Plaintiff Lawsuit Funding

If you have been injured in an accident and the accident may be causing financial hardship to you and your family, lawsuit funding is an option to consider. When someone files a personal injury case with an attorney it can take years before the settlement is finalized. For some people this can be devastating. There are many things to consider such as car repairs (car accidents), medical expenses, loss of wages, ongoing medical expenses, rent and mortgage expenses, and out of pocket expenses.

Most families throughout America are living paycheck to paycheck and if the breadwinner of the family is injured and unable to work, it could mean devastation to the family. There are always options of borrowing money and without a good credit line, this may not be an option for you.

However, lawsuit funding could be your only option. When someone is hurt in an accident and an attorney has been hired, the plaintiff or the injured party can seek help from lawsuit funding lenders. This is generally called pre-settlement cash advance. There are many companies that offer pre-settlement cash advances to those whom have been injured and filing suit against an insurance company or other entity.

There are many options available as pre-settlement funding is becoming much more popular amongst lending companies. But which company will make sense for you. There are some companies that will charge higher payouts, with higher interest rates while some give lower payouts with less interest. There are also some companies that offer non-recourse funding. Non-Recourse funding means that you only have to pay the lender back if your lawyer is successful in winning the claim.

Other things to consider when looking for when searching for a pre- settlement loan:

  • How much money do I need?
  • What are the rates?
  • How much will be approved?
  • What are the payment schedules?
  • Do I have to pay a fee for submitting my case?
  • Are there hidden processing fees I should know about?
  • How can I find the right funding company for my case?
  • How do I evaluate a lender?

The facts are most people are unfamiliar with lawsuit lenders because no one ever thinks they will be in a position to seek lawsuit funding. If you or a love one has been injured and you need upfront cash to help pay for bills, you can get help from a company that works directly with these lenders.

LawLeaf is an online lawsuit funding service that works with plaintiffs to acquire non-recourse funding. LawLeaf will evaluate your case at no cost and forward your information to the right lending sources. The best part about this service is that these lenders will compete for your business.

This gives you the leverage to accept a loan on the terms and agreements that best meet your financial needs. You will have the ability to compare rates, payment schedules and payouts. LawLeaf also provides cash advances for structured settlements, attorney loans and commercial litigation cases. If you want more options to choose from so you can shop the rates and payouts that best suit you visit LawLeaf today. You can begin by filling out our plaintiff lawsuit funding application.

7 Responses

  1. I was injured about 6 months ago in a car accident and it looks like my case won’t be settled for another 6-12 months. My credit is horrible and my options have completely run out. My car was totaled and I spent almost my whole savings getting the car repaired. Worst part is that my car isn’t running correctly. I went to my bank to get a personal loan because I am literally running out of money and they declined me. I loss almost 4 weeks of work, medical bills are piling up and without help I’m sinking.

    I have read a lot about these sorts of funding companies and now I’m really considering it. My attorney advised me against this type of funding because he said the majority charge too much money. I asked him to if he could provide me with a loan until my case settled and unfortunately as expected he said “NO”. Apparently its against the law.

    Has anyone had experience with this company or other types of companies similar to this one? I know zilch about this and after reading about this company it kind of makes sense. Please feedback!!!!

  2. Bev,

    Before you jump into a lawsuit funding loan consider that these loans are typically hire than a regular loan from a bank. They can sometimes even be higher than your credit card interest rates. I am aware like most people like you live paycheck to paycheck. Without a source of income coming into your household it could spell out trouble. This is exactly why I considered a lawsuit loan as well.

    The upside to these loans are if you find the right company and you don’t get compensation for the accident you don’t have to pay back the lender. I was fortunate that prior to me accepting a loan my case settled.

    I did a ton of investigation on these loan companies prior to my case settling. The piece of information I can give to you is that you should shop around because each company gives different rates. I’ve never heard of lawleaf but after reading over their website this certainly could be an option for you. The amount of time and stress I put into the search was crazy. If I had found a service like lawleaf that would have done the contacting for me for free, I’m sure I would have used them.

    I wish you the best of luck…

  3. Senti – Thank you for your response! I am a little concerned about how much they will charge me for handling my case. I don’t want to pay too much especially if I don’t get that much back.

  4. Bev,

    If you read over their site and this article it says its free. It looks like lawleaf isn’t the lender, they are the company that puts you in touch with the lenders.

  5. If Lawleaf doesn’t charge a fee for handling my case than how do they make money? Doesn’t that seem a little odd to you?

  6. Bev,

    They probably get paid by either passing along your name (referral), or as a broker for a bunch lending companies. They are probably like that company lendingtree but for the legal industry. I’m assuming when you sign-up through them, they pass along your contact information to their partners. This is how the whole “compete for your business” is done.

  7. Ok that makes sense. I just read over the article again and I’m about to look at their site. I know what you mean by stressful because I’ve been researching this all night. Thanks for your feedback…. much appreciated!

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