Lawsuit Cash Advance

What exactly is a lawsuit cash advance? Throughout the United States there are millions of accidents that occur each year. Many of these accidents can prove to be a financial burden on both parties. When someone is injured due to another person or entity, they have the right to seek compensation for such injuries. This type of law is considered personal injury law which states if “you” the victim has been injured to to the negligence of another you may have the right to seek fair compensation for damages.

On the flip side, “me” the defendant also has the right to defend myself of the alleged negligence. At this point a personal injury suit may be filed by either the victim or by legal representation hired by the victim. At this point a lawsuit cash advance may help.

A lawsuit cash advance is a loan made by a lawsuit funding company to the victim with the understanding once the case has settled the loan will be repaid. For some people that have financial obligations that can’t be met, a lawsuit cash advance could make sense. Consider the following: a person was injured in an accident and they are unable to work and pay their bills. Unfortunately that person has horrible credit, lives paycheck to paycheck and does not have the luxury of financial support from friends or relatives. This same person’s credit card bills are maxed, they have car payments and a mortgage and in some cases have financial obligations of a family. This is when a lawsuit cash advance can be beneficial.

When a person applies for a lawsuit cash advance they should understand there are several different funding options. For instance, if a person is in current litigation or a settlement has been reached but not yet paid, they will apply for pre settlement lawsuit funding. If a person is receiving monthly or yearly checks for an accident in the past, they will apply for a structured settlement.  There are other funding options such as commercial litigation funding in which the plaintiff is suing for discrimination or breach of contract. Lastly, there are always cases in which a lawyer will apply for a lawsuit cash advance to help fight a case. This often occurs when a lawyer is going up against a large defense teams with an unlimited budget.

A lawsuit cash advance may be a last option but its certainly a viable option for many. If you are searching for a lawsuit cash advance consider the following:

  • Does the company offer non-recourse funding meaning you don’t have to pay back the loan if you don’t win compensation for your case
  • How much of a lawsuit cash advance will I need- Many companies will not take on a case that has been previously funded so make sure the dollar amount you request is sufficient.
  • How quickly do I need money- When applying for a lawsuit cash advance make sure you follow up with your application if you don’t here back from the lender within a business day. There are many companies that receive dozens of applicants a day and without proper follow-up your case may get lost.
  • Reviewing a contract- Make sure you review the contract prior to accepting a lawsuit cash advance. Look over the terms and agreement to be sure you fully understand the loan. While most companies are ethical there are always chances in which a contract says one thing and the lender is saying another.

A lawsuit cash advance is certainly something that should be considered if all other financial options have been exhausted.

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15 Responses

  1. I would like to include some additional information regarding a lawsuit cash advance. There are many different type of funding options available to people that are in need of money, although those options don’t allow you to borrow against a pending lawsuit. A lawsuit cash advance is a good way to get money out of your case before a settlement is reached. There are many different terms that describe these sort of advances and those terms vary depending on the type of case.

    When someone decides to secure funding they must consider the following. You want to first evaluate your financial situation. This means determine whether you can survive without applying with a company. Because you are asking for money from a financial institution the money comes with interest. This means you will have to pay back the cash advance along with an interest rate, which is determined prior to accepting the loan. Next if you decide to move forward with a lawsuit funding company determine the amount of money you will need. The amount of money could be more if you believe your case is a long way to settlement or less if your case is near and you need a few dollars to get by until a settlement is reached.

    There are too many cases in which a plaintiff will secure a lawsuit cash advance for a smaller amount of money with the impression they can keep on borrowing on the same case. While there are companies that will advance on a case that has already been funding, most companies will not. This means if you decide to get a lawsuit cash advance from one company, more than likely you won’t qualify for a second round of funding.

    If you decide to pursue funding make sure you borrow the right amount of money and never borrow the money unless the company offers non recourse funding.

    A lawsuit cash advance is a good option only if you really need the money.

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  5. Lawsuit cash advance company- are you guys currently accepting applications from companies that provide this type of service? If so, can you please provide me with the name of the person I need to speak with regarding a potential partnership?

    Thank you

  6. How much money does it cost to sign up for a lawsuit cash advance? Is there some sort of application fee that is charged before money is handed over to the person that’s applying?

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