Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit Funding

When you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident there are certain steps you should take prior to settling a personal injury claim. By securing motor vehicle accident lawsuit funding you can be in a better position to take your case to full settlement. Prior to settling a personal injury claim you should first evaluate the full expenses and costs associated with the accident.

While some people involved in motor vehicle accidents settle their case prematurely with an insurance company, many people decide to hire legal representation from an attorney to help negotiate higher settlements or litigate the case.

When you begin evaluating the total expenses of an injury or damages to your vehicle consider the following:

* Costs due to medical expenses and ongoing medical expenses
* Costs associated with physical therapy
* Damages to your vehicle
* Pain and suffering
* Out of pocket expenses

The items above should be considered prior to settling a personal injury related case involving a motor vehicle accident. For some people that can’t afford to wait for compensation for their personal injury case, lawsuit funding can help. Lawsuit funding for a motor vehicle accident can help pay down expenses while waiting for full compensation from your case.

The advantages of securing a lawsuit cash advance is that it can help keep your case alive. This type of funding goes directly to you to spend however you see fit. A common misconception to lawsuit funding is that you can only spend your cash on items related to the accident. Most people that secure funding use their money to help pay down credit card bills, medical bills, rent and mortgage payments and other living expenses.

Lawsuit funding for a motor vehicle accident isn’t any different. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident chances are the accident involved:

* Car collision
* Truck accident
* SUV rollover
* Tractor trailer rollover or crash
* Hit and run
* Drunk Driving
* Commercial vehicle accident
* Motorcycle accident
* Bus Accident

Regardless of how the accident occurred if you are a victim of a motor vehicle accident you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. You may also qualify for a motor vehicle accident cash advance. If you have already hired legal representation from an attorney and seeking a pre-settlement lawsuit cash advance for your motor vehicle accident consider evaluating several different litigation financing companies prior to making a decision.

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7 Responses

  1. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident some 6 months ago. The insurance company didn’t comply with our request on the amount of money. My lawyer and I decided to file a suit after negotiations failed. I believe that I could be 5-6 months out before this case settles and I get dollar 1. Can you let me know if there is a time frame attached to these funding applications? By this I mean if a lawsuit funding company sees that it may take another 6 months or so before the case settles, will they still approve me for a lawsuit cash advance?

  2. Prior to any lawsuit funding company approving you for a cash advance you will have to go through an application process. If the company thinks you have a strong case they will offer you some sort of financial package. It doesn’t really make much of a difference of when the case is going to settle, just as long as its a strong case.

    Looking at your comment I’m assuming that you have already tried to get lawsuit funding for your accident? You may have even been denied because the case didn’t look that strong?

    Here are a few questions for you: When you hired your personal injury lawyer did you hire him on a contingency fee basis? If you hired him on an hourly basis that could result in a decline.
    How much do you think your case is worth? If you are asking for too much money they will usually decline you for funding. You can’t ask for more than the case value.
    Motor vehicle accidents generally are good cases for lawsuit funding because insurance companies will eventually pay, however, because you denied their first offer perhaps there are some red flags.
    It also would help you to disclose how much the insurance company offered to you.
    In any event it really doesn’t matter how long the case will take to settle just as long as its a strong case.
    Make sure that when you begin applying for funding you apply with those companies that specialize in motor vehicle accidents.

  3. D.Eigen – Great explanation regarding the post. This is correct, if you don’t have a lawyer on a contingency fee basis NO companies will take your funding. I had a commercial litigation case and was paying my attorney on an hourly basis. I tried to get funding and no dice.

    I ended up contacting lawleaf about 2 months ago and every lender came back with the same answer, NO. I ended up hiring a lawyer on a contingency fee basis – I reapplied with lawleaf and one of the lenders ended up funding my case.

    Certainly not the amount I requested but a decent amount I could deal with. I posted a question here several months ago and can’t seem to find the post.

    Good luck to you guys and great blog here!

  4. […] people that have been involved in such an accident it can mean loss of wages, major damages to your motor vehicle and expensive medical bills. When you hire an attorney to represent you he or she will fight for […]

  5. I was involved in a Truck rollover accident, in which I was a passenger. I was thrown into the back seat off the truck.. And, landed indian style. So, I had a sprained ankle, knee and a shifted hip. And severe back pain..I’m only 29. Anyway, the State I live in is a no fault State so even though I wasnt driving my insurance Co is paying my settlement I’m not rich so I just had a basic policy. Well now 2 years later I’m still getting treatment and they wanna settle but for pennies. And, my Lawyer well he hasnt been much help never returns phone calls and even forgets to tell importent details about my case I’m not sure what to do. I ‘m not greedy but I was hurt I’m still hurt and I feel my lawyer really isnt gonna try to get the money i deserve what can I do to help my case, before I say yes to anything. Is there anything I can do can I sue the driver and the guy who hit us just gets let off free no tickets no nothing.. Please help

  6. The total compensation should be the following: damages to the vehicle, medical expenses and ongoing medical expenses, loss of wages ie. job, physical therapy costs and pain and suffering. That is the very least your attorney should be fighting for at this time. If you believe your attorney is not handling your case correctly, you should consider looking for a new attorney. There is nothing that states you need to keep your attorney. I would seriously suggest you contact your attorney and let him or her know that you are not satisfied with the way the case is going as well as the lack of follow-up.

  7. I live in a dual fault state No/AT fault I was a passenger in my daughters vehicle and do not wish to cause her any financial burden. She WAS NOT at fault we were hit by a mini van while waiting in the intersection to turn left the young lady in the van came barrelling around a car stopped at the red light in the opposing lane facing us ran the red light traveling about 35 mph spun us around about l90 degrees and also hit the car behind us… I would rather settle or deal with the insurance company of the at fault driver if possible. I am in pain went to my own doctor today /day after accident with severe T5-6 pain which she said should subside in a few days I’am aware of ongoing possibilites I would like to get what is just not abusive I pay for home and auto insurance and rates are not cheap don’t want to make the industry worse than it already is

    Thank you

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