that has the experience in dealing with the legality of such cases. There are certain laws sometimes state by state when dealing with personal injury cases like premises liability. There are other instances when the victim may have been injured on State and Government property. In order for you to prove that the State or Government should be held responsible for your injuries may also require the expertise and experience from a personal injury lawyer.

The amount of money you may seek will be dependent upon several factors. As a victim of a premises liability lawsuit you may consider the following:

  • Loss of wages or loss of job
  • Hospital bills & ongoing medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Cost of physical therapy
  • Cost of special aides

While its important to win your case it may be equally important to maintain your financial position without settling a case to early. When someone is seeking a settlement advance for a premises liability case they oftentimes use the funding to help pay for associated expenses directly related to the accident. They also will use the funding as leverage. This typically is used by a victim to buy extra time. By allowing your lawyer extra time to litigate or negotiate your settlement you will sometimes have a better chance of getting more compensation for your injuries. It is always recommended never to settle your case too early without fully understanding your loses.

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