Divorced Dads Tips: Why We Offer Free Help For Divorced Dads Every Week

DISCLAIMER: The following is NOT legal advice, nor is it a substitute for legal advice. If you are in Family Court you will need legal advice, so please see a lawyer.

Heidi Nabert and I have been working on integrating new technology into building community amongst divorced dads worldwide. It’s interesting and rewarding work when we actually can help a divorced dad turn his situation around.

As part of our outreach programs for Divorced Dads around the world we conduct weekly Free teleseminars. We are also looking at offering future group training and coaching sessions.

Our promise and commitment to divorced dads is that if you begin the process of learning everything that you can, your situation will turn around. We have seen it happen countless times.

We have been doing this kind of work for over 14 years. Plus we have an added advantage when it comes to the insights necessary to begin unraveling these problems from a child’s perspective:

My own personal situation goes back to when I was 5 years old. I am happy to say I am 49 today, I have learned a tremendous amount about how you can turn the situation around. Unfortunately, it did not turn around for me, as a kid but I want to share with you how you can turn your situation around for the sake of your kids.

That is why Heidi and I do this work with divorced dads We are here because our hearts go out to your kids, having been one of those kids many years ago, we want to help their fathers understand the issues at stake for their kids from the child’s perspective.

I am sure that a lot of you know at least one other dad that might be going through this and going through a really difficult time. If you can reach out to someone when they are going through a difficult time, it helps them through the process and stay positive.

In the meantime here’s some ideas for you to consider in your situation:

You want to try and minimize some of the drama that is going on and obviously the children are very perceptive. They pick up on all the tension and start something up and stressing about — they are picking up on the stress. That is the last thing in the world that you want. So, just try make your time with the kids as enjoyable as possible instead of as perfect as possible.

Next with your Family Court situation: You can observe the action in the courtroom and, all kidding aside, I would definitely recommend if you are not available to go to a local court to watch what was going on, watch out Judge Judy. Again, I think it will teach you quite a bit about the law and how judges make decisions that might help you understand better what is going on with your own case.

Finally, stay focused, healthy and strong while learning the value of flexibility. We teach specific strategies to keep you at your best for the stressful situations you will face. Burt you must be ready to implement what we teach you.

The thing is this: Almost 20 years ago I was in your situation. And now today with Heidi, we help men around the world solve their problems. I could never have know that being a loving dedicated father to my children would result in the work I’m engaged in today.

You never know where your choices will lead you.

I do know this “I was not about to be steamrollered into a non-existent role in our children’s lives by an uncaring bureaucratic system designed by lawyers.”

Not that I have anything against good lawyers. Its just finding them is very difficult if you don’t know how?

The thing is this: I discovered just how little value was placed by society in my worth as a father to the children. That’s just plain wrong and bad public policy. The foundation of all civilization is the family, the first group of people we learn how to belong with. When you destroy that foundation, you erode the basis of a functioning society that has decided to band together for the common good, which is the noblest of human aspirations.

When we remove Dad from the equation, we remove the natural protector of the family from the mix. And look at the results after the failed social experiment divorce has become.

Every time you take a look at the anger of today’s youth, you are looking at the underbelly of divorce.

And that concerns me deeply someday I hope to be around to enjoy my great-great grandchildren. It’s my job and our collective responsibility to leave the world better than we found it.

If those of us of character and ability don’t stand up and do something, we will have failed our children and their children and their children’s children miserably by leaving behind a legacy where there is no meaningful experience of family left.

We owe it not only to ourselves, but to each other to turn that around before we pass the torch to the next generation. That is our war: World Peace Begins at Home.

You can’t expect a peaceful world to emerge, when we can’t even have peace on the home front.

Think about it.

Danny Guspie – Executive Director of Fathers Resources International can help you learn the successful strategies of fathers who have won in Family Court. Join us on our weekly calls at DivorcedDadWeekly.com where we will share with you what works for successful divorced dads.

5 Responses

  1. After practicing law for 20 years, I have to admit that what I see is the parent who settles down and tries to make things “normal” the soonest comes out ahead with the kids. Over the long haul, they tend to see through the pettiness and drama. You just have to be patient and true to yourself.

  2. I still believe the laws are geared towards women getting full custody of the kids.

  3. I agree I too believe a woman has a better chance of getting custody with all things equal. I have several friends that were fully capable and willing to raising their kids and never received fair custody.

  4. My son has been divorced for 8 years. Had joint custody with no child support. Worked night shift as an officer at a prison. 3 kids would stay with us (paternal grandparents) on the 3rd night of his custody.
    Family law judge recently ruled that since he could not physically be with kids on 3rd night he would only get 2 nights custody and the mother would be the primary custody parent. He also has to pay her $613 month.

  5. My daughter is 7 and I have no idea where she or her mother are, it has been almost 5 years now, and I just found out through a third party that she has no intention of letting me see her until she is 11, I have no money to hire attorneys or private investigators. What can I do?

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