Beware of these Mistakes after an Automobile Accident

It always help that you could prevent or be ready for any unexpected incident, especially an accident which may have catastrophic results.

It always help that you could prevent or be ready for any unexpected incident, especially an accident which may have catastrophic results.

However, if you suddenly find yourself as a victim of an automobile crash, collision or any type of accident, it surely helps to know what you are supposed to do to ensure that the situation would not go worse than it already is.

Thus, here are six mistakes that you should keep in mind and avoid from doing after becoming a victim of an automobile accident.

1. Offering absolute answers when still unsure – in point fact, do not say absolutely that you were not injured, when in fact, you do not know or you were only slightly. After the occurrence of an automobile accident, it is invariable to contact the local police authorities and/or highway patrol.

Once they ask after your condition, it is for the best that you answer you were injured although you are not sure, yet. Saying you were not injured might as well meant that they do not need to come quickly to the accident scene.

If you find out that you were indeed injured, only not that severely then you still have to reply that you were in fact, injured when the authorities question you at the scene of the accident.

Most of the car accident injuries are usually considered as soft tissue injuries or whiplash injuries. Generally, these kinds of injuries do not appear until after several hours.

As such, if you do not notice any injury, your best answer to questions would be that you do not know yet and that you need to see your doctor before you can tell absolutely or exactly.

The bottom line is to be careful in replying concerning your injuries to authorities since anything you said will be taken down as an official statement. The insurance company’s lawyer and adjuster would very well use any statement you have told in official record against your testimonies in the claim or lawsuit.

2. Failure to mitigate the damages you have incurred – once you become involved in an accident, and suffered injuries because of it, you should not just wait around.

You should do something about it!

Here are things you need to do:
– Seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you like the chiropractors better, still, you need to go see a medical doctor before going to the chiropractor.

In evaluating your claims, insurance companies have computer software. When it is found that you failed to act upon the injuries you have sustained and taken precautions to minimize the pain and suffering you felt, your case’s value would be reduced according to their computer software program.

– Another problem you might encounter when you fail to act as quickly as possible on your injuries and your case, it may take longer to go to trial. By then, the jury might begin to believe that your injuries were the result of something else and not by the automobile crash accident.

– If, in addition to your injuries, you sustained property damages and lost income, then you also need to act quickly by having your car seen to and your doctor give you official medical order concerning the activities you will be restricted to do.

Here are other significant mistakes that may jeopardize your automobile accident claim or lawsuit:

3. Giving your trust to the insurance company’s adjuster
4. Failure to abide by your attorney and/or doctor’s advices
5. Giving false statements or lies
6. Giving an insurance adjuster permission to take and record your declaration of the incident and your situation.

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