Know the Most Possible Causes of Car Accidents

With due consideration to the fact that one of the foremost personal injury claims and lawsuits in the U.S. involve car accidents, you have to be on your guard in preventing such occurrences.

With due consideration to the fact that one of the foremost personal injury claims and lawsuits in the U.S. involve car accidents, you have to be on your guard in preventing such occurrences.

A wide variety of events can turn into accidents. Particularly concerning automobile accidents, many possible situations can also arise to cause it.

Here are some of them:

• Driver Error – this unfortunate occurrence is among the universal causes of car accidents.

The usual errors committed by drivers which significantly contribute to crashes and other automobile accidents include the failure to give way or abide by the right of way, following another vehicle without putting considerable distance, speeding or driving past the recommended speed limit, unsafe passing, and flagrant disregards of set-up devices for traffic control.

• Distractions – there is a greater chance of an accident occurring once the driver’s attention wavers or becomes diverted. Diversions or distractions of the driver causes for him to lose focus on the business of driving and being aware of the road or highway.

Distractions need not only be from inside the car, it may happen, when something from outside the car claimed the driver’s unwavering attention. Distraction may also occur from within the car. Activities like looking for something or attempting to read or putting on some make up while driving, changing the CD in the car’s player, dialing or talking with someone on the mobile phone, attempting to soothe an upset child or calling out to an unruly child or person inside the car.

• Intoxication – most people lose the ability to drive well after consumption of some intoxicating substance like drugs or alcoholic beverages.

• Bad weather – conditions of the weather also contribute significantly to a car accident. Foul weather more often interferes with the visibility diminishes the traction in the surfaces of the road and makes it quite difficult to drive an automobile with ease.

Drivers must give considerable allowances to the effects of the weather. It could result to slippery road surface or great gusts of crosswinds. Weather is known to create unforeseen hazards. Drivers might not detect flash floods and black ice easily until it is unavoidable.
Other frequent causes of car accidents are the road design and road conditions, and defects in the vehicle not immediately recognizable.

It is essential to know the universal causes of auto accidents. You may not foresee an accident from happening, but it pays to think ahead and be cautious enough and learn the things you should be alert about.

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  1. Thanks for the post. Driver education is really important to be safe behind the wheel. We know that weather is an unforeseen event, and therefore, we should drive carefully. Others can be avoided, though I have to say that soothing an upset child or scolding unruly kids inside the car is really quite a task. Nice post.
    Chad Jones Law

  2. Driver’s education is important to staying safe behind the wheel – especially for new drivers. A driver’s education course can really teach young drivers how to avoid foreseeable dangers on the road. Find out about the causes of auto accidents online at Great post!

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