Police are sneaking samples of your breath to detect DUI

According to a law firm of San Diego DUI Lawyers and Drunk Driving Attorneys, there’s a hidden breath testing device being used on unsuspecting drivers who are being involuntarily tested for DUI. That’s right. This is no gimmick or urban wives’ tale, it’s a little known fact that Police Officers across the country are using covert and cleverly hidden  Passive Alcohol Sensory Devices, also known as PAS, that are disguised in flash lights, pen caddies, and ticket book holders.

In an attempt to detect drunk drivers, or make a DUI arrest on a minor driver under age 21 who needs only a .01%  BAC to be above the legal limit, the  officer will wave the flashlight or object within 10 inches the driver’s face and mouth to capture a sneaky electronic whiff of their breath.  They will then peek at the hidden breath test device to read the results, which typically provides either a positive or negative reading as to the presence of alcohol.

Grants & Donations are a source of Hidden Breath Testers

MADD, an acronym for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, is a well known and influential political activist group persistent and vocal in  lobbying for stricter DUI laws, increased enforcement, and more severe punishment for drunk drivers. MADD strongly supports and encourages the use of Passive Alcohol Sensors, and through grants,  has provided PAS devices in bulk to several police agencies that lacked the funding to purchase the equipment.

Manufacturer and Distributor of Covert Breath Samplers
PAS International is one of half a dozen manufacturers and/or distributors of covert breathalyzers. PAS markets the “PAS IV Sniffer” flashlight at a retail price of $799, and a “PAS Clipmate” Model ticket book model for $449 each. Their website caters the  to law enforcement market.

Passive DUI Sniffing is Sneaky

The passive hidden alcohol sensor defies the rule and belief that preliminary alcohol screening tests administered via a portable device are voluntary for adults. Obviously, secret samples obtained from these devices are not dependent on your consent or voluntary participation.

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2 Responses

  1. DUI arrests are now on the rise in San Diego as more people turn to alcohol to deal with job losses and home foreclosures

  2. Depending on how the breath sample was taken, there can be a good defense in place when one is accused of a DUI. If not done properly, the breath test can be dismissed.

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