Pre-settlement Lawsuit Funding

When you have been injured and looking for pre-settlement funding also known as lawsuit funding, there are certain steps you should take prior to accepting a lawsuit loan.

  • You should always evaluate more than one funding company
  • You should always compare both the amount of the loan and the interest of that loan
  • You should never work with a company that doesn’t offer non-recourse funding for any type of pre-settlement lawsuit cash advance
  • The amount of money you request should make financial sense to you

A lawsuit pre-settlement cash advance is a good way to get immediate cash. Unlike a bank loan, pre-settlement funding typically comes non-recourse, which means you don’t have to pay back the lender if your attorney is not successful at winning your case.  Prior to requesting money for pre-settlement funding you should also consider the estimated time the case should settle. For example, if your personal injury case potentially could take a year or longer, perhaps the amount of money you request may be higher. If your case is nearing settlement it may make sense to request smaller sums of cash.

Pre-settlement funding is money that is advanced for most personal injury related cases. Personal injury pre-settlement funding companies require certain documentation prior to offering a plaintiff a cash advance. The documentation needed is requested by the company and provided by your attorney. Once the documentation is received the company will evaluate your case to see if you qualify for funding.

If accepted for a pre-settlement cash advance the person is immediately forwarded a contract along with a payment structure included with the amount decided upon and the rates on the advancement.

As with any type of cash advancement it may be beneficial to shop your rates. LawLeaf offers an online service for those people who want to find the best rates for a pre-settlement lawsuit loan. If you are in the process of seeking a company to handle your pre-settlement lawsuit cash advance LawLeaf can work for you. LawLeaf works with a network of legal funding companies that are ready to compete for your lawsuit pre-settlement loan.


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  1. I’m looking for a fraud suspect named Susan Cerny! I know she swindled a company out of $50,000 but i dont know which lending company gave her the 50 G”s !!!!! i do know the police dept and police officer who is investigating Suan Cerny for other Frauds one of wich I am the victim of! If u gave Susan Cerny $50,000 cash, against a settlement she has for $650,000.00 she knows for a fact that the police told her that judgment is based on a criminaly forged and fraudulent document! She is NOT going to collect The $650,000 and you are not getting back your $50,000.00 investment! If indeed u gave her 50 G’s you need to contact me so I can put u in touch with the fort lauderdale police officer investigating Susan Cerny for fraud! I want and need all the help I can get to put this fraud artist in jail! if we can help each other call HANK (305) 322- 0736. You might be able to recover you $50,000.00 investment and put CERNY behind bars! 305 322 0736!

  2. Wow! Doesn’t the company that provided the funding get the documents from the attorney? Was the attorney involved in the fraud as well?

  3. F.B.I ……..ALERT

    There have been NEW developments in a decade old FRAUD CASE, that has been under investigation by The Fort Lauderdale, POLICE Departments Economics Crimes Unit! A criminal enterprise has been operating in the South Florida Area, (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) and informant close to the head of this crime ring has given me inside information, and if he is correct, the criminal enterprise that consists of (9) nine powerful and influential Attorneys, has opened the door for the FED’s to step in and investigate this case! They literally over whelmed the local authorities, and have defeated every effort of the local authorities to bring down this decade old crime ring! The problem is most criminal work outside the court system! These crooks are working within the system, where the police are powerless to stop them! Poor Sergeant Pelham! He is a good man! An honest man! and A GOD fearing man! But, this high powered attorney, have combined there forces to defeat every effort to get justice for a 78 year old RAPE, and FRAUD victim! WE NEED SOME HELP DOWN HERE! Real bad! We are out numbered nine to one! We are getting beat bad! We could sure use a punch in the arm, or these crooks are going to get away with millions of dollars! Here is an example of how these crooked attorneys are using there positions as officers of the Court, to perpetuate the fraud that was perpetrated upon the 78 year old victim by her care giver (CONVICTED) PAUL J. EDWARDS! Oh these attorneys will tell you, I did not rape the old lady! And I did not FORGE her name to the $650,000.00 settlement agreement, that this whole case revolves around! BUT, they are using that now proven forged and fraudulent Document to extort, EXTORT, millions of dollars from the 78 year old victim and her SON! Oh we didn’t rape her, and we did not forge the document, they all say! A fencing operation says the same thing! We did NOT commit the CRIME……..We just want to PROFIT from the CRIME! We did not steal the CARS! We just want to SELL the stolen cars and profit from some one else’s crime!

    That is exactly what these attorneys are doing! They are acting as a fence! ……..And sergeant Randal Pelham, and I have been telling them for years that this a NOW proven forged and fraudulent document!

    A joint task force consisting of the Broward County Sheriffs office and The Fort Lauderdale Police Department proved that the document is not worth the paper it is printed on!

    Fed up with his fellow officers of the Court, (BACK STABBERS) (Traitors) Sergeant Pelham went to the Judge with the results of his Criminal Fraud investigation, and was determined that the old woman would have the Justice that she deserved and was entitled too!

    You should have heard the (crooked) Attorneys in the court room, all object to this honorable officers efforts to make known to the 17th Judicial Circuit court of Broward county, Florida the results of his criminal investigation! It appeared that this group of high powered attorney with all their knowledge of the law, knew how to exploit every loophole, to STOP the Sergeant from testifying on behalf of the beleaguered and abused old woman! And for a half hour they brought up objection after objection as to why the Honorable Sergeant Pelham could not testify on behalf of the 78 year old victim and her son! Once again Lady justice got a good slap in the face at the hands of these crooked officers of the court! It was very sad to see this group of attorneys using their knowledge of the LAW to condone crimes perpetrated upon the elderly!

    It was a sad day for law enforcement too, as Sergeant Pelham was preparing to leave, defeated by his fellow officer of the Court! Chalk up one for the criminals! It appeared the years he had put into this investigation was just a BIG waste of the tax payers money! Not to mention the countless hours of unpaid over time he put in this case to prove that $650,000.00 settelment agreement that this whole case revolved around was a Forgery, a FRAUD, and a fake!

    As he readied to exit the court room, after a half hour of objections raised by the crooked attorneys that abound in this case, there was no way Seargeant Pelham was going to testify today, or “EVER” accordding to the High Powered attorneys objections to Seargeant Pelham even being in the court room at all!

    Then we waited for the GRIM news from The Honorable Judge Barry Goldstein, on ALL the objections raised by the CROOKED group of attorneys, as to Why Sgt. Randal Pelham could NOT testify on behalf of the 78 year old crime victim and her Son! The Judge asked the group of Crooked HIGH POWERED attorneys, if they had anymore objection, having heard their frantic and heated arguments for the last half hour! It was time for the Judge to make a ruling! Oh GOD, here comes the BAD news! ………………….

    The Judge Said, are you ALL through? Yes your Honor, we have no more objections that we can think of, the crooked attorneys responded!

    GOOD! Said the honorable Judge Barry Goldstein! NOW………..SIT DOWN, and SHUT UP! Objections NOTED! ………AND OVER RULED!

    Then the Judge said to the Sarge, “Seageant Pelham, you came here to testify to this court today! PLEASE, aproach the bench and do so!!!

    Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh SMACK! You crooked attorneys thought you were going to smack Lady justice in the Face! HA! she smacked YOU crooked attorney instead!

    Seargeant Pelham would get to testify on behalf of the old woman! We thought we were done! TOAST! Seargeant Pelham testifyed! He did agreat JOB! Chaulk up one for the good guys! The guys in the white hats! His investigation paid off! Millions of the States Tax dollars spent investigating this FRAUD paid off! Thanks to the dilgent efforts of one gung ho and die hard officer! Seargeant Randal Pelham! Your Hero, and mine! This guy is F.B.I material all the way! But, I sure am glad he is here protecting me and my mom, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he is sorley needed!

    Upon hearing from Seargeant Pelham, the Judge Said that Susan Cerny and this group of crooked attorney were not allowed to execute on the now proven forged and fraudulent $650,000.00 settlement agreement that the 78 year old victim did NOT sign! He issued a stay of execution, pending the out come of a court ordered evidentiary hearing! How great is that! Hoo rahhhhh Seargeant Pelham, had saved the day! With all there loophole exploiting and cover ups, fraud schemes, and their expensive diplomas and sheep skins, and their high cumlitive GPA’s, the Sarge whupped em good!

    All’s that was left was for the F.L.P.D., Police, and the Sheriffs office to present the results of there Criminal FRAUD investigation, and the Florida Bar assoc., to present there evidence! And finally the old woman would be able to partake of the sweet fruit of Justice she sooooooooo richley deserved! EXCEPT for one thing…………..

    ………..Attorney Peter Mineo! Unbeknownst to Seargeant Pelham or anyone else at the time, Sgt. Plhame had created a real problem for SUSAN CERNY, that S-U-S-A-N C-E-R-N-Y! (AKA….Susan Seigler) The Benificary of the now proven forged and fraudulent document! They had a real problem now because of the Seargeant! Now, with a Court Ordered stay of exicution, So, ordered by The Honorable Judge Barry Goldstein, They Could NOT execute on the $650,000.00 Judgment that they had! The Court order protected the Senior Citizen from being further exploited by the Criminal enterprise, this crooked group of high powered attorneys! Seargeant Pelham, was becoming a real pain in the ass to all these smart guy attorneys NOW! PLUS………The evidentiary Hearing would prove what they already knew and were hiding and keeping from the Court! This created a problem BIG TIME! WHY????

    Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, they had already $ CASHED $ in on the FRAUD perpotrated upon thee old woman! OH OH!

    They had used the Judgment that was based on the now proven forged and fraudulent document, as calaterol, to get a $ CASH $ advance on a Judgment that they did NOT have! OH-OH!



    Attorney Peter Mineo, had used the Judgment based on a document that he KNEW and had known for years, was a forgery a FRAUD and a fake to dupe and swindle some unsuspecting, OUT OF STATE LOAN company out of over HALF MILLION DOLLARS!

    He had BIG problems! He counted his chickens before they were hatched! Sgt. Pelham had thrown a BIG monkey wrench in their well planned FRAUD scheme!
    He was counting on the quick execution of the Judgment to legitimize the FRAUD he had perpotrated on the LOAN company now!

    Do you think a LOAN company would have loaned SUSAN CERNY and this Group of crooked attorneys Half A MILLION $ Dolars $ on a known forged and fraudulent document! They had BIG problems!

    They could NOT allow the old lady to have that Court Oredered Evidentiary, hearing that the pain in the ASS Seargeant, had got the old woman and her SON! If they could NOT execute on that Judgment, they were looking at federal charges, for knowingly defrauding the Loan company out of a half million dollars! Not to mention losing their licenses to practice law! They had to figure something out……… and FAST!

    The first thing they had to do was brain storm! They would have to once again use their Colective GPA’s, and their inside knowledge of the Court System and how it works, and their positions as trusted officers of the Court to once again, perpetuate and profit from the Now proven forged and fraudulent document, that the Sarge was making it very difficult if not impossible for this group of crooked attorneys to profit on!

    First things first! Get our client and the benificiary, out of the State of Florida! Out of the Broward County Courts Jurisdiction, and definanty out of reach of the reach of Seargeant Pelham! I know for a fact, that her cut of the FRAUD was $50,000.00 up front money! More than enough to tuck her away safly in another State!

    Then we take the Forged and Fraudulent Document, and the $650,000.00 judgment that we have on it, and we execute on it before the 78 year old fraud victim, can get her evidentiary hearing, and that clears us on the FRAUD charges from the LOAN COMPANY SCAM!

    So, Peter Mineo recruited yet another crooked group of attorneys to take over his client SUSAN CERNY’S case! ( Mineo wanting to keep his hands clean, turned over the reigns to his puppet attorney REED McKLUSKY,) to go to another judge, in another court room, that was NOT aware of The Court order issued by The Honorable Judge Barry Goldstein, Which was NOW protecting the Old Woman from being Further exploited, by the now proven forged and Fraudulent Document!

    In a coverert and secret underhanded scheme, Mineo would execute on the Judgment by going to another Judge in Another COURT ROOM, and present the Judgment that he had for $650,000.00 to that oblivious Judge, in defiance of another Judges order, forbidding Susan Cerny from executing on the Judgement!

    In a show of Contempt of Court, and contempt for the SARGE, that is exactly what they did! They again defeated Seargeant Randal Pelhams every effort, to protect the old woman from being further exploited, by the known forged and fraudulent document! It is as if his investigation never took place!

    And that’s what they DID! They circumvent the Judges court order that was protecting the old woman from being further exploited, by goin to another Judge, In another Court room and executed on the $650,000.00 judgment, there! In the process they obstructed JUSTICE, AGAIN, for the old woman! And once again beat up Seargeant Pelham, and made a mockery of him, and a mockery of The Honorable Judge Barry Goldstein, and made a mockery of the Courts, and made a mockery of the criminal Justice system! THEY WON! It was by cheating! It was by FRAUD! it was under handed, and unethical, but they won! Cheaters!

    They don’t play fair! Seargeant Pelham is used to dealing with criminals who work and commit their crime out side the court system!

    These crooks are working within the Court System, and are using their knowledge of the law, And are using the Court system to futher exploit the old woman! The same system that was designed to protect the old woman is being used by these crooked attorney to futher victimize and exploit her, and to defeat every local law agencys efororts to protect from being further harmed and exploited! NOT FAIR! NO JUSTICE!

    Are these crooked attorneys Untouchable? Are they above the law, the very law that they ALL swore to uphold? Who are these people that wield sooooooooo much power, that they are the ones who decides who get’s justice and who can’t? and more important, at what price!

    Mr. JOEL FASS, has helped abused and neglected elderly individuals.
    Do you think he can help me? My 78 year old mother was raped! And she is the victim of a (muti-million) criminal fraud scheme, being perpetuated by a group of underhanded and leacheroius attorneys that have formed a criminal enterprise that is ploting and working within the South Floridas, 17th Judicial Circuit Court of Broward County, Florida!

    I am the victim of a criminal fraud that was perpotrated on me the better part of a decade ago!

    I no longer wish to be the victim of this FRAUD! I want one ATTORNEY, or one LAW FIRM to help me to NOT have to be the victim of this Henious criminal FRAUD that has been perpetuated by the actions of a group (8) of South Florida Attorneys!

    I don’t have any money left! They stole it all from my Mother and myself!

    I am reaching out to the IMLA Board of Directors and I am reaching out to the FMAA Board of Directors for your orginations HELP me!

    You all suport the ethical practice of LAW by municipal attorneys NATION WIDE!

    ………..and I need one good, no, GREAT attorney, to take up my cause! it is a good and ethical fight! A battle that must be won, or we ALL as a society, LOSE!

    CRIME DOES NOT AND SHOULD NOT PAY! In the State of Florida, or any where in the Nation!

    And when an innocent 78 year old woman, is Raped, and then futher victimized and exploited by unethical conduct displayed by the eight attorneys that are involved in this FRAUD case, well that is just reprehensible, and totoally unacceptiable!

    I need the BEST Proffessional Malpractice attorney I can FIND, to work hand in hand, and to help the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, And the Florida Bar Assoc. to cordinate the prosecution of these eight crooked attorneys, who are wilfully, with fore thought and knowledge, using their positions of Honor and Trust, as Sworn officers of the Court, to knowingly perpetuate the Criminal Fraud that has proven to have been perpotrated upon my Mother, LUISE BUETTNER, a decade ago!

    The whole case revolves around a NOW proven forged and Fraudulent document, A $650,000.00 settlement agreement, that my Mothers name was forged to with out her permission by her care giver Paul J. Edwards!

    For his part in the FRAUD scheme Edwards was arrested 7 (Yes, seven years ago) For preying on the Elderley, and a handicapped adult, credit card FRAUD, Grand Theft Auto, forgery and pandering a known forged and Fraudulent Document!

    *He was found guilty of ALL charges of the explotation of the Elderly, crimes commited and perpotrated upon my 78 year old Mother, LUISE BUETTNER!!

    Note* To confirm this fact, please feel free to, and I encourage all the Board members of FMAA, and all the Board Members of the IMLA, to call Seargeant Randal Pelham of the Fort Lauderdale Police Dept.’s Economics Crimes Unit. I’m sure you ALL will want to confirm that I am on the level, and that this is NO hoax, and I am really the victim of this FRAUD scheme! PLEASE CALL HIM! Attorney JOEL FASS already did! (954) 828-5700. Ask For Sgt. Pelham!

    The co-conspirtor in this FRAUD scheme was Fort Lauderdale based attorney and the now disgraced Attorney DAVID S. NICNICK. For his part in the FRAUD scheme Attorney Nicnicks licence to practice LAW was Suspended! Please contact Juan Carlos Arias, of The Florida Bar Assoc. or Sgt. Pelham to confirm this FACT!

    After the prosecution of the Convicted Predator, Paul J. Edwards, and his Co-conspiritor, Attorney David S. Nicnick, Nicnick’s partner, Fort Lauderdale based Attorney PETER MINEO, took over the Fraud Scheme!

    The wheels of Justice turn slowley, But they do turn! But accorrding to Attorney PETER MINEO, the wheels of Justice turned to Slowley for the 78 year old RAPE/FRAUD victim!

    Before the arrest of Edwards, and Attorney Nicnick’s conviction on all counts, The crooked attorneys were able to slip the now proven Forged and fraudulent document through the Civil Court system, and achieve a $650,000.00 judgment against the 78 year old, Rape and Fraud victim!

    Upon aproaching and informing Attorney Peter Mineo, with the results of both the Criminal Fraud investigation and The Florida Bar investigation, I pleaded with Attorney peter mineo to PLEASE, leave my Mother alone, that she had suffered enough at the hands of her care giver and Peter Mineos Law Partner, David S. Nicnick.

    To wich Attorney Peter Mineo responded by saying, (Quote)………

    “I don’t care if your Mother is the victim of FRAUD, or NOT! All’s I know is that when I came on to this case, I had a judgment in my favor for $650,000.00, and I want my FUCKING money, and I want it NOW!”………Fort Lauderdale, based attorney, PETER MINEO.

    A real nice guy, a gentleman and a scholor, this one is! HUH? Do you ALL really want this type of attorney to be your fellow officer of the Court?? Would the system really miss this attorney if he was purged from the system? It would be no worse than flushing your feces down the toilet like you do every day!

    Unfortunantly, DAVID S. NICNICK and PETER MINEO, is NOT only attorney’s who is willing to FLUSH his reputation

    FRAUD and deceit , is the business to which my life is devoted and I should show less than devotion if I did not do what is in me to PROFIT FROM it.” – Donald Doody. President Elect of The FMAA!

    CHRISTIANS UNITED to Condemn Crimes Perpetrated upon the Elderly, and Those that SEEK TO PROFIT FROM THOSE CRIMES!

    I (WE) need to make the Governor of The Great State of FLORIDA, aware of a “Travesty of Justice” that has been occurring within his State, for the past Decade! Please, I need your help to do it! I can NOT do this alone!

    If the Lord has blessed YOU, and your family in any way, I ask you to do me a small favor, and to pay those Blessing forward now, to a fellow Christian in need!

    The nice part about it, it will NOT cost you “ONE CENT” to share the blessing’s that the LORD has bestowed upon you!

    I need to get 10,000 copies of this to the Governor office fast!

    For the past decade my 78 year old Mother and I have been seeking Justice, for the heinous crimes that have been perpetrated upon us almost a decade ago!

    Justice Delayed, Is Justice Denied! And a decade is long time to have to wait for justice! Can you, or more important WILL YOU help us, please?????

    If the Governor does NOT know what is Broke, then he can NOT fix the problem!

    I prayed to GOD, and asked that he would send me a Gideon, a warrior, to do battle for, and to defend my Mother and myself, from a group of individuals, who wields great strength, power, and influence, within the 17 Judicial Circuit Court of Broward County, FLORIDA!

    He answered my prayers by sending me a snot nosed, rookie detective, named Detective Randal Pelham! Oh, great I thought! I ask for a Gideon and a warrior to do battle for us, and GOD sends me this? A rookie! This was his first case!

    Well, let me tell YOU ALL something!! Our GOD is an awesome GOD!

    The Lord had the fore sight to see the potential in this rookie detective, that was cutting his teeth on his first case, assigned to him by The Fort Lauderdale Police Departments, Elite, Economics Crimes Unit! Over the past decade, as he rose through the ranks of that Department, and he has cleared, and closed out literally thousands of criminal FRAUD cases, and brought justice to just as many crime victim’s! GOD BLESS, Sergeant Randal Pelham of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and his diligent efforts, over the past decade, to promote justice, and in doing so, has single handedly made the Great State of Florida a better place for us ALL to live!

    The LORD has blessed this Christian Warrior, Sergeant Randal Pelham, and has blessed, recognized and rewarded his works! His actions did NOT go unnoticed by his superiors at the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, either!

    He quickly rose through the ranks, until he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, and he now heads the Fort Lauderdale Police Departments, Elite, Economics crimes unit! Praise the Lord, for his works have borne fruit, and he has been recognized for his actions in his efforts to promote justice!

    The Lord has blessed Pelham in many ways indeed! Monday thru Friday, he devotes his life to US, and our safety! Saturdays are devoted to himself and his beautiful family and friends………….BUT, every Sunday, Sergeant Pelham can be found dutifully, devoting himself and his family, to his church and his GOD! OUR GOD! The one true GOD!

    This is an honorable, and good man! A man stature! A man Of Standing and Worth! …..And first and fore most, Sergeant Pelham is a man of GOD!

    Sergeant Randal Pelham who has been commissioned to head the elite Fort Lauderdale Police Departments Economics Crimes Unit! Criminals Beware! Sgt. Pelham Works There! The residents of Fort Lauderdale would sleep better if they only knew the out standing efforts put forth by this officer and all the detective who serve under him! But Pelham would not say that the detectives that he commands are below him, rather he would say that they all work together as a team to keep the streets of our city safe and crime free! As a 40 year resident of Fort Lauderdale I feel it is not only my duty but the obligation to bring to the attention of our community (AND The Governors office) not only the exploits of the heinous crimes that are perpetrated there, and focusing all the attention on the CRIMINALS that perpetrate those crimes, BUT rather that we should focus on the valiant, efforts of the honorable hard working officers of the Court who are: under staffed, over worked, and under paid, and most defiantly under appreciated and taken for granted! Heinrich Buettner.

    Alas, for all his accomplishments and achievements, all the accolades, promotions, and all the thousands of cases he has closed, and the thousands of crime victims he has gotten justice for, ONE case, the first case that he was ever assigned to, my mothers and my case, is still open, active and an on going CRIMINAL FRAUD investigation! The heinous crimes that were perpetrated upon a 78 year old woman, occurred almost a decade ago! Why??? Of all the cases that he has been assigned to, is Sergeant Randal Pelham, unable to close this one?????

    What makes this case so different from ALL the others he has solved??

    Well your asking the wrong questions! It’s not the WHY or WHAT but the WHO!

    WHO! WHO??????? Who is this cunning criminal that can NOT be stopped, is untouchable, and so far above the LAW, that he is out of reach of Sergeant Pelham and the long arm of the law????

    Now for the WHAT! What makes this criminal so different that, Sergeant Pelham, can’t slap the cuffs on him like he has done to thousands of other common criminals?

    Now for the WHY? Why has Sergeant Pelham, NOT been able to SLAP the cuff’s on this criminal like he has Sooooooooooo many others?

    What is the common denominator that ALL the Criminals that SGT. Randal Pelham has arrested in the past have in common????????

    What ALL the criminals, that Sgt. Pelham has arrested, have in common, is that they perpetrated there CRIMES, outside the BROWARD COUNTY COURT HOUSE! And all there CRIMES were perpetrated out side the Jurisdiction, of The 17th Judicial Circuit Court, of Broward County, Florida!

    THESE CRIMINALS are different! They are perpetrating perpetuating, and profiting from the FRAUD, perpetrated upon a 78 year old, 40 year resident, of Broward County, Florida that is the designated victim of both RAPE and Criminal FRAUD, in the ongoing criminal investigation, being conducted By none other than, Sergeant Randal Pelham, his first case that he ever worked on and was assigned too almost a decade ago!

    How are these criminals different? Because, they are working within the Jurisdiction, (Did you catch that??……… “WITHIN”!!) Within the Jurisdiction of the 17th Judicial Circuit Court System of Broward County, Florida! Within the Broward County Court House!

    How could a decade old Criminal Fraud, that was perpetrated upon a poor old woman, be perpetuated, By “ONLY ONE MAN” right under the noses of ALL the SWORN officers of the Court that work there? That is a very a good question! The fact of the matter is this: ONE MAN, could NOT pull off this Multi Million Dollar fraud scheme by himself!

    It would take a group of single minded individuals with inside information to pull off this muti-million dollar FRAUD scheme! and it must be very hurtful for Sergeant Pelham, to know that his fellow officers are ALL aware, that he has worked so hard, the better part of a decade to get and promote justice in this case, and for the 78 RAPE and FRAUD victim!

    Sergeant Pelham went to each of his fellow Officers and informed them that the 78 year old woman was the victim of FRAUD and exploitation, and that the joint task force, consisting of the Florida Adult Protective Services, The Florida Bar Association, The Florida State Attorneys Office, The Broward County Sheriff’s Office, and The Fort Lauderdale Police Department, had proved that the $650,000.00 settlement agreement, that this case revolves around, is a FORGERY, a FRAUD, and a FAKE document, that the 78 year old victim did NOT sign!

    His fellow Officer PETER MINEO, had this to say about the results of the joint task forces revelations, and The diligent efforts put forth by Sergeant Randal Pelham in this case:

    ” I Don’t care if this 78 year old woman is the victim of (rape) FRAUD or NOT! All’s I know is, that there is a Judgment based on this now proven forged and fraudulent document, and I stand to profit $650,000.00, and I want my FUCKING money ………….And I want it NOW!” Officer Peter Mineo!

    Officer Mineo made that Statement, many many years ago! And thus started a war of attrition, between Mineo, and the Victims Son Heinrich Buettner! The Son was convinced in order for justice to be served in this RAPE/FRAUD case, that NO ONE, would or should be allowed to profit from heinous crimes perpetrated upon his 78 year old Mother! Is the victims Son WRONG for taking this STRONG and STERN position that NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO PROFIT FROM CRIMES, perpetrated upon the elderly? Should the SON give in to the extortion tactics employed by these crooked officers? Financially, it would be in the best interests of the victims SON, to give in to the demands of these crooked and unethical officers! BUT, is it in the BEST interest of THE STATE of FLORIDA, and future elderly victims of crime, for the son to say, it is okay, that this 78 year old woman was raped, that his mother was raped, and the became the victim of a criminal fraud, BY THE SAME PERSON WHO RAPED HER, and after the CRIMINAL is arrested by SGT. Pelham, for the crimes perpetrated upon his Mother, for Sgt. Pelhams fellow officers to turn a blind eye to the crimes, and ignore those heinous crimes, that were perpetrated upon his mother, in an effort to PROFIT FROM THOSE CRIMES!

    I leave it up to you my fellow Christians and my fellow Citizens! WHO? Who, should be allowed to profit from crimes perpetrated upon the elderly? Governor Crist, the citizens of This Great State Of Florida WANT TO KNOW??? After all, you financed the investigation, with FLORIDA’S HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS, to prove that a 78 year old 40 year Broward County, FLORIDA resident is the victim of the heinous crimes that were perpetrated upon her! Why did you spend literally millions of the TAX PAYERS hard earned dollars to prove this FRAUD, if the end results of that investigation has done nothing to promote justice for the 78 year old victim?

    Governor, how many MILLIONS of dollars have YOU spent of FLORIDA’S hard earned tax dollars over the last year to investigate, and to prove, the crimes that were committed on this 78 year old woman! You need to know and the Taxpayers need to know that in the past decade you have spent millions of dollars with the following agencies:

    1) Florida Adult Protective Services.

    2)Florida State Attorneys Office.

    3)Florida Bar Association.

    4) Broward County Sheriffs Office.

    5) Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

    Now Governor Crist, Now that YOU have spent MILLIONS of dollars, so that ALL these agency’s and the honorable officers that are working for them, have put forth a fantastic combined effort to get justice for the 78 year old Rape/Fraud victim, why WHY? WHY, cant she have the justice that the results of the criminal investigation proves that she not only deserves, BUT IS ENTITLED TOO?????????

    TO BE CONTINUED!…………………………

    Just a rough draft…………..not completed yet! PART TWO, and part Three and four are on there way soon!

    The best way Mr. President Elect (FMAA) Mr. Donald DOODY for a person to avoid TROUBLE, is to avoid the problems and the trouble in the first place! in the first place! WALK AWAY FROM THIS ONE MR. DOODY! It is in the best intrests of YOU, your law firm, and the 600 members of the FMAA that you represent to do so! YOU DON’T want to be caught on the wrong side of this one Mr. Doody! REPENT……………and sin NO MORE!

    We the Citizens of this State (Florida) hold you to a higher standard because you took the sworn oath that you all took!! (The same oath as Juan Carlos Arias of the Florida Bar! And the Same oath as Seargeant Randal Pelham!), (Does it not strike you as unusal that they are NOT trying to extort money from my Mother and her estate by using their positions of honor and trust, as officers of the court to perpetuate this criminal FRAUD? Why are they helping my Mother and I to not have to be victims of crime, and you ALL by your actions show that YOU ALL condone and promote crimes perpotrated upon the elderly, and even WORSE you feel that you ALL are entitled to profit from CRIMES perpotrated upon the elderly! SHAME ON YOU JOEL FASS, SHAME ON YOU PETER MINEO, and YOU, YES YOU DONALD DOODY!) And I know you did not become attorneys and officers of the court, to promote justice, But Why Would You use Your Powers, as Sworn officers of the Court, to defeat the efforts of The Honorable Officers of The Court Who have devoted their lives and carears, to that endevoure? Honorable Officers of the Court Like Lead Detective and head of The Fort Lauderdale Police Dept.s, Elite economics crimes unit, The Ethical and Honorable Sergeant Randal Pelham! And His Counter Part, Juan Carlos Arias! Mr. Arias has devoted his life to the service of not only our State, but to our Great Country! Serving honorably in the Military this highly decorated officer served in the Military JAG unit! Thank God after serving our country, serving The State of Florida And its Citizens! First as An Assistant State Attorney, Prosecuting ECONOMICS CRIMES, and then as an Officer of the Florida Bar Assoc., acting as Lead counsel to The Florida Bar Assoc., he now polices the unethical conduct of the Officers of The Court, that practice within the 17th Judicial circuit court of Broward County, Florida! This man has devoted his life to the HONOR, and SERVICE of our country, and this State! PLEASE, I highly recommend that you ALL, all that are reading this go to Mr.. Juan Carlos Arias’, web sight to learn more about this remarkable gentleman, and his life’s mission! He is all about, service truth honor and justice! Please go to Friends of Florida Assistant State Attorneys, The FFASA! Learn about the MAN, and his Mission! JUAN CARLOS ARIAS!

    This is a man who ALL attorneys should be proud to support, and should be honored at the example that he has personally set, for ALL other attorneys in the GREAT STATE of FLORIDA TO FOLLOW!

    You all should NOT be prideful that you have defeated these two honorable men and their mission in life, to promote Justice, in this case, for an abused 78 year old senior victim of rape and criminal fraud! You did a disservice to this Great State of Florida, and ALL the Citizens who live there! SHAME! Shame on you!

    Are You all so blinded by your lust and greed, that you are so focused on the Millions of Dollars that you ALL stand to profit from the FRAUD that has been perpetrated on the innocent victim, that you are ALL able to set and put you Morals ethics and legal obligation as officers of the court aside, so that you are all able to profit from the crimes perpetrated upon my mother??

    As you have sewn, so shall you reap! In order to be granted mercy, you must first show mercy! And I, the victim of this crime am humbling myself before you and am begging you ALL for mercy……………………PLEASE!

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