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Lawyers be patient! That is my advice to those lawyers that have invested time and money into their website marketing plan. I once again reiterate that internet marketing doesn’t happen over night although with the right SEO development you could potentially get results within several months.

The biggest part of promoting your website online is to continue to update your site with new content. You will want to refer to previous posts I’ve created for this site. Too many lawyers get discouraged because they don’t see results right away. They invest money into directories only too see their investment fall to the waste side. I also see folks in the SEO world developing 3-4 sites for a particular business and there is no way they can keep up with all four sites without help. My suggestion would be to concentrate on 1-2 sites.

A good idea would be to create your attorney website and attach a blog to the site. There are several tricks I’ve given throughout these articles and I HIGHLY suggest you read through my articles before you begin your website marketing campaign.

When someone is using the internet they are first and foremost searching for legal information about their problem. In order to capture those people you need to generate rich content. This content if written correctly can do 2 things. It will first be recognized by the search engines and second it will capture your audience. I’ve come across high ranking sites that were poorly written however the SEO was written almost to perfection. While the site is showing up on the first page of google I’m pretty sure the prospect to client ratio was poor.

You can create good content for your website without having to abandon your readers. If you use good title tages, keywords density and meta tags along with a well written page you will capture the SERPS and generate clients to your practice.

In closing, be patient. Like a favorite movie of mine, “If you build it he will come” If you continue to add good content to your website, clients will come!

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  1. After exploring legal catch I have to say that all of information is spot on and hugely important. I know this from personal experience as I have watched lawyer after lawyer step up, get smart and get active when it comes to marketing. You have a great service; the trick is getting to people realize it. My company, Primary Wave, offers a tool that can give your firm that competitive edge – 1-800-HURT NOW.

    Primary Wave is currently offering 1-800-HURT-NOW to personal injury law firms for their exclusive in their respective markets. This great marketing tool is the perfect fit for any personal injury practice. It is memorable and means exactly what it says. When a potential client is in pain and stressed out trying to find an attorney, which number do you think would be easier to recall? Your current telephone number or 1-800-HURT-NOW?

    Not only does a great number help a customer retain information about your firm, but it also makes your current advertising stronger for a small fee. Also, lets face it there are thousands of other lawyers out there, and each of them advertises via TV, billboards, newspapers and the yellow pages. By having a memorable number a client can reach you without the risk of them seeing other ads and choosing your competitors. Your service stands out, so why not your firm?

    If you would like to know more about toll-free numbers like these and a little bit more about the company that stands behind them please visit us at or send me an email at

  2. While Mr. Berkman is mentioning this service I thought about an item I believe should be considered. When people are searching for information always have a phone number viewable for each page. This allows your consumers the ability to pick up the phone and call from any page on your website. I see a lot of law firms that have it in their heading and I think its a great idea.

    For those companies that offer personal injury services throughout the United States its also attractive to have a 1-800 number and certainly one you can remember.

    Just another thought…

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