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It has been awhile since I’ve posted my last article to legalcatch. I’ve had some positive feedback from previous lawyer marketing posts and I’m happy to hear some of you are putting these ideas into place. I’ve gotten some feedback from both industry experts but more importantly through several of my clients. I’ve put into place several months ago a ramp up on one technique that seems to be working very well. I am talking about link exchange and not the same type of link exchange you are probably thinking about. I’m talking deep link exchange and not just from one site to another, I mean deep link exchange from different pages within your website.

Lets consider the following: You have a website address called

This is the page I call the “Parent” aka your homepage and every single page on your website should have a link going back to the parent. The link from the other pages on your site should link on a keyword. For instance Law Information may be the keyword term that legalcatch.wordpress is trying to capture. I use the hyperlink with the title in the hyper link aka law information going directly to this sites homepage. For some attorneys that practice personal injury law in New York, their keyword may be New York Personal injury lawyers.

To find out what people are searching for use this tool:

This is google adwords tool and you can find out what people are searching for by putting your keywords into the keyword selector.

Your “children pages” should be your key five or six pages listed on your site aka, about us, contact, practice areas etc. Each of these pages should have links going to other pages aka deep links as well as to the parent.

Your grandchildren pages should be those pages linking down from your about us, contact and practice area.

Now lets put it together.

Home Page (every page should link to your home page with 1 to 2 different keyword phrases)

Child Page (these are the pages that describe your firm and services. These pages may include your about page, practice areas, firm overview and practice areas)

Grandchildren (these are the pages that should have your practice areas such as car accidents, slip and falls, mold cases etc if your a personal injury lawyer. For criminal lawyers it would be assault and battery, dwi, dui etc.)

Great grandchildren (these pages should describe terms related to your grandchildren pages such as for a personal injury lawyer – contingency fee, compensation, expenses)

The link exchange should start from the bottom up and you can link from the top to the bottom. When you link from your parent to great grandchildren pages we call this deep linking. If you can capture the terms for each page through your hyperlinks you will get good seo. google loves deep link exchange and if you can take the time to get good link exchange within your site you will crush the competition I promise. google has changed their algorithms and I’m almost certain that deep linking within a website is something they are weighing heavy on today and in the near future.

I have one other technique that works with this link exchange I will explain in my next post. Try this technique and do a lot of link exchange within your site. I promise you will see your site take a leap in the search engines.

11 Responses

  1. Keep on bringing them!

  2. Its about time! I’ve looked at my tags and indeed have seen a small decrease in my tags. So what you are saying is that I should start tagging more?

  3. This is a great concept and I’ve got a site that I’ve used by creating county landing pages using this concept. I’ve had great success in generating a lot more leads for my firm. This was something that was suggested to me about 6 months ago and there is much validity in this post. It has also increased the exposure for my state page for each practice area.

  4. Thanks….great advice!!

  5. Jeremy – what do you mean by “county landing pages”? What’s your website?

  6. Josh, consider the following: you have your main website which I consider the parent. In your case its a website for personal injury. Along with your personal injury website you’ve listed your practice areas (so far so good). You also included Missouri as the state in which you practice. I even see St. Louis listed in some of the pages so I’m assuming either your practice is in St. Louis or you are trying to draw business out of St. Louis? In any event as long as your content is good you should be getting business from key word searches such at St. Louis car accident attorney or Missouri personal injury attorney. Refer back to some of the articles I posted regarding good keyword, content and title tags.

    When I mention counties consider the following: There are over 100 counties in Missouri. I’m sure you will take cases out of many of these counties??? If you can create pages for these counties you are one step ahead. Your site will start showing up for counties. This is a big thing for attorneys because people typically search for attorneys by location. So if you list a dozen or so counties and towns under some of your content, you will begin showing up in the search engines. Furthermore you can now link your county and town pages back to both your parent page and your practice pages.

    This is one concept on how to increase your page rank. Linking from one site to another is good but linking pages within your site is just as good.

    Remember when linking pages back to your homepage to use good tags. If the keyword to your main site is Missouri personal injury lawyer remember that all your tags going back to the home page should be Missouri personal injury lawyer. That will boost your rankings in the search engines.

    When linking to your practice area pages (car accidents, workers compensation etc.) use those terms in your tags as well. This will give you great link exchange throughout your site. Let me know if you have any questions.

  7. Great response. Thanks so much. I will start working on that. With that being said, anyone have any recommendations for a good seo consultant experienced in the legal field. I’ve been considering hiring someone in this regard.

  8. Josh- If you would like me to follow-up with you via a telephone call I will do so. I am not currently for hire but certainly can give you the tools necessary to create good SEO with the SERP’s without having to pay for it. I think an SEO consultant is good but I think its tweaks that you need not necessary a full consultation of any sort. I would be willing to spend a half an hour or so talking you through a few different items.

  9. That would be great! Can we talk sometime Monday or Tuesday? Just shoot me an email at with what time is good for you.

  10. Great Post, I have also heard it is better to get one way links. ie having a link on someones website w/o having to link back to them. So i started submitting my site to free directories. Below are some if anyone wants to submit theirs too.

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