Consumer Law

Consumer law has been designed by the government to protect the consumers. In other words the consumer law or rights that exist protect consumer’s safety and public health. You will find that the consumer organizations have been formed to help consumers make better choices in the products they buy. Let’s look at a recent example for a moment. With trade in China many toys have come in with lead paint. This concerns the consumers as lead paint has been found to be detrimental to health. In the US regulations against the use of lead paint have been created. So for consumer law in the United States that importation of lead based products goes against the consumer laws of safety and public health. The items have of course been recalled based on the consumer law.

There are other areas where consumer law has been designed to save the consumer as well. You will find public law that regulates private law for consumers and businesses that sell goods and services. You will also find product liability, privacy rights, unfair business practices, fraud, misrepresentation, advertising law, and laws that deal with debt or credit repair are also in place for the consumer.

Some of the laws we have based on consumer law in the United States include Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Truth in Lending Act, and many more. Each state can also have certain consumer laws. California has the department of consumer affairs that regulates professionals and professions in the state. This means that under consumer law people and businesses are required to be fair in all consumer based companies.

The National Consumer Law Center is a nonprofit organization in the United States that regulates the countries consumer law. You will find they offer legal services, government and private attorneys, and community organization. When you seek the National Consumer Law Center you are asking for help with a consumer law. In most cases they are going to represent the injured party. The attorneys will have to take the information provided and determine if there is enough evidence for a case.

Consumer law, which is based on protecting the citizens or consumers of the nation are very important, especially when you consider technology. You will find consumer law in advertising has changed dramatically we are no longer seeing a truth in advertising, but a skirting of the truth. In order to protect a consumer against the false advertising or partially misconstrued advertising lawyers and laws have to exist.

If you are looking for a consumer law lawyer you may find the National Consumer Law Center is one place to start looking. You can also find names through referrals or checking the better business bureau online. These places will help you to find the person that is most qualified to help with your type of consumer law case. Keep in mind that a consumer law case must find unsafe products or health conditions to be considered under the consumer law title.

Jim Power is writer for the legal website abouth Consumer Law more information can be found at

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  1. i own a 94 ford i drooped it off at a repair shop, at first there was a verbal contract with the mechanic but then some others repairs needed to be done to my vehicle but the shop owner never got in contact with me, when i showed up to pick up my vehicle i found the total for the repair ridiculous high. what can i do?, do i pay for the repair even though i don’t agree and then file a civil lawsuit or i can take my car without getting the police involved, after all its my vehicle; and let the shop owner take me to civil court and file for collection

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