Special Issues Arising in Car Accident Cases

Car accident cases have many kinds of special issues that arise during litigations. These make litigations for auto accident claims more difficult and complicated.

Car accident cases have many kinds of special issues that arise during litigations. These make litigations for auto accident claims more difficult and complicated.

In these issues, potential third parties spring out to become liable for the injuries incurred by the victims. As such, the litigation process must take steps to consider or hear out these special matters in order to litigate a case, thoroughly.

Here are several subjects occurring from the accident, which usually turns up as the litigation proceedings unfolds:

– Accidents involving hit-and-run – these cases have the driver as the main cause of injuries due to his failure in stopping at the scene of the accident. The hit-and-run victim may encounter some difficulty in identifying or pinpointing the liable driver and therefore brings on a lawsuit.

– Accidents involving Car-Pedestrian – these kinds of cases evolves once an automobile collides or hits a pedestrian. Often, the pedestrian victim suffers catastrophic injuries. However, they find it difficult to make claims against the liable driver since the conduct or actions of the pedestrian is also being attributed.

– Accidents involving Car-Motorcycle – Collisions between cars and motorcycles usually leave the motorcycle operator with severe injuries. This is the case although the crash may be considered relatively minor if it had been two cars colliding.

Some suggestions imply that motorcycle operators suffer from predisposition by the jury panel. They were usually blamed for causing the collision. This, even if the accident has clear indications and evidences that it was the negligence of the car driver that caused it.

– Accidents involving Car-Bicycle – like the car-motorcycle collisions, the bicyclist is usually left with serious injuries after being hit by a car. Some accidents also happen when car drivers accidentally open their car doors in front of a speeding bicyclist. The car driver’s arguments usually state of not seeing the bicyclist before opening his door or having misjudged the bicycle’s speed.

On the other hand, it is also a fact that some bicyclists engage in dangerous activities while on the road. Noted violations are ignoring of traffic signals and riding on the wrong side. These actions make accidents a possibility.

– Accidents involving buses – The sheer mass and size of typical buses make accidents quite serious matters and attract great attention. Furthermore, bus passengers are most often unrestrained, causing more victims to suffer injuries.

Other accidents, which arouse special issues in motor vehicle – involved car accidents, are the following:

• tractor-trailer and semi-truck accidents
• vehicle modifications involving after-market parts
• road debris accidents

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  1. My boyfriend was involved in a car accident this week in Baltimore, MD and I would like to know what is the correct process in getting him money for the accident. He was rear-ended on route 83 and although there was no real injury his car is damaged beyond recognition. He also has been having back problems since the incident.

  2. Jen, your boyfriend can deal directly with the insurance company. If he or you think he could be injured I would first, seek some type of medical attention, and than contact a car accident lawyer. What you don’t want to happen is settling the claim without worrying about medical expenses aka ongoing medical expenses. If you settle an insurance claim from the other persons insurance company without getting checked out there is always a possibility that his back problems won’t go away. Once you settle you will not be able to get compensation for his back injuries.

  3. Although you can’t prevent yourself from getting into an unpredictable fatal strike of car accidents, you certainly can do other things like defend yourself against predictable problems by getting professional support from these attorneys and lawyers. This is a fact of life.

    A car accident wreck can take place as a result of any party’s fault. If you don’t consult and be truthful with your car accident lawyer, you will more than likely be the bearer of all the legal faults in the courthouse room.

  4. If thats not the truth I don’t know what is. If you are involved in a car accident and someone else is at fault, you should always consult a lawyer that handles these types of cases. Insurance companies will never give you the fair share! TRUST ME!!!

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  6. very good info. thanks for share

  7. I lost my boyfriend on July 4 2008. He was driving my car and was drinking. His sister knew he should not of been driving my car to pick me up from work. He had life insurance throuhg his wrok and at that point in time I had no insurance on my car and he took it away. His family got a good sum of money but that not the point. But now I am left with this on my credit score i cant payments on the car if it is totaled. I was just wondering if there anyway I can see if his money could of just paid off the car he was driving I just only want it to be paid off the dont want anymore of his money.

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