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We have talked about lawyer marketing for websites but how about blogs? I would like to give each lawyer that knows nothing about search engine marketing a quick overview. Search engine marketing is your ability to get exposure on the search engines. This means building a site with relevant content and having your pages show up on the first page of the major search engines.

While I recommend each lawyer to have a website its becoming more obvious that google is on board with the blogs. A blog is a great way to create exposure on the internet and the best part about it, its very easy to learn. There are several different blogging software programs out there but WordPress is by far the best. They’ve got the whole search engine marketing game down and best of all, they’ve got a huge community backing them. You can download their software for free by clicking here

Lawyer blogs are becoming common ground in the legal industry because search engines like google love fresh content. If your blogging software is search engine friendly like wordpress, you can certainly capture those keyword search terms. You can blog like you are writing content. Consider reverting back to past posts on this blog.

There are many lawyers who are taking advantage of blogging and those lawyers are generating the majority of their business via the internet. Over the last year, I’ve consulted over a dozen of lawyers and each one has taking the leap into becoming bloggers. In fact, most of them are generating 2-3 times more unique visitors to their blog compared to their website. The majority of all their visitors are coming from google with a select few coming from yahoo and msn. Each one of these lawyers are hosting the wordpress software.

I’ve also been consulting with a group that has a very interesting blog. They use the blog to interact with people searching for legal information, very much like this site. They came to me about 8 months ago searching for ideas on how to help kick-start their website. We looked at several different options and decided to put their site on a blog. They are now generating over 1,200 unique visitors a day to their site. The numbers are staggering considering just 8 months ago they were getting about 600 unique visitors to their site per month. I directly contribute this to fresh content and the blogging software.

If you are a lawyer and you’ve noticed that your website isn’t generating as much traffic as usual, it could be a direct result of a competitor blogging about your key search terms.

I will talk a little more in-depth at a later time. I’ve got work to do and so do you. Get busy and start blogging!

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  1. I agree with this post. I think the best blogging software hands down is that of wordpress. I’ve used blogger for several of my clients and the amount of exposure you get with wordpress is “second to none.”

    There are two ways you can use wordpress. The first way is to have wordpress host your website like legalcatch.wordpress. The second is to download their software and self hosted on your server or pay someone a minimum fee to host it elsewhere.

    If you decide to use wordpress on their server they have certain rules that apply. One of those rules are that you don’t self promote products or services. They also reserve the right to put google advertisements on your website.

    If you decide to self host the software you can create a marketing blog and promote your law firm any which way you feel.

    The reason why google likes blogs so much is because of the fresh content. If you blog at least 3-4 times a week google recognizes your site is active and will continue to send their “robots” to search your site for new content. This helps increase your sites exposure.

    If you own a website an your content is static “meaning never changes” google could weigh that content a little less than fresh content. The key is to create a lawyer blog and after each post, draw a link back to a specific page on your website.

    For instance if you are a personal injury lawyer that takes car accidents, when you submit a post about car accidents on your blog, create a link to the page on your website that talks about car accidents.

    The link exchange is critical as it can increase your google page rank.

    I personally think yahoo and msn are behind the search technology curve and the way they view blogs will soon change. So expect more traffic to the blog from yahoo and msn in the near future.

  2. I am an avid SEO freak and I personally have several sites that I keep up with in the search engines. My experience in the legal industry is that most lawyers don’t have websites and blogs. Yes, they may have a website that is not correctly search engine optimized but they certainly don’t have blogs. I personally believe some lawyers are either egotistical and don’t want you to think they need the business, they are too lazy to keep up with blogs or they are too cheap to get the site up and running. Regardless of the circumstances, most lawyers are losing out on potential prospects.

    I have created websites and blogs in the past. If a website is created correctly I think they are as effective as blogs in the long run. If you have created a blog and post on a weekly basis (with good title tags) you can get results much quicker. The only thing that I can tell (again no one really knows) is that a blog post tends to drop a little after a few weeks or months. This could be from poor link exchange between pages or linking into the important pages.

    The nice thing about a blog is that you don’t have to be a technical genius. A website does require some knowledge of html and sometimes can be hard to manage. If I were any lawyer I certainly would consider 2 different services both are free.

    Both of these blogging software’s are easy to manage and are very effective in the SEO game.

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