Political Law

I do understand that there are many people that are in the legal industry that read and make comments to this blog. I have a quick question about political law if it even exists. Over the last 6 months or so I have been observing the deterioration of the Democratic Party. I have never in my life been so turned off to the left.

I could point out the inconsistencies of both Obama and Clinton but I haven’t got the time. As for McCain, while far from perfect I will admit he probably is about the only candidate on this trail that is telling some truth. Political law can be summed up as campaign finance, lobbying, elections and ethics but what about those candidates that lie to the American people, I mean completely lie to the American people? Shouldn’t they be held accountable for the lies, deceit and the embellishment of truth and shouldn’t it fall under Political Law? What type of standards should we hold each candidate to when we find out that they have wrongfully portrayed their campaign and have lied to the American people in order to get to the highest office in the World?

When we found out about Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s affair we were trying to impeach the President of the United States. What about the lies from the Obama campaign about Rev. Wright? Shouldn’t we have the right as a people to IMPEACH him from the Candidacy? What is the difference? If a candidate is not telling the truth about his or her past and is found guilty not by association but by his or her merit, I think the American people deserve more than an explanation that oftentimes is embellished; perhaps we hold the right of getting that person dismissed from the presidential race. I do understand that this wouldn’t happen or couldn’t happen because at the end of the day, no candidate both Democratic or Republican would be left standing.

Political Law to me should be the law against one candidate making up vicious rumors or telling lies during his or her campaign. In law we would call this defamation or slander, in politics we call this “fair game.” When we begin looking more in-depth at each candidate as it comes closer to the General Election we should ask ourselves, what candidate do we really believe will take us in the right direction. This candidate should share the values and morality that this Country was founded upon. While this Country may not be perfect, we are certainly the greatest country in the world. For those people that are living here and disagree, LEAVE! Our Country will be much better off without you here.

Political Law to me should be the law that protects us the American people!

In closing I ask myself, what did the Democratic Party accomplish today? The answer is clear; They have accomplished abandonment of the core values of the Democratic Party! They’ve accomplished bringing Regan Democratic’s and Independents to the right while dismissing their own supporters core beliefs and values. The only thing that they’ve not accomplished yet is how they are going to make this country better.

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3 Responses

  1. I agree the Democratic party is in dismay. There is no real true leader in the party and without a doubt they have lost the faith of both the moderate republicans, independents and Regan democrats. This is certainly not good news for the Dems. This goes to show that they can’t even work within party lines.

    I’m a Regan Dem and I’m voting for McCain.

  2. It should fall under criminal law. What Obama and Clinton are doing to the Democratic party is CRIMINAL and it makes me sick. I’m a Democrat and while I’ll vote for either of these two candidates (I’m not voting Republican) it will certainly be hard for me to pull the trigger.

  3. God Bless the US of A. The democratic party has put themselves in the worst possible position. Regardless of what these left wing cooks say, the party is in shambles. While McCain is far from whom I like to see on the republican parties card, its certainly better than the two other options on the same side.

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