Construction Accident Lawsuit Funding

When someone applies for lawsuit funding for a construction accident most people assume a worker was injured. While many companies provide construction accident lawsuit funding to workers in the form of a workers compensation loan, how about the person or pedestrian that was walking by a construction site and was injured.

In the legal industry the term construction accident is mostly referred to as a personal injury. A personal injury resulting from a construction accident can be referred to both pedestrian accidents or workers compensation cases. When someone is injured whether it be that of a worker or a pedestrian legal action can oftentimes taken. Some of the most serious personal injuries are that of construction accidents. In facts statistics show there are tens of thousands of accidents which occur on a work site that result in serious injury and wrongful death each year. These types of injuries oftentimes can result in amputations, broken bones, head, neck and back injuries.

When a worker has been injured on the work site they will more than likely seeking workers compensation checks before they are able to return to work. This process oftentimes require the plaintiff to hire legal counsel to claim full benefits and compensation for such injury. While most lawsuit funding companies provide cash advances for workers compensation cases the lender is limited to loaning money in certain states.

When a pedestrian is injured in a construction accident they will file suit as a personal injury and seek compensation by the builder or construction company. It is important that when applying for construction accident lawsuit funding to understand which type of cash advance to apply for. While workers compensation lawsuit funding can only be applied in certain states, construction accidents that occur to pedestrian can be applied to all 50 states.

There are many different options to consider prior to filing a personal injury claim. Depending upon the severity of the injury, you may want to seek legal representation for an attorney that has handled similar cases. The attorney will file suit on your behalf in go through the correct processes in order to give you the best shot at getting full compensations for your injuries. During this process your attorney will recommend you seek ongoing medical treatment prior to reaching an agreement with the defense team.

Once an agreement is made and compensation awarded, you will pay a percentage of the proceeds to your attorney  (commonly referred as contingency fee). However there are cases in which the defense will not agree to the terms and agreement of the plaintiff and the case will proceed to go into court. During this period is when most plaintiffs that are in need of money will apply for a lawsuit cash advance for their construction accident.

The process in receiving a lawsuit cash advance for a construction accident can take less than a few days and in some cases the same day. This payment is similar to contingency fees in that you only pay back the loan to the company if your attorney wins a cash award.

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