Partnership Agreements

A partnership agreement is a relationship between individuals or organizations. Parties involved should be in close cooperation and share responsibilities. A partnership agreement isn’t necessarily a legal contractual relationship but a relationship where you come in union to accomplish common goals and purposes that will benefit both parties. A partnership agreement is basically one where you both try striving to meet success.

These partnerships could include federal/state/local government, educational institutions, trade associations, or other organizations. A partnership is defined as a “working relationship” which means mutual participation and joint interest.

Partnership agreements are a good way to achieve goals that would otherwise be to far out of your reach. When people and/or organizations come together you can share responsibility and therefore focus harder on things you feel need the most attention. Partnerships can be effective ways to re-stabilize unorganized businesses, expand, go global, go national, increase customer base, increase sales through referrals, provide even more services your customers may desire, and much more.

Often times partnerships are used when resources are limited, partnerships are a way of maximizing your resources to achieve goals and strengthen existing relationships through consumer protection, etc.

Also, companies in need of skilled, talented workers will often times partner with a company/organization that has the talented, skilled, experienced employees you need to train workers and keep your business on the right track.

The requirements to file and sign a partnership agreement form usually are: – You both must be at least 18 years old. – Both partners must be present when filing the partnership agreement – A legal picture I.D. card is required from each partner. – If you had a previous partnership you must file a notice for ending the partnership with the County Clerk or Notary Public before you can file a new partnership agreement. – Usually theres a filing fee $10-$50 often times and they usually accept all forms of payment.

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4 Responses

  1. I am working with a friend of mine on a software project. We would like to someday patent the software program and start a company. I am searching for information regarding the easiest and low cost type of partnership. Does anyone have suggestions?

  2. Good luck with your project! Try considering an LLC to start. They are very affordable and can be done online.

  3. I am working in the US on a TN visa (I am a Canadian citizen) and want to create an internet company with an American friend of mine. Since I cannot draw a paycheck directly from this business in the US, is there a way we can set up our partnership (or some other type of company) to where I can receive payment equally with my partner?

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