Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit funding can be defined as a cash advance against a pending lawsuit. The most common lawsuit funding types are those cases involving a personal injury. There are several benefits to those whom qualify for lawsuit funding. First, lawsuit funding for personal injury cases are typically loaned on a non-recourse basis, meaning you don’t pay back the loan unless you win your case. Second, lawsuit funding can help pay for medical expenses, rent & mortgage payments, car loans and other related living expenses. Third, for those people that are in immediate need of cash, lawsuit funding can help you keep your case open without having to settle for less compensation.

Too often people settle their cases prematurely because they are in need of money. They oftentimes don’t consider the repercussions of ongoing medical expenses and other expenses directly related to the accident. Its important to understand once a case is settled, you can’t receive additional compensation for costs associated with the accident at a later time. You have one shot and one shot only to get the full and fair amount of compensation from the accident.

An experienced personal injury lawyer will advise the plaintiff to seek medical attention immediately after an injury has occurred. They will also advise you never to settle a case prior to seeking medical evaluations and ongoing physical therapy if needed. During this phase a personal injury case can become slow moving. It is always recommended that you never settle your case until you have a good indication of the total expense surrounding the case.

While lawsuit funding isn’t for everyone it certainly can help those individuals that are not in the financial position to wait until a settlement is reached.

The 4 different types of lawsuit funding options include pre settlement funding, structured settlement annuity payouts, commercial litigation financing and law firm loans.

  • Pre-settlement funding – personal injury related accidents
  • Structured settlement annuity payouts – case has already settled and advancement is against monthly or yearly payouts
  • Commercial Litigation – includes cases such as breach of contract, class action and discrimination cases
  • Law firm loans – advancement to help build a practice or advancement for lengthly litigation cases

Content provided by LawLeaf:

LawLeaf is an on-line legal funding service that matches plaintiffs and attorneys looking for cash advances with our network of lawsuit funding companies. If you are currently searching for additional information or considering applying for a lawsuit funding, visit LawLeaf today.

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  2. You want to also mention that in order to secure lawsuit funding from any company you will need to hire an attorney. You will also need to hire an attorney on a contingency fee basis. Most lawsuit funding companies will not loan money for a pre settlement advance if they aren’t on a contingency fee basis because they assume that their case isn’t as strong as a lawyer that would front their own cash.

    Lawsuit funding is also commonly referred to as a lawsuit cash advance. You do not need flawless credit because because these companies don’t require credit checks just strong cases.

    If your injuries are soft tissue injuries its much harder to secure funding although some companies will still give money but not as much as a more serious accident.

    Lastly, if you decide to secure a loan you should only work with those companies that provide non recourse funding. Do not accept money unless you don’t have to pay it back if you lose the case. The worst thing you can do is be deeper in debt.


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