Employees often incur expenses on behalf of their employers.  For instance, salespersons may use their automobiles and cell phones in the course of their duties.  Other employees may purchase office supplies or advance payment for hotel rooms or meals.  When must an employer reimburse employees for expenses incurred?  Must employers reimburse employees for actual expenses—whether or not the expenses were reasonable?  Alternatively, may employers give their employees a fixed amount intended to reimburse them for reasonable expenses?

 Recently, many of these questions were answered by the California Supreme Court in Gattuso v. Harte-Hanks Shoppers, Inc.   At issue in Gattuso was whether the employer was required to reimburse outside salespersons for the exact amount of the automobile expenses incurred by them, or whether the company was permitted to simply pay their outside salespersons more in salary and commissions than other employees to generally cover the expenses.

What is the Employer’s Obligation Under California Law?

Labor Code Section 2802 requires employers to “indemnify” employees for all “necessary expenditures . . . incurred by the employee in direct consequence of the discharge of his or her duties . . .” Clearly, if an employer reimburses its employees for the actual amount spent on expenses, then the employer’s duty under Labor Code Section 2802 is discharged.  For instance, if the employee pays for a hotel room for a business-related trip and the employer reimburses the employee for the exact amount paid, then the employer has met the requirement under Labor Code Section 2802.

May Employers Reimburse Auto Expenses by Using the Mileage Reimbursement Method?

Actual automobile expenses include insurance, repairs, registration, fuel, maintenance and depreciation.  It would be difficult and burdensome for employees to keep track of all such expenses and to apportion the expenses between work-related trips and personal use of the automobile.  It would likewise be burdensome for employers to review all the paperwork prepared by employees in connection with their actual expenses.

Employers are under an obligation to reimburse reasonable expenses.   Is it reasonable for one employee to drive a much more expensive car than his or her colleagues and expect the employer to cover those expenses?  How does an employer determine what is reasonable?

To avoid these sticky issues, most employers use a mileage reimbursement method, applying the Internal Revenue Service rate or some other rate agreed upon between employer and employee.  The IRS rate is intended to include an approximation of fuel, maintenance and other costs of automobile operation per mile driven.  The Gattuso court approved this method.  While the IRS mileage rate is less accurate than an actual reimbursement method, the Gattuso court noted that employees are permitted to challenge the mileage reimbursement method if they believe that their actual expenses exceed the mileage reimbursement.

May Employers Use the “Lump Sum Method” to Reimburse Employees for Auto

Employers sometimes pay employees a fixed lump sum that may be a per diem amount, a monthly sum or some other fixed stipend which is intended to reimburse employees for expenses.  The Gattuso court held that employers may use this method; however, the amount paid must be sufficient to provide full reimbursement for actual expenses necessarily incurred.  This method works best when employees incur similar expenses day after day, such as the same mileage every day that they work.   In the situation of predictable expenses, it would be of little value, and too much burden, for employers to require daily mileage reports of employees.

As with the mileage reimbursement method, employees retain the right to challenge the lump sum payment method if they believe the lump sum does not reimburse them for actual and reasonably incurred expenses.

Note that lump sum payments raise tax issues.  If the payments are considered taxable income to the employee—as opposed to reimbursed expenses—the decrease in actual dollars received by the employee must be taken into account in determining whether the payment provides full reimbursement of actual expenses.

May Employers Add a Lump Sum Payment to Other Compensation Paid to the Employees?

This was the ultimate issue in Gattuso.  The employer there paid the outside salespersons more in both salary and commissions to reimburse the employees for expenses incurred.  The court concluded that employers could add a lump sum payment to wages, but because wages are subject to numerous legal requirements including deductions, paycheck stub details, etc., the employer must include the lump sum reimbursement in a manner that differentiates what is wages and what is expense reimbursement.

Some employers with sales forces reimburse employees not only through increased wages, but also commissions.  If employers reimburse employees by increased commission percentages, then they run the risk of not reimbursing actual expenses.  If sales are low in a particular pay period, for instance, and the employee receives low commissions but continues to incur the same expenses, then it is likely the employee will not have been adequately reimbursed for car expenses.

Guidance by the Court

The Gattuso court concluded that while employers are permitted to pay employees increased salary and/or commissions to reimburse them for expenses, some means to identify the portion of compensation intended to reimburse expenses must be established.  The employer must also ensure that the amounts are sufficient to fully reimburse employees for actual expenses incurred.

Companies should review their policies and procedures in light of the Gattuso holdings to make sure that they are in compliance with Labor Code Section 2802 obligations.


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  1. Is employer paid mileage for travel to and from a work site considered taxable income in the state of michigan?

  2. Your company should pay you a per mileage fee to and from a work site.



  5. What is the least amount of mileage a company can pay? Is there a rate that they can not go under?

  6. What state do you reside?

  7. if an employee previously submitted expenses and the company aproved and reimbursed for the receipts if they think the expenses should not have been reimbursed can they come back to a former employee and attempt to recover the money?

  8. My mileage reimbursment is always included in the total gross amount earned during the pay period. I have requested more than once that I receive a separate check for mileage because it seems that I am paying taxes on mileage but they refused. Do I have that right to receive my mileage reimbursement and paycheck separately.

  9. Just as long as they are not taxing your mileage your should be fine. They should have a separate line item on your paycheck for reimbursements and that amount should not be taxed. Make sure to run this by your HR department. There probably is no need to split the checks just so long they aren’t taxing your expenses.

  10. I am a Texas resident who until Aug 1st worked for a very large multinational company incorporated in California. Aug 1st was my final day after a two week notice given to the company. On Aug 1st, I submitted my final expense report for travel and expenses to New Jersey (I was in New Jersey until Jul 31st). I have yet to receive reimbursement.

    On Sep 3rd, 10th, and 17th; I sent e-mails to my former manager and other parties requesting the status of the report and when I was going to be reimbursed. I have received e-mail replies, where one individual pawns checking the status off to another individual. At this time I have no status or timeline regarding the expense report.

    Does a California incorporated company have to observe California law for all its employees no matter where they are located or does Texas law apply? Is there a timeframe under either California or Texas law in which a company must reimburse former employees?

  11. My son-in-law works for a small independant electrical contractor in the State of Texas. The company is headquartered in Dallas, but my son-in-law works out of a satelite office in rural East Texas. They send him out to jobs they have contracted over a large area comprised of numerous counties, often requiring trips of 50-100 from home. Incredibly, they do not reimburse him for his mileage or other travel related expenses even though he uses his personal vehicle for business purposes.

    He spends nearly $400 in gas every month to meet business objectives for this company. This is nearly one fourth of his total monthly income.

    My question is this: Is his employer required by law in Texas to reimburse him? Does he have any other options according to Texas Employment laws to get relief from travel expenses incurred? Is there any way he can force them to reimburse his travel expenses?

    It seems to me his empoyer is taking advantage of him.

  12. If he is an independent contractor meaning he draws a 1099 he may not be entitled to expenses. 1099 meaning he is his own boss and he makes his own hours. If not tell your son in law to check his employment contract. He should have signed documentation prior to getting hired. Within the contract it should state items for reimbursement. Typically all travel time during work hours (going to customers, making sales calls etc.) should be covered by the employer. They don’t have to provide him with a car but certainly should have to provide him with some sort of reimbursement for mileage and sometimes meals.

    Most companies will give a monthly allowance that will cover all reimbursement items. The first thing he should do though is check his employment contract.

  13. i have a question if someone could answer..

    My boss filed an expense report with our business for around 200 dollars and sent the expense report off. He never recieved his expense check and the HR department claims they never recieved it. However my boss’ expense report was sent ALONG WITH another coworkers expense report, who DID recieve his expense check.

    Is there a certain amount of time that they have to give him his check and if so how long? Its the state of KY if that matters.

  14. My company (based in Virginia) has a new policy that requires ALL employees to obtain an “employee liable” company credit card, whereby the employee is solely responsible for the payment of charges made on the card. Normally that would not be a problem; however the finance department of this company has a reputation for failing to meet its financial obligations (i.e., missed payroll, sending reimbursements to the wrong banks–and denying responsibility, reducing employee pay without notice or cause, etc.). If that isn’t bad enough—what is worse is the company is not giving an employees a choice! If they do not agree to use their personal credit to get this “company credit card”–for which they are solely responsible for paying, then the company will reimburse them for ONLY 96% of all future travel expense claims. In other words, the employee will have to absorb 4% of the company’s business travel expenses as a penalty!! Now get this, the ONLY state with laws that address the issue of reimbursement of employees for business expenses is California. All other state statutes are silent on the issue!! Talk about an area ripe for abuse!

  15. I have been spending my money on work related expenses (travel, lodging, etc), with my supervisors permission. In the past I have been reimbursed with an expense check. Lately, I have seemed to have fallen out of favor with my supervisor. He is not reimbursing me for expenses even though I have asked several times. What are my options?

  16. I would like to know if there is a service to help you when you have an unpaid wages case. My husband is a truck driver that has not been paid his wages by the owner that he drove for. This in turn has caused us to lose a personal vehicle and we are in the process of losing our home. Can someone advise if there is a place that will do a presettlement loan or something so that I do not lose my home?

  17. My husband works for a very large company and he must be on call 24-7. His company offers a reimbursement of $ 50.00 a month for his cell phone which this month is over $ 700.00. Every call was work related but we have to eat the costs is what we are being told.
    Is this legal?
    This is a huge amount of money for us we have 4 kids to support and I think this is not right at all to take money out of our pocket.
    Thank you for any info

  18. Just recently I drove my personal vehicle to attend my company’s week long conference. I had approval to drive as oppose to flying. On the way to the conference, my vehicle was damaged. Though they admit to approval and it being business related, my company is refusing to reimburse me for any portion of my insurance deductible, based on past practices. Is there any law that would obligate them to reimburse me?


  19. My company is now taking disciplinary actions if someone does not submit their expense report for any reimbursable items they may have. Be it mileage, food, parts for work or anything else. I have looked around and could not find anywhere in the companies policy manuals or state laws saying that we would have to submit the expense reports in a certain amount of time nor does it say we need to submit it period. Can the company fire their employees for not submitting their reports in a timely manner or if they turn them in late, say about up to a year.

  20. If an employer does not want to reimburse mileage at the IRS rate, is there a minimum that employers must offer their employees?

  21. I am curious about your opinion related to the “float” that the employee provides to the employer and whether it is justified that late fees are incurred by the employee when the employer’s reimbursement system is the cause for delay.

  22. In live and work in Texas. I am required to make daily runs to the bank in my personal vehicle to make deposits. My company states that it is part of my job and does not reimburse for mileage. Are they correct?

  23. I live in Minnesota and work for a Doctor. I am required to travel from one office to another three times a week. I would not expect milage from home to the office, but the second office is over an hour away. Should I receive mileage for my travel from office 1 to office 2. And how does that work with tax deductions.

  24. I worked for a Maryland company and incurred a large sum of expenses. The company is refusing to pay on the ground that the expenses were incurred long ago after terminating me. What should I do?

  25. My company has not reimbursed me for over a year and is now telling me, they are going to credit my draw for the $9700 they owe me. I live and work in the state of CA. Is this legal?

  26. Are employers required and obligated to reimburse employees for mileage in North Carolina? Is it up to the company’s discretion to determine its own reimbursement policy?

  27. I work for a large finance corporation and was recently asked to travel on business. As I read through the expense policy, it is VERY different than my previous LARGE employer. The current policy is that they WILL NOT reimburse for lunch while traveling but will reimburse for Breakfast (ironically we are steered to stay ata hotel with daily breakfast) but would reimburse up to $15 and for dinner will reimburse up to $60. The company is base out of DE my home office is in MD and will be traveling to IL. Anythoughts, assistance. I am not an hourly employee, I am salary so the whole “lunch is your time” theory…I’m not so comfortable, nor does it make sense to me.

    Appreciate any comments/thoughts/legalities….



  28. Submitting due to email address not accuate the 1st time…

    I work for a large finance corporation and was recently asked to travel on business. As I read through the expense policy, it is VERY different than my previous LARGE employer. The current policy is that they WILL NOT reimburse for lunch while traveling but will reimburse for Breakfast (ironically we are steered to stay ata hotel with daily breakfast) but would reimburse up to $15 and for dinner will reimburse up to $60. The company is base out of DE my home office is in MD and will be traveling to IL. Anythoughts, assistance. I am not an hourly employee, I am salary so the whole “lunch is your time” theory…I’m not so comfortable, nor does it make sense to me.

    Appreciate any comments/thoughts/legalities….



  29. This is more a question than a reply. Is there any laws on the amount of time an employer has to reimburse an employee for expenses? For instance…it is now mid October, and I have 2 or 3 reports still open. 1 from August and 1 or 2 from September. To an amount of approximately $800.00 I have a co-worker who is well past $1000.00 owed over the last couple of months. I am in Michigan, but my employer resides in Florida.

  30. State of CALIFORNIA: I am turning in my Mileage log for both years 2009 and 2010 for reimbursement along with outstanding expenses that have not been reimbursed. In the past I have just written it off so I did not turn it in for reimbursement but I was told not to do that any longer. When submitting to the CFO of our Company he is stating the following:

    Can anybody verify whether this is a true statement or not? Is there a time limit as to when expense reimnursements must be made?

    By Federal law, effective 1/1/2010 CCSI can only write off $0.50 per mile for mileage reimbursement. It doesn’t matter when the mileage was driven it matters when the mileage was declared. Unfortunately we are now in 2010 and 2009 tax laws do not apply. Therefore, anything the company reimburses in excess of $0.50 is considered taxable income to the recipient. So, CCSI can not pay more than 50 cents without taxing you for it. As a result, it would be our intention to reimburse at 50 cents…

  31. If an employee (in the state of FL) does not want to reimburse an employee at the IRS mileage rate, is there a minimum that they can legally pay ? My wives employee is reimbursing them at a rate of $0.30/mile and I think that the IRS rate is currently $0.50/mile, which is what my employee reimburses me at.

  32. I live in the state of Indiana. My company reimburses me a different hourly rate for my driving time than they do for regular duties and doesn’t reimburse per mile. The driving time compensation rate is $10/hour. I put over 1,000 miles on my car in January alone and was reimbursed approx $120. Is this legal? Thanks in advance!

  33. Avidas Pharam my past employer, has paid only $375.00
    of $750.00 per month due. I resigned after 60 days. I am out $1603.97. Expenses are submitted 15th & end of each month. I am owed 12/31/09, 1/15/10, & 1/31/10 = $1603.97. Company has paid other employees expenses from 12/31/09.
    The position was commission only w/$750.00 per month for all expenses. They will not accelerate the payments.
    Can they hold expense money?

  34. I am on a temporary assignment which at the beginning of 2009 exceeded 12 months. My expense reimbursement became taxable according to my employer and were reimbursed through payroll. My problem is that i believe it incorrectly inflated my income reported to the IRS. I paid the expenses, lodging, food, etc. out of my pocket, my income. I submitted expense reports and the expenses were then reimbursed, once again as income. Isn’t this double reporting of income? My income increased substantially along with my tax obligations.

  35. I am a Florida resident that is required by my company to do extensive travel with my own vechicle, usually to other states. The company reimburses me at .22 cents a mile and $65.00 a night for fod and lodging. My question is, does my company have to reimburse me for my actual cost? The travel is getting out of hand especially with fuel going up.

  36. I am also driving many hours to various locations out of state. Usually 6 to 8 hours driving. My employeer does not pay me for the hours driving. Is this legal in Florida?

  37. I am traveling for work and have an employee resposible credit card that I use to pay my own hotel bills, meals, and any other expenses I have while traveling until my expenses are paid. I turn in expense reports along with receipts weekly, I fill out my reports the same way as I have in the past with no problem but now they keep kicking my reports back saying I have minor discrepencies in a description or other field on the report itself. Every time I have changed them and send them in they find something else on the report and send them back to me. The employee responsible credit card wants the bill to be paid within 1 month of the closing date so I have a $4500 credit card bill and no money to pay for it. Will this go against my own credit? It’s been just over 2 months now since I turned in my first unpaid report and I don’t know if it will get accepted this time, and if it does can take up to another 2 months for my company to reimburse me.

    That’s the details my question is if I turn in expense reports with receipts for all of my claimed expenses, how long can they legally hold my expenses without paying them because of a minor error on my report?

    I even emailed the company expense manager that rejected my reports and asked her for a document that shows the criteria I have to meet so that my reports would not be rejected. She would not show me any info or tell me through email what my company wants on the report. She told me to ask my branch of the company what I’m doing wrong, they say they don’t know exactly what the criteria are that she has paid some reports and rejected some that were filled out exactly the same.

    I am employed in the state of Louisiana. I also send my reports in electronically so there’s no mailing time.

  38. I live in the state of california while my company’s headquarters are in washington. For many standard office expenses, our headquarters ask our RECEPTIONIST – who probably only makes minimum wage to pay out of pocket and expense the items. Is this legal?What is the timeframe companies are required to pay back expenses?

  39. I worked for a company in San Mateo, California for several years and left the company in April of 2010. My company and my boss did not pay my expenses that I have submitted in Nov. 2009. I have sent many emails to my boss asking for the reimbursement of the expenses and still have not gotten any result yet. I was wondering if there is any way that I can legally get my money back? Is the company allowed to not reimburse the expenses for so long, especially that I have left the company for so many months?

    Thank you very much for the help.

  40. In Iowa does a employer have to have a home base for an employee and pay mileage from that base to other offices. IE; if there are 5 clinics I work at but no home base should I get paid milage from the hospital to the clinic or am I expected to travel to any clinic with no mileage paid?

  41. Is there a California law that states employers are not allowed to pay mileage reimbursement to and from work?

    I have a verbal agreement upon a position transfer to a new location, that they would pay mileage in lieu of a raise and I do not have a company car or gas card. Now I am being told they are not allowed to do that. I just learned they have been changing the verbiage on my expense reports for months without notifying me but paying me regardless.

    Is this accurate or are they looking for reasons to get out of it?

  42. Can an employer fire the employee under the term “used company funds for personal use” if the employee was never reimbursed and fired?

  43. I work in NJ, for a company based out of PA, and I have been denied reimbursment for 4 months (May, June, July, and Aug) of expenses that I submitted to my company this past Nov. Are they entitled not to pay my because its been over 120 days since I incurred these expenses, and failed to submit them within 30 days?

  44. in ohio, can my employer require me to buy and maintain a cell phone and be on call 24/7 without additional compensation?

  45. I have worked for the same company for 15 years. During this time we have been on an auto reimbursment program called “runzheimer”. On this program the company has a minumum class of automoblie with a value of $23,000. To keep the reimbursment active you must maintain an automobile of a certain value as previously stated, year model and maximum total mieage. This usually is no more than 4 years old and no more than 150000 miles. When you hit one of these limit you are required to provide the comany with another vehicle that meets the criteria. Now for the kicker, I had just purchased and went into debt for another new auto when the company has decided to change to company cars. I am not opposed to company cars, it is the fact that I now have incurred a debt for the company to be compliant and now may be stuck holding this monthly payment. The company is trying to figure out how to transfer those with newer autos but it seemds to be getting very sticky. Is there any rights for the employee in regards to being compensated for any loses when trying to get rid of a new auto?

  46. I have worked for the same compnay for 8 years of which they had paid all traveling expenses. The beginning of 2010 I changed positions of which I now have more reimbersable mileage than is reimbursed by my company. I would like to use that addtional mileage for a deduction on my taxes using the rate per mile allowed by the IRS. Can I do that?

  47. Hi ive worked for a company for a while that in our line of work pays mileage not a great deal only 20p a mile but its all got to be logged down a while ago we were paid for 3 weeks then nothing more i have recently claimed the the other 20p from my accountant but how do i go about getting the company to pay up the rest of the mileage they owe? lpease help many thanks …

  48. Can my employer REQUIRE me to pay up front for hotel expenses? I told them I didn’t have the money because the fuel pump went out in my wife’s car. I got the feeling that I would be fired if I did not pay for the room. I had to push a personal bill in order to cover the room for work. Can they do this? I work in Colorado.

  49. Question: My employer REQUIRES their outside sales employees to use their own personal vehicle and they only reimburse for gas with proof of receipts. While we have to verify and track business miles versus personal miles, is this legal (to only reimburse for gas only)? How about the depreciation, wear and tear, maintenance, insurance, registration, etc? How does that have to come out of the employees pocket?

    I just need to know if there is in fact a law in place for CA that states that the employer DOES have to at least reimburse for mileage, provide a car allowance or flat rate fee in order to cover the employees’ car use for the employer’s business.

  50. I work for a construction firm in CA. Gas mileage is reimbursed at what rate when the employee drives from home to a job site (various and can be up to 100 miles away)? When an employee drives from the office to a job site? Thanks for any information.

  51. Always get it in writting up front when accepting a job offer, rather it be Self-employed, or employed by an employer. That alone will cut 95% of the bs stories….

  52. I work for a company that reimburses my milage well below the standard rate the IRS puts forth. On my pay check the milage reimbursement is split into. “taxable miles” and “non- taxable miles”. Is this correct? Should I be paying taxes on my mileage reimbursement?

  53. I work for an auto dealship in California. They want to send me to school, approx. 2 hours away one trip. Is it unreasonable to ask for a rental or loaner vehicle? They are expecting me to use my own and only pay for fuel. I am expected to stay in the training area for 3 days.

  54. I am a minority partner in an LLC. Recently I submitted to be reimbursed the standard $50 per month phone allowance that is paid to other employees. I could have went back 10+ years but only requested the last 5 years. The majority partners entire cell phone bill and one of his employees who works for another company are paid by my company and his has been since we’ve been in business. When I presented this to my partner he denied it and told me that it wasn’t agreed upon and that I had never said anything before therefore he was not going to pay me the allowance. I do not feel this is fair and believe that I should have been paid since 90% of my calls/data on my phone is business related. I understand the question coming up as to why I waited but the work environment has changed and I felt that I needed to clear this up. I believe this is reasonable request and should have been paid. I would like to get some other input please….

  55. I live in California, and I’ve been working for Labor ready and I accumulated several hundred dollars in gas throughout 2011. The customer I work for pays .50 cents a mile for travel. Labor ready lists it as Transportation(Additional), then they add it to my gross and then they tax the total.
    Another company I work for pays it in full. So I’m wondering if Labor Ready’s ripping me off?????

  56. hi!,I like your writing very so much! share we keep in touch more about your article on AOL? I need an expert on this space to resolve my problem. May be that’s you! Taking a look ahead to look you.

  57. The company that I work for requires us to use our personal auto to make bank deposits at a bank that is a round trip of eight miles. We have been told by our managers that “they” will not reimburse us. I believe that this is not legal. What happens if I am involved in an accident while using my car for company business? The corporate office is headquartered in NJ, and our office is in NY. On what legal priciple may I stand to present this to my company?

  58. I need to know if I should be reimbursed for traveling. I work for a large company that attends business trade shows. My other co-workers flew from Arizona to California for a trade show, While I opted to drive. The employer said I was allowed to drive, but that i would NOT be reimbursed for my travel expenses, gas, mileage, or any other things that may occur. Many people are telling me this is illegal, and I wanted to know if any one knew if it was or not? I personally feel they are in the wrong. Any help?

  59. My company (Coca-Cola) has pulled our company-provided vehicles and now requires that we supply a personal vehicle for daily use in our field-sales capacities. Fair enough. Unfortunately, they are also requiring that our personal vehicle be no more than 5 years old and have an MSRP no less than $18,000 on the day it was new. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in dismissal. (Yes, they even put this in writing!) They are reimbursing about $210/month plus 19 cents per mile and using a vendor–Runzheimer International–to administer compliance and reimbursement. This does not even come close to matching the current 55 cent federal reimbursement rate since most of us drive between 2000 and 4000 miles per month. Can Coca-Cola require its salaried sales force to purchase vehicles no less than 5 years old and worth no less than $18,000?

  60. Also, we provide all insurance and take on all liability. We must provide proof of “business coverage” and will not be reimbursed for accidents, deductibles, etc…

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