New Additions

We are looking at a variety of different topics to include on this site. I have received several requests regarding attorney and company press releases which I’m considering posting to this site. This would give the attorney or company the ability to post releases regarding past cases that attorneys have won or new products and services related to companies that work within the legal field.  I think this is a great idea and I’m considering it at this point.

I’ve made a decision to include an FAQ section of this blog. This will be set-up to answer the most common legal questions you may have. Over the past few months I have directed most people to askinglaw, which I believe is a great site for questions. We will be posting more generic types of questions.

I continue to get feedback on implementing different things to this blog and I will continue to consider each email I get. If you have any questions or would like to email me an idea, I’m all ears.


One Response

  1. My mother made a will and filed it with county. She has sinced changed her mind on how she wants things divided. Does she have to go back to her lawyer or can she make an ammendment and file it with the court house without going to the lawyer and paying out more money????

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