Slip, Trip Or Fallen Accident Compensation

Have you recently slipped, tripped or fallen over something and have hurt yourself from this. If the accident wasn’t your fault you have the legal ad civil right to claim compensation.

A slip, trip or fall accident can be very serious not only this but where you slipped, tripped or fell might also be at risk to other people. If you slipped tripped or fell in a public place, the accident should be reported immediately so someone can do something about it so no one else gets hurt.

You may have slipped on some water or another liquid on a shop floor, in a restaurant or any other public or office space. Any liquids on a floor should be cleared away immediately or a sign be put in place to let others know of the spillage. If you do slip on something or even slip on a banana skin remember to report it and contact a solicitor if necessary.

Tripping over something maybe as simple as tripping over a box which is placed where usually there’s nothing, an object may be in a doorway blocking your entrance and you don’t realize and therefore trip over it. There is also the possibility of tripping over an uneven pavement or road surface. If this does occur you will need to contact the council immediately and explain what happened and also where the accident occurred. They will properly create a report and send you a copy. If you do have a copy let your solicitor see it when you meet them.

If you fall over something your move likely to fall over an object in your way or after tripping over something you actually fall from this accident. Falling over can be a dangerous, if your anything like me you will put your arms down to break your fall, but this isn’t a good idea as your more likely to break your arm doing this or elbow.

From any of these accidents you may have cuts, bruises but you may also have broken bones, injured back or neck, strained ligaments. Whatever the injury if the accident wasn’t your fault you have a right to claim compensation against the shop, public place, restaurant or council. If you’re thinking you can’t afford to claim, and then use a solicitor who works on a No Win No Fee basis.

A No Win No Fee solicitor will only take on cases that they think have a very good chance of winning and are accidents that took place in the last 3 years. You won’t pay any legal fees, the only cost that you may need to pay are those of getting your doctor to release any medical notes. Your solicitor will only get paid if your case is successful, they will receive their legal fees from the other party’s insurance company. If the case is unsuccessful they won’t receive a penny.

So what have you go to lose, don’t suffer in silence, any slip, trip or fall may be a winning compensation claim if you have suffered from your injuries mentally and physically but also any medical bills you’ve had to pay as well as any loss of earnings you may have endured.

Jene Pedder is the Webmaster of Accident Consult who specialize in Slip Trip or Fall Accident Claims.

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