Rezko Convicted

Antoin Rezko long time friend of Barrack Obama and partner was convicted Wednesday, June 4th of a series of white collar crimes. Mr. Rezko was being charge of money laundering, fraud and aiding and abetting. Mr. Rezko was ultimately convicted of six counts of mail fraud, six counts of wire fraud, two counts of aiding and abetting bribery and two counts of money laundering.

This is a huge development considering the negative consequence to Barrack Obama’s campaign for presidency. Barrack Obama put out a statement Wednesday afternoon stating that he was sadden by the verdict. Once again Barrack Obama tried to distance himself yet again from past associations with controversial figures. Barrack Obama’s problems continue to snowball in the wrong direction. His relationships with Rezko, William Ayers, Reverend Jeremiah Wright and “father” Pflegler all will be dissected by the republican party during the general election. These associations will be huge hurdles for Senator Obama over the next 6 months.

Senator Obama will also have to figure a way to distance himself with the negative comments made towards middle class voters in Pennsylvania in which he said they cling to their guns and religion during trying times.

While Obama is fighting to keep the little reputation he has intact amongst white working class voters and women, Mr. Rezko will be sentenced as a white collar criminal. The platform that Mr. Obama stands upon of changing America could be considered as political jargon for some. Mr. Obama supported and has been supported by Mr. Rezko in the past. According to the FBI, while collar crimes cost the United States over $300 billion annually. The question that some voters may have at the polls is of the $300 billion dollars we spend annually, how much money have we spend investigating Barrack Obama past associations?

Content provided by Frank M.

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