Claiming Compensation For A Pedestrian Injury

More and more cars are and other vehicles are on the roads each year and so Britain’s roads are getting busier and busier. The roads are continuously being repaired, altered and new roads being built but this doesn’t help the fact that there are over 30 millions cars on the road today. Therefore more and more pedestrian and road traffic accidents are happening.

Around 33,000 people are injured every year on Britain’s roads; it’s a shocking figure and a figure we all need to look at carefully. Everyone needs to be aware of the amount of injured people each year, this may help people slow down on roads and be more aware of pedestrians on zebra crossings or just walking on the pavement.

As a pedestrian walking or jogging on the pavement and walking across a pedestrian crossing are the most likely places where a pedestrian is injured. On a Friday, Saturday or Sunday you are more likely to be involved in a pedestrian traffic accident between the hours of 3pm and 8pm. There are more accidents when a car is doing the speed limit of 30mph or less as this speed limit is usually in place in built up areas, around homes and public places like the supermarket and shops.

Children are the higher risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident as they have less traffic knowledge as well as being physically and cognitively less developed. Hitting a child pedestrian whilst driving a car, the child is likely to die if the car was traveling over 30mph.

The speed the car was traveling when the car hit the pedestrian is very important. If the car is traveling at around 30mph the pedestrian has a 95% survival rate but this drops dramatically if the car is traveling at 50mph to 60%. Finally if the car is traveling at 70mph the pedestrian only has a survival rate of 20% which is very low. At any speed the pedestrian is likely to receive severe injuries, from head injuries to broken bones to internal injuries.

As a pedestrian you need to take precautions for you and the people around you, always use the pavement and if there isn’t one walk facing the traffic that’s coming towards you, always look left, right and left again before crossing a road, try and use pedestrian crossing and traffic lights when crossing a road, but make sure the cars are stopped before you cross.

Making a compensation claim for a pedestrian accident is simple especially if you were taking the precautions as stated above. If you were walking on the road through moving traffic your claim is made more difficult as the blame could be on you. If you took the precautions and it was the driver’s fault not paying enough attention, not noticing you at the pedestrian crossing, whatever it may be you have a legal and civil right to claim compensation for the pain, suffering, medical bills and loss of earnings you may have suffered.

As a driver you should be aware of pedestrians walking on pavements, standing at pedestrian crossings or walking across and well as at traffic lights. It’s your responsibility to keep your eye out for pedestrians and notice them.

If you’ve been involved in a pedestrian road traffic accident and have suffered injuries from this why not make a compensation claim, it’s what you deserve.

Jene Pedder is the Webmaster of Accident Consult who work on a No Win No Fee basis and specialize in Pedestrian Compensation Accident Claims.


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